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Z4 - E89 (2008 - ...) - Design: Modern, Emotional, Authentic

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Z4 - E89 (2008 - ...)
Design and Technology
Design: Modern, Emotional, Authentic
The Retractable Hardtop
Drivetrain: Straight-Six in the Roadster
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Design: Modern, Emotional, Authentic.
- Authentic proportions, flowing design language.
- Classic details in modern style.
- Unmistakable roadster character both open and closed.

In its design, the new BMW Z4 Roadster excels through the harmonious interplay of classic roadster proportions and modern, flowing design language giving the car exciting elegance from every angle. Interaction of the extremely long engine compartment lid and the long wheelbase with the extra-large wheels, short overhangs and the low position of the driver near the rear axle visualises dynamic performance even at a standstill.
A particularly important point is that the new retractable hardtop is fully integrated in the shape of the car. The two-piece roof system merges into the authentic rendition of the car’s particular style and character both when open and closed.

Striking front end symbolising the superior surge of power.
Taking up the tradition of the BMW Roadster, the new BMW Z4 comes with an upright kidney grille inclined slightly in the direction of travel. In conjunction with the gently declining engine compartment lid and the flat headlights slanted to the rear, this creates an extremely dynamic, forward-pushing look of power and performance. All surfaces and lines around the engine compartment lid and bumpers taper out towards an imaginary target point located somewhere outside of the car in the middle of the road ahead. This creates a V-shaped spotlight on the front end further enhanced by the flowing lines around the bumper – an effect which visually moves the entire front area further down, creating one complete unit in the process.
The wide kidney grille and the large three-piece air scoop offer clear testimony to the need for an adequate supply of cooling air in the powerful engines. The two outer elements of the air scoop are subdivided by horizontal bars jointly emphasising the sheer width of the car together with the contour line in the front air dam extending across the BMW Z4 on the same level.
A further highlight is the extremely wide engine compartment lid stretching out far above the wheel arches and extending all the way into the sides of the car. The entire engine compartment lid thus designed almost like an opening shell is indeed a feature typical of the classic sports car fully acknowledged and treasured to this very day. With the engine compartment open, therefore, the wheels run almost freely, without being covered or hidden in any way.
The three-dimensional surface of the engine compartment is highlighted by a total of six character lines running towards each other in the direction of the kidney grille. The two outer lines extend to the rear from the headlight area and continue along the side in the striking shoulder lines. In parallel there is a further discreet line on either side of the engine compartment lid coming out of the A-pillars, while the two centre lines comprise the BMW logo at the front.


Typical BMW features in that special roadster look.
The sporting DNA of the new BMW Z4 is reflected in virtually every detail including the characteristic dual headlights accentuating the striking look of the car and, in combination with the double kidney grille, creating that typical BMW “face”. The low-slung headlights tilting to the side extend far into the front wheel arches, giving the contours of the car an even wider look.
The semi-transparent row of lights integrated in the upper edge of the headlight covers cuts across the round light sources. The new BMW Z4 comes as standard with bi-xenon headlights featuring corona rings conceived as daytime driving lights and ensuring a dual effect: The BMW Roadster is clearly recognisable at very first sight and may be identified from the start as a genuine BMW.

Black A-pillars enhancing that classic roadster look.
Following the philosophy of the classic roadster with its small windscreen hardly visible from a distance, the A-pillars of the new BMW Z4 are finished in discreet black. Through this significant effect, the windscreen itself becomes a secondary factor in visual terms, giving greater emphasis to the actual body of the car.
The gill elements with their integrated BMW logo on the front side panels are an impressive reminiscence to earlier BMW Roadsters. Through their horizontally oriented contours, the gills emphasise the relatively long distance between the door seam and the front wheel.

Side view with a particularly athletic look.
The modern interpretation of the traditional, sweeping roadster line is a significant sign of distinction on the BMW Z4. Like its predecessor, the new BMW Z4 boasts two striking lines running along the side together with a highly attractive interplay of light and shade on the convex and concave surfaces. The strongly emphasised door-sill line rising upwards along the side forms an optical counterpoint to the shoulder line connecting the front and rear wheel arches.

Low-slung rear end accentuating the wheels and the width of the car.
The horizontal design of the rear end and the sophisticated look of the rear lights give the new BMW Z4 sporting elegance in every respect. Precise lines and the harmonious transition from one body element to the other create a compact, self-containing look at the rear. With the lines at the front pointing towards the road, they come together at a central point at the rear end of the car giving the wheel arches even greater presence and style. At the same time the roof columns, through their particular shape, emphasise the sporting orientation of the rear wheels. And in the middle, finally, all of the lines ­emphasise the sheer width of the car’s rear end.
The rear light clusters come in new, sophisticated lights technology, two three-dimensional, homogeneous rows of lights creating a clear and impressive look. The direction indicators, in turn, are made up of slender rows of chrome reflector chambers housing appropriately concealed LED light units.

