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Z4 - E85 (2002 - 2008) - Drivetrain and Powerbutton

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Z4 - E85 (2002 - 2008)
Drivetrain and Powerbutton
The new Z4 2.2i
Standard Specifications Z4 2.2i
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The roof has a special folding mechanism.
The Z4 is the first open-air BMW to feature a folding roof with a special folding mechanism. This folding mechanism takes up very little space and allows the frontmost part of the roof to extend like a cover over the soft top, merging flush with the body of the car. As a result, the Z4 requires neither a tonneau
cover nor a roof lid. And as an option BMW’s new two-seater is available as the only roadster in the world with fully automatic operation of the roof.

The drivetrain: prize-winning six-cylinders.
The Z4 is entering the market with prize-winning power units, BMW’s straight-six once again winning the highest awards this year in international engine contests. Appropriately, this two-seater comes with the two top-of-the-range engines, the 2.5-litre developing maximum output of 141 kW/192 bhp at
6,000 rpm and the 3.0-litre offering maximum output of 170 kW/231 bhp at 5,900 rpm. On the road this means performance justifying the term sports car in every respect: Acceleration from 0–100 km/h comes in 7.0 and, respectively, 5.9 seconds, top speed is 235 km/h (146 mph) and, respectively, 250 km/h (155 mph).

The power button: DDC Dynamic Drive Control.
The BMW Z4 comes with a very special button for the particularly dedicated driver, giving the engine even more “kick” at the command of the driver: Available as an optional extra, DDC Dynamic Drive Control calls up maximum engine power even earlier than usual in the Sports mode, engine management following an even more dynamic and sporting gas pedal control line. To reflect this enhanced response of the engine, the steering also becomes even more direct and sporting, speed-related servo assistance offered by the Electric Power Steering (EPS) following an even more sporting and dynamic control map. And if the car is fitted with SMG or automatic transmission as an option, DDC revs up the gears even higher and makes the gearshift even faster.

New: EPS Electric Power Steering.
The Z4 is the first BMW with electric instead of hydraulic power steering.
With the steering being controlled by software, EPS offers a much higher standard of flexibility in its steering characteristics and ensures optimum harmony of the steering damper effect and feedback to the driver. Contrary to conventional hydraulic steering, EPS has the further advantage of not requiring any energy when driving straight ahead without any movement of the steering wheel. In practice, this saves up to one litre on every 400 kilometres or 250 miles as compared with conventional hydraulic steering.


Drivers of the Z4 will naturally feel safe, cosseted in a cockpit with high waistlines and permanent rollover protection. Moreover, both active and passive safety is of primary concern on all BMWs and occupant protection is assured in the Z4 thanks to the Advanced Safety Electronics system. This features a control module linked to satellite sensors located in the left and right B pillars, which detect the nature of any impact and activate relevant airbags should they be required. The module also deactivates the fuel pump and alternator as well as breaking the safety terminal on the battery, reducing the risk of fire.

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