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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...) - Concept: The World’s First Sports Activity Coupé – Now with BMW ActiveHybrid.

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X6 ActiveHybrid - E72 (2009 - ...)
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Concept: The World’s First Sports Activity Coupé – Now with BMW ActiveHybrid.

• First BMW production model with full hybrid drive.
• Most dynamic of all hybrid cars, unparalleled efficiency in its performance class.
• Truly thrill ing: innovative technology in a unique car.
“BMW offers hybrid technology to thrill the driver in every respect – Sheer Driving Pleasure in a fascinating vehicle.” Dr. Klaus Draeger, Board Member Development of BMW AG The BMW

ActiveHybrid X6 combines an innovative vehicle concept and future-oriented drivetrain technology to create a truly unique car. With this innovative, high-performance rendition of hybrid drive in the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé BMW offers a truly fascinating driving experience.
The BMW ActiveHybrid technology featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is conceived particularly for use in a highly dynamic vehicle within this special segment and for motoring far beyond the confines of city traffic. In terms of size, character and driving dynamics, the Sports Activity Coupé is indeed particularly well-suited for bringing out the full potential of BMW ActiveHybrid technology.
The specific configuration chosen in this case combines the Sheer Driving Pleasure so typical of the BMW brand with a significant increase in efficiency, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 thus fulfilling all the objectives of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy in a most comprehensive manner. Indeed, BMW’s first production model with full hybrid drive is the most efficient vehicle of its kind in its performance class, at the same time offering the most dynamic opportunity to drive a hybrid vehicle.
The outstanding efficiency of BMW ActiveHybrid technology results from the supreme characteristics of the V8 power unit and the hybrid components and from the fact that all features of the drive system are precisely combined with one another. Unlike conventional hybrid cars, this ensures significant benefits in efficiency throughout all speed ranges, at the same time creating a new rendition of that sporting performance so typical of BMW.
Introducing innovative BMW ActiveHybrid technology in an outstanding production vehicle, BMW is at the same time adding very special fascination to the efficiency achieved in this way, the progressive character of the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé and the trendsetting efficiency of BMW ActiveHybrid technology supplementing each other in a truly outstanding manner.

Innovative and unique: BMW ActiveHybrid technology in the Sports Activity Coupé.
BMW’s full hybrid production model is based on the BMW X6 which, in itself, has paved the way into a new segment of vehicles, once again confirming the innovative power of the brand. In its design, the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé combines the sporting elegance of a large BMW Coupé with the powerful presence of a BMW X Model, its unique driving characteristics resulting from dynamic performance on the road so typical of the brand combined with absolute supremacy on every kind of terrain.
BMW ActiveHybrid technology provides an unprecedented driving experience through which the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 stands out clearly from other vehicles in its segment and from conventional hybrid models.
The electric motors offer their qualities right from the start in spontaneously developing power when setting off, the power split provided by the Two-Mode Active Transmission in all further driving situations ensuring absolutely precise interaction of electric drive and the combustion engine in the interest of supreme dynamics and impressive efficiency.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 thus combines the outstanding experience of a supreme eight-cylinder at all speeds with a precise and fast-shifting automatic transmission offering no less than seven gears. And if he wishes, the driver may shift gears manually through the electronic gear selector lever as well as shift paddles on the steering wheel.


Best-of-hybrid: optimum drivetrain technology for different vehicle concepts.
Conventional hybrid systems have been used so far above all in small or medium-sized cars, serving to enhance efficiency in city traffic or at low speeds. To provide greater performance and run at higher speeds, such vehicles would require larger and heavier electric motors detrimental for the overall characteristics of the vehicle. Now the Two-Mode Active Transmission in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 sets off this fundamental drawback.
The hybrid components featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 are the result of close cooperation in development within the Global Hybrid Cooperation established jointly by the BMW Group, General Motors, and DaimlerChrysler.
Within this joint venture, the equal-ranking partners pool their know-how and resources at a joint Development Center in Troy, Michigan, concentrating in the process on a flexible system concept.
The hybrid components developed in this way are then integrated in the respective vehicles individually by each manufacturer, taking the specific characteristics of each brand into account. On the BMW ActiveHybrid X6, these unique characteristics are ensured by the unprecedented combination of an eight-cylinder power unit and the Two-Mode Active Transmission.
BMW ActiveHybrid technology is based on a modular concept which, following the strategy of “best-of-hybrid”, integrates the optimum components in different vehicle concepts. Hence, the full hybrid concept of BMW ActiveHybrid X6 provides the ideal qualities for the specific character and requirements of this particular vehicle, just like the mild hybrid concept in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 likewise reaching production level in the year 2009.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 represents the pinnacle in hybrid development dating back at BMW all the way to the 1980s and tested, for example, as early as in 1991 in the BMW E1 electric car. This was followed by further vehicle concepts, among them a hybrid-drive BMW 518i in 1995.
Today hybrid technology is a firm highlight of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, the outstanding potential of this drivetrain technology already proven, inter alia, by the BMW X5 EfficientDynamics presented in 2003 and the BMW Concept X3 EfficientDynamics shown to the public for the first time in 2005.
BMW ActiveHybrid raises the development of drive systems enhancing both efficiency and dynamics in a most effective manner to a new and unprecedented level. This innovative vehicle concept proves that even large and dynamic vehicles may well meet the strictest requirements today for environmentally-conscious motoring, at the same time opening up new horizons in terms of driving pleasure and aesthetic design.

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