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Z4 - E89 (2008 - ...) - Equipment: Driving Pleasure All the Way

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Z4 - E89 (2008 - ...)
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Equipment: Driving Pleasure All the Way
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Equipment: Driving Pleasure All the Way.
- New generation of BMW iDrive.
- Comprehensive range of storage boxes and compartments.
- Top-end audio and navigation systems.

Remaining true to tradition and at the same time offering the latest status of automotive technology – the new BMW Z4 offers precisely this unique combination not only through its body concept and design, its drivetrain and suspension technology, but also within the interior.
The driver and front passenger enjoy the classic seating position of a BMW Roadster near the rear axle and at the same time benefit from a generous feeling of space. The large windows and the light roof lining on the hardtop, on the other hand, provide an exclusive ambience and optimum all-round visibility also with the roof closed.
In their design and configuration, the dashboard, door panels and centre console take up the classic features of a roadster interpreted in the most modern style – combined with quality of finish characterised by utmost craftsmanship and the most sophisticated materials.
All surfaces inside the car as well as the control elements are likewise characterised by supreme design and the most advanced methods of production.
The wide range of storage boxes and compartments integrated discreetly into the interior of the new BMW Z4 ensures up-to-date functions and benefits in every respect. The air conditioning controls arranged in classic configuration typical of a roadster allow efficient and convenient operation of the high-performance temperature control crucial to the car’s driving comfort.
The optionally available BMW iDrive control system also fits smoothly and unpretentiously into the interior, the Control Display not folding down until the system is actually used and otherwise remaining concealed within the instrument panel. Once activated, however, BMW iDrive with its Control Display offers the currently most advanced control technology of its kind also in the Z4 Roadster, with an unparalleled range of innovative navigation, information, communication and entertainment functions.


Sophisticated surfaces, wide range of storage options.
The interior of the new BMW Z4 stands out through sophisticated, high-quality materials, stylish design and excellent quality of finish meeting all the demands made of a premium car. Surfaces in attractive grain finish made of the very best synthetic materials, generous trim finish using authentic materials in perfect craftsmanship, the quality of the seats and their upholstery, galvanised controls in pearl gloss chrome and padded armrests in the door linings and on the centre console all bear out the superior exclusivity of the Z4 Roadster not only in the looks of the car. For the BMW Z4 also offers all the driving pleasure of a roadster in a particularly refined ambience.
The optional Interior Lights Package offers an attractive opportunity to accentuate the exclusive character of the new Roadster to an even higher degree. Indirect illumination with orange-coloured light sources around the interior mirror, the door openers, the door storage boxes, the storage compartment in the instrument panel and on the crosswise storage compartment behind the seats ensures a unique atmosphere full of mood and emotion. The Lights Package is rounded off by white function lights on the outer door handle, beneath the doors and on the crosswise storage compartment activated when opening the car.
Over and above the special roof structure, particularly the wide range of storage options enhances the functional value of the new BMW Z4 in everyday traffic. In addition to the voluminous glove compartment displacing no less than 10 litres in the new BMW Z4 and the folding compartments in the door linings, the new Roadster offers a tray in front of and a storage compartment behind the gearshift or selector lever on the centre console, as well as a 1.6-litre storage box beneath the armrest.
A large storage compartment is furthermore integrated harmoniously as standard in the instrument panel.
Particularly the new, absolutely unique crosswise storage compartment behind the seats of the BMW Z4 offers a wide range of flexible use. The crosswise storage compartment extending across the entire width of the car’s interior takes up items such as a briefcase and other bags, while smaller objects may easily be held in position by a net. Even the wind deflector may be integrated in the crosswise compartment.
Available as an option, the Storage Package offers further opportunities to keep all kinds of odds and ends in an appropriate place. This package comprises fastening nets on the seat backrests and in the passenger’s footwell, lashing belts in the luggage compartment, two cupholders beneath the armrest on the centre console, an additional storage box in the instrument panel on the passenger’s side, as well as a compartment in the bulkhead leading to the luggage compartment. Further accessories include yet another cupholder to be fastened on the centre console near the passenger’s footwell.
In the interest of even greater variability, the car may be equipped with through-loading between the luggage and passenger compartments, including a special transport bag. This option allows the user to conveniently load long and slender items such as golf bags as well as skiing equipment.

