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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...) - Design: Clearly Unique.

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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...)
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Design: Clearly Unique.

• Characteristic design of the world’s only Sports Activity Coupé with discreet distinctions on the hybrid model.
• Clearly visible Powerdome alluding to innovative drive technology.
• Aerodynamically optimised wheel design and exclusive colour combinations.
“The design of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is just as typical of BMW as are the car’s driving characteristics. Appropriate distinctions authentically visualise the particular character of this very special model.” Anders Warming, Head of Exterieur Design BMW Group

Through its characteristic concept features and drive components, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 stands out significantly from all hybrid vehicles available so far. This exceptional status is also reflected by the design of BMW’s first full hybrid production model, the very concept of the Sports Activity Coupé, through its progressive and truly unique look the world over, being ideally suited to bring out the particular qualities of BMW ActiveHybrid technology.
The special version of this unique four-door powered by BMW ActiveHybrid again combines the elegant and dynamically flowing roofline of a BMW Coupé with the typical features of a BMW X Model interpreted in very sporting style. And at the same time appropriate visual distinctions versus the other versions of the BMW X6 refer clearly to the innovative technology of the drivetrain.
Through its design alone, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is the authentic visualisation of outstanding driving qualities. The first Sports Activity Coupé with hybrid technology is clearly recognisable from every angle as a genuine BMW, all design features convincingly presenting that design language so characteristic of the brand.
First and foremost, this distinctive look is ensured by the sculptural shape typical of all BMW X Models, the front section, the side and the rear flowing smoothly into one another, all shapes and surfaces forming one harmonious unit.
The design elements typical of the BMW brand also come out in many details ranging from the BMW kidney grille through the dual round headlights and the powerfully contoured side-line all the way to the horizontal lines at the rear.

Dynamic orientation to the road combined with features typical of a BMW X Model.
The design of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is characterised by a range of features symbolising the car’s clear orientation to the road. The short front overhang emphasises the dynamics of the car, the long overhang at the rear brings out its stretched and sleek look. The low window areas and the roofline tapering out gently to the spoiler at the rear bear clear reference to the unmistakable proportions of a coupé. The side panel, in turn, is separated by two strikingly contoured lines moving slowly towards each other at the front of the car to create a dynamic wedge look symbolising that forward-pushing motion.
The contour line extending along the side at the same level as the door openers is particularly muscular and smooth in its structure, supporting the dynamic wedge shape created by the shoulder line and the sill-line moving further apart beyond the rear.
The rear view of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is characterised by horizontal lines making the car look even wider and emphasising its stable stance on the road.
Four doors and the dynamic coupé-like roofline are combined with a high waistline and striking wheel arches to generate very good balance between the front and rear axle as a clear reference to all-wheel drive. Greater ground clearance, powerful bumpers, underfloor protection all round and a large tailgate are classic elements of a BMW X Model, the design of the vehicle also providing an authentic expression of the dynamic potential offered by the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 not only on the road, but also off the beaten track through its drivetrain and suspension technology.
The range of paintwork colours is largely the same as on the “regular” BMW X6. An additional colour exclusive to the hybrid version of the Sports Activity Coupé is Bluewater metallic, a cool, elegant, steel-like bluish colour emphasising the lightness and three-dimensional character of the body and enhancing the convex/concave interplay of the various body elements.


Front view: the Powerdome as a clear symbol of innovative hybrid technology.
The front end of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is characterised by powerful muscle and presence. The most striking feature on the Sports Activity Coupé with hybrid drive is the clearly visible Powerdome on the engine compartment lid taking up the additional drivetrain technology featured on this special model. Looking beneath the engine lid, in turn, the beholder will immediately notice the special design of the engine cover proudly bearing a “Hybrid” model designation.
Large air intakes positioned far to the outside make clear reference to the superior power and performance of the eight-cylinder combustion engine.
Together with the side panels wrapped around far to the inside beyond the headlights, these air scoops offer clear optical orientation to the wheels again emphasising the stability and stance of the vehicle on the road.
The air intakes at the side are subdivided horizontally by aluminium-coloured bars also encompassing the round foglamps. The centre air intake in the front bumper, finally, grows wide to the bottom, with its contours again showing clear visual orientation to the road.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes as standard with bi-xenon headlights.
With their distinct “eyebrows” at the top, these dual round headlights create a particularly sharp and clear focus, an effect further enhanced by the characteristic daytime driving lights formed by light rings. The upright bars in the BMW kidney grille, in turn, come in high-class titanium colour like in the BMW X6 xDrive50i.

Side view: a unique silhouette highlighting a unique concept.
The powerful proportions of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 come out particularly clearly from the side. The short front overhang emphasises the dynamic character of the vehicle, the roofline gently tapering out to the rear and the long body overhang at the back creating that stretched and sleek coupé silhouette.
The roofline reaches its highest point directly above the first row of seats, giving even greater emphasis to the driver as an effect most befitting for the extravagant design of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. To the rear the side window frames come with that famous “Hofmeister kick”, the counter-swing at the bottom of the D-pillar so typical of BMW.
As on BMW X Models in general, the wheel arches on the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 show slightly square contours offering adequate space for 19-inch light-alloy rims in V-spoke design featured as standard. Even larger 20-inch light-alloy rims in aerodynamically optimised Streamline design are also available exclusively for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. Yet a further sign of distinction is the “ActiveHybrid” model designation in the front doors in brushed aluminium, the door entry strips on the driver’s and front passenger’s doors both bearing the designation “BMW ActiveHybrid”.
As an option the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is available with newly developed roof railings. Through their extremely low and wide design as well as their attractive finish in powder-coated matt black or painted silver, the railings further emphasise the sporting character of BMW’s Sports Activity Coupé.

Muscular rear end with light graphics typical of BMW.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes at the rear with a particular rendition of the proportions typical of a coupé, naturally in the special style of a BMW X Model. The powerfully chiselled rear section reaches its full width around the wheel arches, the two tailpipes on the exhaust complete with their high-quality surrounds likewise guiding your eyes to the wheels.
The L-shaped rear light clusters again so typical of a BMW X Model come in this case in a dynamic, sweeping line, the rear lights extending far into the side panels to accentuate the overall width of the vehicle also at night. An aluminium trim bar in the lower section of the tailgate specific to this model proudly bears the designation “ActiveHybrid” at the right, supplemented harmoniously by the model designation “X6” on the tailgate itself.

Interior: sporting ambience with an exclusive touch.
The interior design again emphasises the active driving character of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6, with a sporting touch provided, inter alia, by the kneepads on either side of the centre console and the shift paddles on the sports steering wheel featured as standard.
The higher, semi-command seating position gives the driver and front passenger a particularly clear and good view of the traffic around them.
The two occupants at the rear, in turn, enjoy very comfortable single seats separated from one another by a centre console, with good side support and integrated headrests.
High-class materials and elaborately finished surfaces underline the luxurious design of the interior. In addition to the variants available on the “regular” BMW X6, the interior trim is also available in this case in longitudinally polished aluminium.
Optional leather upholstery in exclusive nappa leather and the Ivory/White colour combination complete with blue double stitching, add a particularly exclusive touch to the interior of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

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