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X1 SAV - Concept (2008) - Design

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X1 SAV - Concept (2008)
Flow of lines
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The BMW X1: authentic transition of the BMW X model concept into a new vehicle segment.
In its design and driving characteristics, every BMW X model bears out the unmistakable DNA of this kind of vehicle, at the same time showing an individual rendition of the brand and the features typical of the concept. This clearly ensures the authentic transition of the brand values and characteristic features of a BMW X model into each market segment.
The BMW Concept X1 naturally lives up to this demanding standard and claim, the Concept Car clearly standing out as a BMW X model from every angle, despite its body dimensions smaller than a BMW X6, a BMW X5, and a BMW X3. At the same time the design of the new car establishes typical BMW features again reflecting the specific characteristics of the premium compact segment and generating new momentum in the appreciation and perception of vehicles in this class.
Introducing the BMW Concept X1, BMW is taking on the leading role also in the premium compact class. For the first time the characteristics of a Sports Activity Vehicle are being carried over authentically into this market segment, creating the concept of a vehicle which, in an urban environment, ensures the highest conceivable level of freedom and spontaneous activity.
Indeed, the BMW Concept X1 presents mobility options never seen before in this segment. The new model offers versatility and agility in a compact rendition, thus providing a very appropriate interpretation of the sheer driving pleasure so typical of a BMW X model in our current day and age.
Measuring 4,457 millimetres or 175.5" in length, the BMW Concept X1 is 108 millimetres or almost 4.3" shorter than the BMW X3. The wheelbase of the BMW Concept X1, in turn, measures 2,760 mm or 104.4".
Through its proportions and four doors together with a large tailgate, the Concept Car hints towards a very generous feeling and experience of space.
In addition, the clear design and shape of the vehicle bears testimony to a high level of function meeting all the driver’s and passengers’ requirements in everyday traffic. And last but not least, the BMW Concept X1 combines all these features with the self-confident elegance so typical of a premium vehicle. Through these qualities alone, therefore, the BMW Concept X1 is destined to become the trendsetter for a modern style of urban mobility clearly pointing into the future.


Front-end design: dynamic lines, characteristic emphasis on width.
The sculptural lines of the new model make the BMW Concept X1 a truly exceptional highlight in the premium compact segment with all the features and qualities of a BMW X model. The front end, the side and rear merge smoothly into one another, their various surfaces forming one whole and striking lines creating a smooth and flowing link between the individual elements of the body.
Design features typical of the brand additionally emphasise the unmistakable look and impact of the vehicle, the upright BMW kidney grille, dual round headlights cut off at the top, the large, almost square wheel cutouts, the black band stretching around the lower section of the vehicle, the distinctive contour line along the side and the horizontal lines at the rear again clearly confirming that this concept car is a genuine X model from BMW.
The powerful stature of a BMW X model comes out clearly in new design at the front end of the BMW Concept X1. The DNA typical of BMW X is also to be found in the strikingly contoured engine compartment lid and the structure of the upright BMW kidney grille with its extra-wide bars positioned far apart from one another at the outside on the BMW Concept X1, thus symbolising the robust nature of the vehicle.
Through their sharply cut “eyelids”, the dual round headlights so typical of BMW offer a clear view and focus, white-coloured horizontal covers at the top enhancing this effect to an even higher standard.

Innovative surface design highlighting the vehicle’s striking features.
Yet another innovative design feature is the three-dimensional surrounds on the headlights. This particular design element to be admired on the BMW Concept X1 and reflected by the surrounds on the headlights and the side window graphics highlights the superior technical character of the headlight units with their clear glass look in a very convincing manner. Again reflecting the typical style of a BMW X model, the foglamps are positioned far to the outside, just above the air intake scoop.
The robust character of the BMW Concept X1 is further emphasised by the car’s underfloor protection. This protection unit bearing clear reference to the use of the vehicle off the beaten track, takes on a particularly sophisticated and elegant style through its silver paintwork – and at the same time the front frame around this protection element forms the lower surround on the air intake.
Together with another silver crossbar extending across the entire width of the air intake, this forms two contrasting horizontal lines giving the vehicle an even more powerful and wider look.
The surface design of the powerfully contoured engine lid is characterised by six striking contour lines moving towards one another in a V-shape at the front of the vehicle. The two inner lines lead to the BMW kidney grille where they almost meet one another, while the two outer contour lines extend in the opposite direction from the front end of the engine compartment lid all the way to the side section of the vehicle where they continue into the shoulder lines extending all the way to the back. Again, this particular flow of lines emphasises the sculptural design of the BMW Concept X1 connecting all body elements with one another.


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