Making its premiere in the BMW Roadster: latest generation of iDrive control.
The new BMW Z4 is the first BMW Roadster to feature BMW’s trendsetting iDrive control as part of the optional Professional navigation system.
In the new BMW Z4, BMW iDrive now enhanced to an even higher standard serves to activate and mastermind all entertainment, information, navigation and telecommunication functions. The system is made up of the Controller on the centre console and a high-resolution Control Display folding out of the dashboard, allowing intuitive and safe operation of all the functions available, with the driver hardly taking his eyes off the road.
In its ergonomically optimised position, the newly developed iDrive Controller allows convenient and intuitive selection and activation of functions through standardised tipping, turning and push movements. A picture of the Controller presented in the Control Display enhances the user’s orientation in choosing the next step in the operation process, just as he benefits from the clear graphic arrangement of menus arranged on layers above one another. And with all menus being based on one common scheme, the user will become acquainted with the system very quickly without the slightest trouble.
Pressing the direct selection buttons on the Controller, the user is able to change spontaneously and very quickly to the CD, radio, telephone and navigation functions, the direct selection buttons being supplemented for even greater convenience by the three MENU, BACK and OPTION command buttons.
Pressing the eight favourite buttons integrated in the instrument panel, the user is also able not only to select and operate radio stations, telephone numbers and navigation destinations, but also to save and directly retrieve further menu items via iDrive.
Measuring 8.8 inches, the high-resolution Control Display in the new BMW Z4 with its 1,280 x 480 pixels provides significantly improved options in presenting true-to-detail graphics or even complete sites from the internet. Visual control aids add further clarity.
A circular Speller allows the user to spell out the names of places or streets and to enter telephone numbers. As an alternative or as a supplementary function over and above manual data entry, the user also has the option to make entries by voice control.
Thanks to the new BMW iDrive carried over from the BMW 7 Series, using the navigation system is even easier and more straightforward than before: Full-screen presentation of maps allows an incomparably detailed overview of the region the driver is currently travelling through. And as an alternative to full-screen presentation, the user is able to open an assistance window in the Control Display offering further presentations independent of the main map. These assistance windows and their contents may be determined in advance by the customer according to his specific requirements, for example by selecting an on-board computer display or presenting details of the entertainment programme.

Internet in the car and further innovative services from BMW ConnectedDrive.
The iDrive control system also allows the driver and passenger to use BMW ConnectedDrive with its wide range of innovative services. Intelligently networking information, communication and assistance systems inside and outside the car, BMW ConnectedDrive combines functions such as traffic information, enquiry and office services, the internet, the extended emergency call function, remote functions as well as travel and leisure time planning also in the new BMW Z4. So through ConnectedDrive technology, BMW is the first car maker in the world to allow unrestricted use of the internet in the car as an option.
The Travel Planner with its Guided Tours function serves as an additional highlight to provide optimum touring comfort. Using the Planner, the driver and passenger are able to combine various destinations to establish their own individual travel route, proceeding from one stopover to the next with ­automatic guidance.
Supported by this virtual travel guide, the system as an option selects the most attractive routes or whatever else the driver and passenger would like to enjoy. And should the driver wish to choose his own very personal route, he is able to integrate stopovers of his choice in the route guidance.
BMW ConnectedDrive also allows the customer to retrieve particularly attractive routes directly in the car either by pressing a button or via BMW online. Then the navigation system will guide the driver along the route chosen to his destination, providing additional information on sights and particular highlights along the way.
The storage of navigation data in an 80 GB hard disc installed in the car allows even faster access time. And as a further feature this 80 GB memory may also be used as a music archive with a capacity of almost 15 GB, allowing the user to transmit music files from a CD, an external MP3 player or a USB stick to the hard disc. The music files are then permanently available without the need to take along the respective CD or other external media in the car.