First BMW Roadster with a retractable hardtop.
The new BMW Z4 is the first BMW Roadster to feature a fully retractable hardtop. When open, the two-piece roof system merges discreetly into the low rear end of the car, when closed it further accentuates the elegant look of the new BMW Z4 through its soft and smooth roofline.
The surface of the roof takes up the contour lines of the engine compartment, continuing these contours into the rear lid. The high quality of the hardtop, in turn, is reflected in the interior by the bright roof lining with its top-quality finish.
Benefiting from large windows, the hardtop is light and almost delicate in its appearance, offering the occupants a feeling of open space and good all-round visibility. And for the first time a BMW Roadster proudly boasts the typical forward-flowing line at the bottom of the slender C-pillars well-known to the enthusiast as the Hofmeister “kick”.


Roadster ambience and sophisticated, aesthetic look also in the interior.
From both outside and inside, the new BMW Z4 stands out as a genuine roadster with truly demanding looks. In this combination the joint design of the body and interior plays an important role, bringing both elements together in perfect unison. As an example, the door-sill line directly follows the shoulder line, with the interior of the BMW Z4 being characterised by its stylish roadster ambience.
Driver-oriented design of the dashboard and centre console accentuates the feeling of active driving pleasure, while generous trim surfaces, new materials and galvanised control elements in pearl gloss chrome accentuate the exceptional exclusivity of the car.
All control elements relevant to the immediate driving experience are finished in special roadster design. In particular, this applies to the exclusive design of the steering wheel as well as the unique look of the circular instruments arranged in a very low position for protection from sunshine.
The air conditioning controls have been designed exclusively for BMW’s new Roadster, the four round control and button units standing out through their clear-cut design and three-dimensional look as particularly striking details. In conjunction with the optional Professional navigation system, the new BMW Z4 furthermore comes with a folding Control Display for the iDrive control system integrated harmoniously into the instrument panel.
The upper section of the instrument panel finished in black literally cocoons the driver and passenger as a protective strip continuing in its colour, material and flair into the doorsills. This particular arrangement not only creates a feeling of roominess, but also reinforces the low seating position.
A further highlight is the separation of the trim surfaces on the instrument panel into two halves on the driver’s and passenger’s side. This distinctive division, together with the central area of the dashboard inclined slightly towards the driver, emphasises the great significance given to the driver’s cockpit in designing the interior.
The round control units for the lights and air conditioning as well as the start/stop button arranged horizontally on either side of the steering wheel are integrated into the trim surface on the driver’s side which, with its U-shaped contour, surrounds the instrument cluster and the adjacent ventilation grilles. The trim surfaces come as standard in matt Satin Silver and are available as an option in Fine Aluminium longitudinal grain (which is standard in the BMW Z4 sDrive35i) or Brown Ash grain.
This innovative subdivision of the two trim surfaces within the interior of the new BMW Z4 offers a wide range of attractive combinations, the choice of different materials and colours giving even greater emphasis to the car’s driver orientation.

New equipment concept with an exclusive design line.
The new BMW Z4 sDrive23i comes as standard with seat upholstery in Anthracite. The BMW Z4 sDrive30i and the BMW Z4 sDrive35i, in turn, feature leather seats available in three different colour variants as standard. The colour chosen for the seats is then continued along the lower section of the dashboard, the door panels, the armrests on the doors, and the armrest in the centre console.
An extended range of leather is available as an option comprising also the upper section of the dashboard, the doorsills and the sun visors all finished in Black leather. Indeed, in this case even the door closing handle on the passenger’s side is finished in the same colour of leather as the car’s upholstery.
Over and above the significant signs of distinction, the new BMW Z4 comes with a brand-new range of roadster-specific equipment. For the first time, for example, an exclusive design line is available in particularly elegant and sophisticated style: Pure White design comprises the sports seats with their seat upholstery made of a particularly sophisticated combination of nappa leather and alcantara in Ivory White, nappa leather trim on the passenger’s side in the same colour, door panels in alcantara, interior lining in exclusive Ivory White, and trim surfaces on the driver’s side in fineline Anthracite wood.
The extended range of leather is also included in the Pure White design package, which again offers the exclusive choice of combining Pure White design with exterior paintwork in Havanna Brown.
No less than eight other paintwork colours are available as standard on the new BMW Z4, with Orion Silver metallic exclusive to BMW’s new Roadster.

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