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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...) - Dynamics and Comfort

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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...)
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Dynamics and Comfort
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Active Steering and Adaptive Drive
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Perfect combination of superior dynamics and outstanding comfort.
A new type of vehicle and a new driving experience: the BMW X6 definitely offers the best of both worlds.
In terms of driving dynamics, the first-ever Sports Activity Coupé offers new dimensions defined by a considerable enhancement of agility, unique stability in fast bends and safe traction on slippery surfaces. Powerful engines, BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive technology, DSC Dynamic Stability Control, optional Active Steering and Adaptive Drive as well as Dynamic Performance Control featured for the first time on the BMW X6 even as stan-dard equipment, set the foundation for superior driving dynamics at all times.
Even with a moderate, reserved style of motoring, Dynamic Performance Control optimises steering precision most considerably, enabling the BMW X6 to handle even difficult driving conditions through the outstanding quality of its drive and suspension technology.


Driving dynamics with intelligent control: Integrated Chassis Management.
The vehicle’s drivetrain and suspension systems interact perfectly with BMW’s ICM Integrated Chassis Management. This high-performance electronic control ensures perfect harmony of drivetrain and suspension functions within fractions of a second, spelling out maximum stability and supreme performance wherever you go and at all times.
Even under a sudden change in driving conditions, therefore, for example on varying surfaces, in spontaneous steering manoeuvres, when accelerating or applying the brake abruptly, ICM reacts with utmost precision to the xDrive, DSC and Dynamic Performance Control actuators and to Active Steering when fitted as an option. In all cases, the nature and scope of such interven-tion is appropriately masterminded to ensure not just maximum driving stability, but also optimum dynamics.
BMW’s X Models already available today owe their outstanding agility largely to the supreme performance and qualities of ICM. Now the central control unit has an even greater and more progressive influence on driving dynamics in the new BMW X6, since it is also able to use the actuators serving for BMW’s new Dynamic Performance Control: Depending on driving conditions and with fully variable management, the power of the engine is no longer split “just” between the front and rear axle, but also – through Dynamic Performance Control – between the left and right rear wheel, feeding additional power to the most appropriate point where it can be conveyed best to the road.
This drive technology quite unique in the market enhances the agility, steering precision and tracking stability of the car in bends as well as its traction on slippery surfaces, significantly improving driving dynamics in all cases and under all conditions.
As a result, Dynamic Stability Control is only required to cut in by applying the brakes electively on the appropriate wheel or wheels when the vehicle really reaches the extreme limits to driving physics. The world’s first Sports Activity Coupé thus offers the driver the truly fascinating experience of being able to handle even the most demanding driving situations with sporting style and dynamic performance never seen before.
Die The drivetrain and suspension technology of the BMW X6 ensures the highest conceivable level of safety, precision and driving pleasure on all surfaces whether rough or smooth. The foundation of this purpose is provided by suspension technology quite unique in the segment of BMW X Models. The front axle, for example, is a double track control arm configuration applying the double joint principle for dynamic lateral acceleration, superior tracking stability and minimisation of forces acting on the steering wheel. Appropriate front axle kinematics, in turn, ensure optimum front wheel camber on the road at all times, the BMW X6 thus maintaining supreme grip and roadholding even under the most dynamic conditions.
At the rear the BMW X6 features BMW’s patented Integral IV axle serving to harmonise superior comfort with equally superior dynamics. And now this lightweight construction has been specifically optimised for the Sports Activity Coupé in many respects, the entire rear axle configuration being appropriately adjusted to the specific demands made of this model for supreme sportiness and performance.
The wheel mounts, rear axle subframe and four track arms efficiently take up the dynamic and drive forces flowing into the suspension, reducing any elastic distortion of the wheel mounts, while soft swinging mounts provide appropriate longitudinal suspension and optimise the roll quality of the wheels. Effectively separating the road surface from the drivetrain, finally, the rear axle helps to ensure first-class noise control and ride comfort.
The BMW X6 comes as standard on 19-inch light-alloy wheels. Also featured as standard, runflat safety tyres enable the driver to continue even after a complete loss of pressure in the tyres smoothly and safely to the nearest workshop.
Yet a further feature is the Tyre Defect Indicator permanently monitoring air pressure and warning the driver as soon as the pressure of air in the tyres drops more than 30 per cent below the ideal level by means of an optical signal in the instrument cluster.


BMW xDrive: intelligent all-wheel drive for enhanced dynamics and optimum traction.
Permanent all-wheel drive with electronically controlled, variable distribution of drive power between the front and rear axles gives all BMW X Models not only superior traction, but also enhanced driving dynamics. Indeed, BMW xDrive gains its superiority as an intelligent all-wheel-drive system by feeding drive power through a distributor box with an electronically con-trolled multiple-plate clutch according to driving conditions in exactly the right dosage to the appropriate axle with optimum grip on the road.
The possibilities to optimise drive power and thrust in this way, in the interest of both driving stability and dynamic performance, are enhanced once again to an even higher level through the use of Dynamic Performance Control in the BMW X6 now also varying the distribution of power between the right- and left-hand rear wheel.
In normal driving situations BMW xDrive distributes drive power in a 40 : 60 split front-to-rear, with sensors consistently measuring wheel slip. Hence, the system is able within fraction of a second to vary the distribution of drive forces, with BMW xDrive, unlike conventional all-wheel-drive systems, anticipating the upcoming situation and not just responding once a wheel has started to spin. This serves to stabilise the vehicle even before the driver notices any need for action.
Offering advantages of this calibre, BMW xDrive enhances the dynamic performance of the BMW X6 by counteracting even the slightest trend to over- or understeer right from the start at the earliest conceivable point. And now, incorporating BMW’s new Dynamic Performance Control, xDrive is able to respond even more quickly and in line with current requirements, the positive effects on driving dynamics being particularly significant in fast bends.

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