Climate comfort functions specifically tailored to the Roadster.
The new BMW Z4 comes as standard with air conditioning varying the intensity of ventilation at the touch of a button in no less than seven stages. The air conditioning masterminded by control units on the instrument panel specifically designed for BMW’s new Roadster comes with an air recirculation function, a dust and pollen filter for cleaning fresh air and the air recirculated, as well as additional air vents guiding air set to the appropriate temperature around their driver’s and passenger’s upper legs.
Available as an option on the new BMW Z4, automatic air conditioning offers an even higher standard of comfort and convenience, with separate temperature control on the driver’s and passenger’s side, individual, automatic control in five levels of intensity, and manual air stratification. Further features are automatic air recirculation and efficient use of residual heat.
With the roof open, the automatic air conditioning activates a convertible mode taking the particular conditions when driving the roof down into account. As a result, temperature control, blower intensity and air distribution are geared both to the outside temperature and to the degree of sunshine. In addition, the air flow volume is regulated as a function of road speed.
Apart from the solar sensor, automatic air conditioning also comes with an anti-misting sensor recognising moisture on the windscreen and side windows and controlling the ventilation accordingly.

Seat leather with Sun Reflective Technology.
Like the BMW Convertibles, the new BMW Roadster also comes with a special type of innovative leather significantly reducing sunshine-induced temperatures on the seats, the armrests and the steering wheel: Applying Sun Reflective Technology in treating the leather, special colour pigments are embedded in the material reflecting the infra-red radiation contained in sunlight.
The positive effect of Sun Reflective Technology is clearly noticeable both with dark and light interior colours. In comparison with conventional leather surfaces, Sun Reflective Technology with its special pigments is able to reduce the usual increase in temperatures by up to 20 °C. BMW is the first car maker in the world to use this technology on a broad scale.

Top-end audio systems.
The audio systems available in the new BMW Z4 set new standards in the car’s segment. Indeed, they have been carefully matched in their dynamic qualities to the roadster-specific acoustics of a car of this kind.
The CD player featured as standard also serves to play music files in MP3 format. The audio systems available as an option, in turn, come with up to 14 loudspeakers and two additional central bass speakers providing intense and true-to-detail surround sound with amplifier output of up to 650 Watt.
A USB port is available as an option supplementing the AUX-in port featured as standard, enabling the user to connect various external MP3 players or other data media such as a conventional USB stick, thus integrating all these features into the car’s audio system.
The entertainment programme enhanced in this way is masterminded via the control units on the audio system or, for even greater comfort, by iDrive control.
As yet a further option, the BMW Z4 Roadster is also available with a CD and DVD changer housed conveniently and within easy access also for the driver in the glove compartment.

Mobile phone interface and full integration of Smartphones.
The mobile phone preparation kit with its Bluetooth interface available in conjunction with the Professional radio and the Professional navigation system ensures superior safety and comfort when making telephone calls while driving. The interface allows the driver to make parallel calls with all knocking, pre-dialing and conference call functions. The only requirement is a mobile phone which supports these functions in practice.
To fully integrate the latest Smartphones into the car, the new BMW Z4 is available with a new snap-in adapter as one of its accessories as well as an appropriate telephone baseplate complete with a USB port as an optional extra. Using the Extended Connection Music Player option in the mobile phone, the driver benefits from both the communication and entertainment functions of his phone, which he is able to control and mastermind by means of BMW iDrive.
Telephone numbers and music titles saved in the Smartphone are shown in the car’s Control Display. The driver is therefore able to access both the telephone and the MP3 player function of such an external device at any time. A further advantage is that the system permanently supplies the Smartphone with power and ensures permanent reception through the car’s aerial.
The new interface currently serves to integrate the Apple iPhone, Sony Ericsson K850i and Nokia 6500c Smartphones.

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