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Z4 - E85 (2002 - 2008)

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Z4 - E85 (2002 - 2008)
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Z4 - BMW's top roadster

The BMW Z4 certainly means business: This is exactly what a BMW roadster must look like, this is exactly how it must drive. The Z4 is a breathtaking experience on the road appealing to all your senses as a purist automobile for the connoisseur. It not only represents one side of BMW’s new design language, but also sets new roadster standards in many areas: Self-confident, powerful, sporting and aesthetic, the Z4 offers extremely precise and safe handling ensuring driving pleasure of the most supreme calibre beyond comparison in the market.
BMW’s new two-seater is making its debut as the Z4 3.0i with a 170 kW/231 bhp powerful straight-six and six-speed manual gearbox and as the Z4 2.5i featuring a 141 kW/192 bhp straight-six combined with a five-speed manual gearbox. Both models will be entering the US market in autumn 2002, arriving in Europe in spring 2003.

Design: unique proportions in an interplay of different shapes.
Through its proportions alone, the Z4 is a truly remarkable car: The long, sleek and stretched-out engine compartment, the snug cockpit wrapped around the driver and passenger, and the short, muscular rear end – there is hardly any other roadster these days with comparable dimensions. Wheelbase measuring 2,495 millimetres or 98.2 inches and overall width of 1,781 millimetres or 70.1 inches set a new standard in this class, while the overall length of 4,091 millimetres or 161.1 inches is both sporting and compact. The result is a genuine athlete resting firmly on the road with short overhangs front and rear and without one single gram of fat.

The Z4 has two waistlines. The lower waistline extends from the engine compartment lid across the door, first moving down and then up again towards the rear. This creates an impression of powerful self-confidence and at the same time is reminiscent of the classic, door-less roadster of the past, giving this two-seater its unmistakable character. The upper waistline, by contrast, extends in a powerful arch from the beginning of the compartment lid all the way to the rear. And the door line extending upwards to the rear at a slight angle is equally exciting and fascinating in its look.

This design is truly unique: Particularly striking features are the surfaces, edges, rounded corners and drawn-in areas plastically visible and interacting among themselves, creating a rapid interplay of concave and convex design. The result is exceptional lines, shadows and reflections again emphasizing the particular proportions of the BMW Z4.

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