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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...) - Production: Supreme Competence for the BMW X Models and BMW ActiveHybrid.

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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...)
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Production: Supreme Competence for the BMW X Models and BMW ActiveHybrid.

• Top priority given to supreme qual ity in production for absolute perfection right from the start.
• Full integration of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 in the BMW Group’s flexible production system.
• Intense training and qual ification of workers for hybrid and high-voltage technology.
“We are proud that the world’s most powerful hybrid vehicle is built at BMW Plant Spartanburg. And our associates are highly motivated to fulfil all the demands of our customers.” Josef Kerscher, Plant Manager BMW Plant Spartanburg / South Carolina (USA)

Like all other variants of the BMW X6, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is built at BMW Plant Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. To ensure supreme precision and quality in production, the production processes applied in Spartanburg naturally fulfil the high standards of the BMW Group’s world-embracing production network.
BMW Plant Spartanburg, which also builds the BMW X5 for the world market, is consistently expanding its role as the Competence Centre for BMW X Models. Using the most advanced production technologies, Plant Spartanburg is able to build several model series flexibly and efficiently on one single production line, meeting all the customer’s individual requirements.
Indeed, production capacities in Spartanburg are even to be increased in the medium term.
Starting production of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 at BMW Plant Spartanburg, the competence in the integration of hybrid technology acquired in the series development of this model is now being used in practice for the first time.
Associates particularly qualified for hybrid and high-voltage components fit the Two-Mode Automatic Transmission, the power electronics, high-performance battery and all other specific components in the various vehicles according to exact standards and requirements. Integration of these components is therefore precisely tailored to the overall production process.
Hence, all hybrid-specific operations are integrated in the production process in terms of the facilities used and the timetable applied, ensuring that the first Sports Activity Coupé with hybrid drive is produced flexibly on the same assembly line at BMW Plant Spartanburg.

Quick, precise, efficient: robot technology in the Bodyshop.
More than 300 robots are used in building the bodyshell of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6, particularly the welding process being almost fully automated.
With key areas of the body being made of ultra-high-strength steel, ultimate precision is absolutely essential – which is precisely why robot technology is used here to a very great extent. Interacting with optical monitoring systems, high-tech robots apply the glue and bonding materials required for maximum strength and stability, while ultrasound testers are used to check out welded and bonded seams in an efficient, non-destructive process. Inline lasers and measuring cameras serve to monitor the exact dimensions of the body, all this speeding up the production process and guaranteeing a consistently high level of supreme quality.
The windows are fitted into the vehicle in two robot workbays, a camera-guided, high-precision measuring system controlling the application of glue and the exact position of both the windscreen and rear window. Subsequently the side windows are fitted by hand.


Qualified specialists for maximum quality in integrating the hybrid components.
A high degree of automation ensures utmost precision and quality also in the “wedding”, where the body comes together with the engine, transmission and chassis. In addition, a team of 14 specially qualified engineers works on the optimum integration of all hybrid-specific components. Hence, the Two-Mode Active Transmission is connected to the combustion engine and the drivetrain, the power electronics are installed, and the high-performance battery fitted into position in each case at the optimum point in the production cycle.
Hybrid-specific components are integrated in all at five points in the production process, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 then going through all further steps in production on the same assembly line as all other variants of BMW’s Sports Activity Coupé. This close interaction with the proven production process for the BMW X6 guarantees fulfilment of the BMW Group’s high quality standards right from the start also on the hybrid version of the Sports Activity Coupé.

BMW Plant Spartanburg: a story of success since 1992.
The founding stone for BMW Plant Spartanburg was laid in 1992, with production of the BMW Z3 Roadster starting here three years later. The first BMW X5 then came off the assembly l ine in Spartanburg in September 1999, the Plant subsequently del ivering the 500,000thBMW X5 not even six years later in June 2005.
So far the BMW Group has invested more than US$ 3.5 billion in the Plant, with further investments of US$ 750 mill ion planned up to the year 2012.
Further expansion of the Plant is to increase production capacity from 160,000 to 240,000 vehicles a year, creating some 500 additional jobs in the process.
Currently the BMW Group employs some 4,500 associates at Plant Spartanburg.

Less CO2 emissions thanks to efficient models and sustainable production.
Plant Spartanburg, where BMW’s first full-hybrid production car will be built, also sets the standard in the preservation of resources. In May 2006 the Plant switched over the supply of energy in its Paintshop to methane gas recovered from a landfill several miles away. This alone reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 60,000 tonnes a year, equal to the heating energy consumed by some 15,000 households in the USA. At the same time this improvement cuts the cost of energy at the Plant by a six-digit Euro amount each year.
The generation of energy from methane has been further expanded in 2009, two new, highly efficient gas turbine generators delivering no less than 11,000 kW now catering for 28 per cent of the Plant’s electricity demand and approximately 60 per cent of the overall energy requirement.
The BMW Group has invested some US$ 12 million in this improvement alone.

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