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X3 - E83 (2003 - 2006) - xDrive AWD system

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X3 - E83 (2003 - 2006)
xDrive AWD system
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The new X3 2.0d
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The new xDrive all-wheel-drive system.
The all-new, intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system setting a new standard in the agility of all-wheel-drive vehicles is a particular highlight of the BMW X3: xDrive allows infinite, fully variable distribution of drive forces between the front and rear axle, the system immediately recognising the need for a change
in power distribution and responding extremely quickly to such a change, in usual road-going situations generally before the wheel even loses its grip.
This enables xDrive to transmit optimum drive power to the respective axle at all times even when taking a bend at speed, significantly reducing over- and understeer in the process.
On the road xDrive offers a significant improvement of agility, driving pleasure and safety all in one. Suspension control systems such as DSC are not required until a much later point in time than on a conventional all-wheel-drive vehicle, and xDrive guarantees better traction and driving conditions on rough or slippery terrain, since engine power is transferred almost instantaneously
to the wheels with more grip as soon as a wheel is about to spin, thus reliably interrupting the flow of traction.

Excellent driving experience thanks to the commanding seating position.
In its versatility the new X3 is an outstanding performer not only on all kinds
of terrain, where it consistently demonstrates its agile and dynamic character. Rather, the sophisticated interior and the wide range of equipment make
the X3 the ideal BMW for the active and versatile individualist in every other respect, too. Sitting in their commanding position so characteristic of a
BMW Sports Activity, the occupants not only see the world around them from a very clear, pleasant perspective, but also enjoy a very modern and spacious interior: The X3 combines elegance and an aesthetic look appropriate for a vehicle of this character with a sporting ambience and a wide range of practical details. Able to choose from a great many classical as well as sporting
and modern materials and colours, the customer has numerous options in personalising the interior of his – or her – X3.
Within the cockpit the two circular instruments are grouped in typical
BMW style within an elegant pinnacle, the middle of the dashboard
is dominated by the optional 16:9 colour monitor of the navigation system moving up automatically when in use.

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