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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...) - Features and Equipment: Exclusive Style, Innovative Details.

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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...)
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Features and Equipment: Exclusive Style, Innovative Details.

• Exclusive features and equipment setting new standards for premium motoring in a hybrid car.
• Comfort seats and Professional navigation system featured as standard.
• Unique cl imate comfort thanks to BMW ActiveHybrid technology.
“The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 combines supreme efficiency with all the creature comforts you wish to enjoy, without requiring any concessions.
This applies not only to the vehicle’s dynamic driving qualities, but also to its sophisticated and exclusive equipment further highlighting the premium character of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.” Jens Lemon, Product / Launch Manager BMW ActiveHybrid X6

With its innovative features and equipment, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 naturally comes with the same high standard as the BMW X6 powered exclusively by a combustion engine. In other words, this very special Sports Activity Coupé clearly conveys the premium character of the brand also in this area to the hybrid segment.
Indeed, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 boasts a particularly broad range of standard features exceeding even the high level already offered on the existing BMW X Models, the outstanding exclusivity of the new vehicle being borne out inter alia by comfort seats for the driver and front passenger, the Professional navigation system, the Lights Package, and Park Distance Control. In addition, various comfort functions come in the direct context of BMW ActiveHybrid technology, one example being the automatic air conditioning remaining in full operation even when the combustion engine is switched off.
Like the other variants of the BMW X6, the Sports Activity Coupé with hybrid drive comes as standard with a high-end entertainment system featuring an MP3-compatible CD player, an AUX-in port and a hard disc memory for the user’s private music collection. Additional comfort when loading is provided by the automatic opening and closing function on the tailgate, while shift paddles on the steering wheel as well as the multifunction steering wheel itself enhance the sporting driving experience in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.
The highlights in the wide range of optional comfort and safety features include active seat ventilation, Automatic Soft Close on the doors, the Head-Up Display, a back-up camera and the Top View system.
Finally, it almost goes without saying that BMW’s first full-hybrid models may be equipped with the wide range of mobility services offered by BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW iDrive control system with direct selection and favourite buttons.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 naturally comes with the latest generation of BMW iDrive serving to activate and mastermind all entertainment, information, navigation and telecommunication functions either featured as standard or coming as an option. Around the Controller on the centre console, direct selection buttons enable the user to spontaneously switch among the CD, radio, telephone, and navigation functions, with the buttons themselves being rounded off by the three command buttons MENU, BACK, and OPTION.
The favourite buttons positioned beneath the audio and climate control units allow the user to save and retrieve all menu items available through iDrive. With its clear screen and attractive, easy-to-read graphics, the 8.8-inch high-resolution display sets the standard in the market. Positioned on the same level as the instrument cluster, the display is within clear sight of both the driver and front passenger, at exactly the right distance.


Professional navigation system with optimised voice control.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes with a hard disc memory for particularly comfortable operation and use of the Professional navigation system featured as standard. Offering a capacity of 80 GB, the memory allows exceptionally fast access to the digitally prepared maps required for navigation, with 12 GB reserved for a large collection of music files.
The user is able to enter his destinations either via the Controller or by voice entry now optimised to an even higher standard for entering the address desired in one single step. The system therefore gathers all information on the place, street and number read out by the user in one single command, then arranging this information automatically as required.
Full-screen presentation of maps by the Professional navigation system provides an incomparably detailed overview of the region the driver is currently travelling through, with maps as well as individual symbols presented whenever required as three-dimensional graphics.
An elevation map is also available to supplement the perspective presentation offered so far, and an assistance window may be opened in the Control Display as an alternative to full-screen presentation providing additional presentation angles and views independent of the main map.
The new High Guiding concept with integrated lane recommendation likewise enhances the efficiency of the control process offered by the Professional navigation system. High Guiding conveys specific detailed views such as the bending and turning rules at a complicated road junction from the display straight to the instrument cluster. Information may also be transferred directly to the optional Head-Up Display, projecting information relevant to the driver to his direct field of vision in the windscreen.
Right from the start, the audio system featured as standard in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 offers a truly impressive experience in sound. The HiFi loudspeaker system with 12 loudspeakers available as an option, as well as the optional Professional HiFi system with no less than 16 loudspeakers, features digital equalising to adjust the quality of sound individually to each seat and the occupant’s seating position. The optionally available USB port, finally, allows convenient integration of MP3 players and other external data media into the entertainment system masterminded by iDrive.
A DVD video system with an eight-inch TFT colour monitor is available as an option on the centre console. The DVD player integrated in the rear console, in turn, comes with its own control functions for playing audio, video and photo DVDs or CDs. And through an AUX-in bush, finally, the user may also connect external video sources such as game consoles or video cameras.

