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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...)

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X6 SAV - E71/E72 (2008 - ...)
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BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe (e71 and e72 Hybrid)
Source: BMW Group

An entirely new type of car, a unique design concept and driving dynamics never seen before – all this is becoming reality in the guise of the new BMW X6.
The world’s first Sports Activity Coupé offers fascinating features and skills in a combination unmatched by any other vehicle. In its design the new BMW X6 combines the sporting elegance of a large BMW Coupé with the powerful presence of a BMW X model.
The BMW X6 develops its unique driving characteristics through the unpre­cedented combination of dynamic performance on the road so typical of the BMW brand with unique supremacy on all tracks and terrain, entering the market with the commitment to introduce a radical change in mentality: The new BMW X6 adds an innovative and highly attractive facet to the very special nature of a BMW Coupé, at the same time opening up a brand-new perspective in the BMW X family.


Featuring low side window areas and a roofline dropping smoothly to the rear, the BMW X6 clearly offers all the proportions of a genuine, fully-fledged coupé. Inside, the new model – again in typical coupé style – provides ample space for the driver and front passengers as well as two further occupants at the rear, travelling on generously dimensioned rear seats in sporting design, with individual seat contours and integrated headrests.
Enhanced ground clearance, flared wheel arches in striking design, four doors, a large rear lid as well as the high waistline all bear out a clear styling resem­blance to the other models in the BMW X range. This design is indeed an authentic expression of the dynamic driving potential offered by the BMW X6 through its drivetrain and suspension technology not only on the road, but also on rough terrain.
The BMW X6 comes as standard with BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive technology with electronic control for variable distribution of drive power between the front and rear axles consistently adjusted to driving conditions at all times and in all situations.
Featured for the first time as standard in the BMW X6, Dynamic Performance Control likewise ensures variable distribution of drive forces between the two rear wheels. Unique the world over, this cutting-edge technology significantly enhances steering precision and, as a result, the agility of the vehicle from low speeds whenever required. In fast bends with abrupt steering manoeuvres or with the driver suddenly taking back the gas pedal, Dynamic Performance Control serves furthermore to improve the stability of the entire vehicle, thus allowing the driver to safely enter and enjoy new dimensions of driving dynamics. On slippery or uneven surfaces, finally, Dynamic Performance Control provides the further advantage of even safer and more stable traction.
The new V8 power unit with Twin Turbo technology and direct gasoline injection is likewise making its world debut in the BMW X6. Displacing 4.4 litres, this eight-cylinder with maximum engine output of 300 kW/407 hp and peak torque of 600 Newton-metres/442 lb-ft available over an unusually large range of engine speed from 1,750–4,500 rpm is the most powerful drive unit ever seen in a BMW X Model.
The new eight-cylinder is indeed truly impressive not only through its outstanding thrust and pulling force, but also through its compact dimensions. For this is the first eight-cylinder gasoline engine in the world to feature its turbocharger in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders.
On the road the superior drive and suspension technology of the BMW X6 provides a new feeling of agility, driving dynamics and safety particularly in fast and dynamic bends. On slippery surfaces and off the beaten track, traction and stability once again reach an even higher level of perfection.
Hence, the BMW Sports Activity Coupé is an absolutely exceptional vehicle also beyond the direct range of BMW X Model competitors, ensuring unparalleled supremacy in all situations, regardless of road and surface conditions.


Unique design: dynamic line, powerful presence.
In its design, the BMW X6 definitely offers all the DNA of genuine BMW X Model interpreted however in brand-new, extremely sporting style. Indeed, the design language of this new model is the authentic visuali-sation of the outstanding driving characteristics offered by the BMW X6 mainly through intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive technology and Dynamic Performance Control.
The BMW X6 is definitely a genuine BMW from every angle. This is ensured first and foremost by the sculptural design so characteristic of all BMW X Models. The front section, the sides and the rear section flow smoothly and directly into one another, the various forms and surfaces merging to provide one harmonious entity.
Various design features typical of the brand also come out clearly in the car’s details, ranging from the BMW kidney grille through the dual round headlights optically “cut off” at the top and the powerful contour line along the side all the way to the horizontal lines at the rear emphasising the sheer width of the vehicle.

Front end with clear and dynamic orientation to the road.
Just one look at the front end of BMW’s new Sports Activity Coupé demonstrates the powerful presence of this unique vehicle: Due to the greater share of surfaces finished in body colour, the front end looks lower and even more dynamic, clearly emphasising the powerful orientation of the BMW X6 to the road.
This DNA so typical of BMW is also to be admired on the engine compart-ment lid and in the structure of the vertically positioned BMW kidney grille with its rods finished in a sophisticated titanium colour on the top-of-the-range xDrive50i and the BMW X6 xDrive35d, and in black on the other models.
Large air intakes positioned far to the outside bear clear testimony not only to the cooling requirements of the powerful engines. Rather, interacting with the side panels extending far to the inside over the headlights, the air scoops provide clear orientation towards the wheels, emphasising the powerful stance of the vehicle on the road.
The air intakes at the side are split horizontally by aluminium-coloured bars also bearing the surrounds on the round foglamps. The central air intake in the bumper, finally, grows wider further down on the BMW X6, its contours again displaying a clear visual orientation towards the road. Through their clearly cut profile at the top, the dual round headlights so typical of BMW offer a parti-cularly intense and clearly focussed look. It would therefore appear as if the concentrated focus of the entire vehicle on the road is even stronger and more dramatic.
The headlights themselves merge in a dynamic sweeping line into the side panels, the surface of the engine compartment lid is divided by striking lines tapering out towards the BMW kidney grille like the borderlines of the engine compartment lid at the sides.
The side panels extending far over the headlights towards the middle of the vehicle and powerfully contoured to the outside, finally, highlight the supreme presence of the BMW X6 from the front.


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