BMW ConnectedDrive with new functions.
BMW ConnectedDrive comes either as standard or as an option with innovative drive assistance systems serving to further enhance motoring comfort and safety in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. At the same time BMW ConnectedDrive comprises a broad range of innovative offers and technologies networking the occupants with the car and the surrounding world in the interest of maximum comfort and optimised use of the various infotainment options, ultimately ensuring an even higher standard of safety.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is available with the complete range of mobility services comprising features such as BMW Assist including a Telephone Enquiry Service as well as the Enhanced Emergency Call automatically determining and reporting the current location of the vehicle, BMW Online and BMW TeleServices with innovative remote control functions and unrestricted use of the internet in the vehicle.
Using BMW Routes as yet another service, the BMW ConnectedDrive customer may call up the most beautiful routes via BMW Online at the touch of a button and transfer his favourite routes compiled in the internet straight into the vehicle’s navigation system.
The Head-Up Display offered as part of BMW ConnectedDrive serves to project data relevant to the driver straight on to the windscreen. Information presented in this way directly in the driver’s line of vision obviously comes out very clearly, without in any way distracting the driver from the traffic around him.
Comprising a mobile phone preparation kit complete with a Bluetooth interface, BMW ConnectedDrive ensures safe and convenient use of the telephone also when driving. As an alternative, Smartphones may be integrated via the USB connection and enhanced connection of the music player in a mobile phone may be used to control both the entertainment and communication functions of an external source through BMW iDrive.

Safe manoeuvring with Park Distance Control, a back-up camera and Top View.
PDC Park Distance Control featured as standard in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 makes parking a lot easier, the PDC sensors precisely determining the distance between the vehicle and obstacles possibly in the way. Acoustic signals increasing in frequency as the distance becomes smaller give the driver clear information on the space still available for manoeuvring.
PDC may be supplemented on the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 by a back-up camera offering extra safety and comfort both when parking and manoeuvring in confined spaces with poor visibility. Positioned discreetly at the back of the vehicle, the camera is activated either at the touch of a button or automatically, together with PDC, as soon as the driver shifts to reverse. The high-resolution images provided by the wide angle lens are shown in colour and with an optimum perspective in the Control Display on the instrument panel, interactive trace lines furthermore presenting the optimum steering angle for parking and the tightest possible turning circle.
The back-up camera is particularly helpful when connecting a trailer, its zoom function serving to enlarge the image area around the trailer hook. Special static lines shown in the picture then help the driver to properly assess the distance to the trailer hook behind the vehicle, an interactive docking line related to the angle of the steering wheel making it easier to approach the towbar with utmost precision.
Top View provides an even more comprehensive overview of surrounding conditions. In this case the back-up camera, a front camera and two additional cameras in the side mirrors project the surrounding area to the right and left of the vehicle to the central Control Display. Taking the images coming from the cameras and the PDC signal, the system then generates a virtual image of the vehicle from a bird’s eye view to precisely determine the current position of the vehicle. This then gives the driver the option, for example, to conveniently check the distance to the curb or possible obstacles, for instance when parking.

Towbar coupling with removable ball head.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 offers supreme safety also when towing a trailer.
In connection with the optional trailer coupling, Trailer Stability Control integrated in DSC Dynamic Stability Control is activated as soon as a trailer is connected to the vehicle’s electronics through the socket at the rear.
The ball head on the trailer coupling is removable and the vehicle itself is able to tow a load of up to 2,000 kilograms or 4,410 lb.

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