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M3 CSL - E46 (2003 - 2004)

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M3 CSL - E46 (2003 - 2004)
Materials and Engine
A real racecar
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The New BMW M3 CSL: Intelligent Lightweight Technology and Supreme Driving Dynamics.

A new sports car now embodies the very core of the BMW brand in its most original style – the M3 CSL. Taking up the heritage and legendary success of BMW’s famous lightweight coupés which gained fame in touring car racing back in the ’70s, the engineers of BMW M have once again created a purist, thoroughbred sports car consistently designed and built to the highest standard of excellence.
In recognition of the fact that the weight spiral constantly going up can only be brought to a halt by radically reducing all moving masses, BMW M’s engineers, in developing this new car, have turned a thrilling lightweight concept into reality. For the new BMW M3 CSL is not only more powerful than the already very dynamic M3, but is also a lot lighter and therefore even more nimble.
In developing the M3 CSL, however, BMW M did not focus on the radical reduction of weight alone. On the contrary – the task the designers and development engineers gave themselves was to create a car full of purist driving dynamics, a car absolutely pure in every respect, down to the very last component. And the result, finally, is unique, absolutely unmarred driving dynamics and a purist character.

The BMW M3 CSL thus combines supreme agility with the ultimate driving experience. With its outstanding power-to-weight ratio of only 3.85 kg/bhp, this new car moves into an entirely new dimension. So the engineers at BMW M are quite sure that this sports car is able to break the 8-minute sound barrier on the legendary Northern Circuit of Nurburgring, the ultimate benchmark in driving dynamics.

Intelligent lightweight technology enhancing driving dynamics to a new dimension.
The formula BMW M’s specialists have followed in creating this dynamic driving machine is “intelligent” lightweight technology: This means consist¬ent reduction of weight by using the most appropriate materials at the right point. Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, one of the most important materials in Formula 1, for example, not only reduces the overall weight of the car (weigh¬ing approximately 110 kg (243 lb) less than the standard M3, the M3 CSL has an overall weight of just 1,385 kg (3,054 lb), but also allows even higher speeds in bends particularly through the use of this lightweight material at the extreme ends of the car.
Right from the front the M3 CSL, through its newly designed, muscular front air dam made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFP) with an additional engine air intake on the driver’s side demonstrates clearly that it is built for supreme performance of the highest calibre. Flaps also clearly visible from outside serve additionally to reduce front axle lift by a significant margin.
At the other end of the car the newly designed rear lid made of sheet moulding compound (SMC), together with the integrated spoiler, also serves in conjunction with the CFP rear diffuser to significantly reduce lift forces.

Innovative materials right where they are required.
The intelligent lightweight technology so typical of the M3 CSL is demon¬strated very clearly by the roof also made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic easily recognisable as such. This large component built by specialists at BMW’s Landshut Plant is not only some six kilos lighter than a conventional roof, but also, through its exposed position, lowers the car’s centre of gravity.
Focusing on their quest to reduce weight, the engineers at BMW M took a close look at virtually every component of the M3, in each case using the most suitable materials in order to save weight. As a result, the M3 CSL even comes with glass-fibre plastics otherwise used for aerospace applications such as endless-glass-fibre thermoplastics serving as the structural material for the through-loading system and on the rear bumper supports.
Another example is the paper-honeycomb sandwich panel used on the floor of the luggage compartment. And like the M3, the M3 CSL also comes with an aluminium engine compartment lid and features a special rear window made of extra-thin glass.

Just right for fast motoring: the extra-powerful engine of the M3 CSL.
The significant increase in power and performance is however not only the result of intelligent lightweight engineering. Rather, the straight-six power unit already renowned for its high engine speeds has been enhanced to an even higher standard, BMW M’s engineers boosting maximum output to 360 bhp (265 kW) at 7,900 rpm from 3.2 litres capacity, that is a sensational output- per-litre figure of 111 bhp. Maximum torque, in turn, is 370 Nm (273 lb-ft) at 4,900 rpm.
Even the engine of the M3 CSL follows the principle of minimum weight,
with the walls on the exhaust emission system being even thinner than usual and the air collector being made of carbon fibre. The characteristic sound of motorsport, in turn, results from the new air intake with its modified flow of air.
Featuring an extremely large intake air opening and a large air collector made of carbon fibre, this new intake air system enables the engine to breathe in even more air than usual, which is why the camshafts come with longer valve opening periods.
Air intake and volume is calculated according to the same principles as in Formula 1. And to facilitate the outgoing flow of exhaust emissions, the M3 CSL comes with optimised exhaust valves, a modified exhaust emission manifold and funnel-shaped pipes leading into the air silencer.
With features and improvements of this kind, the BMW M3 CSL accelerates from 0–100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds, reaching 200 km/h in 16.8 seconds.
Top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h (155 mph).

Shifting gears like in Formula 1 with the M3 CSL’s special gearbox.
It almost goes without saying that the M3 CSL comes with BMW M’s most sporting and dynamic transmission, the Sequential M Gearbox with Drivelogic. Also based on Formula 1 technology, the SMG/Drivelogic transmission ensures an ultra-fast gearshift in just 0.08 seconds on all six gears, providing a direct and consistent flow of power at all engine speeds.
With the driver being able furthermore to choose between the sequential and an automated gearshift mode and benefitting from Drivelogic, he has no less than eleven different gearshift options at his disposal. And last but not least, SMG Drivelogic has been re-designed and re-adjusted completely for the M3 CSL.
A special feature certainly worth mentioning in this context is the launch control modified for the M3 CSL and its particular character: Whenever he wishes to take off perfectly from a standstill, the driver, choosing the acceleration assistant, can accelerate all the way to the top speed of the car without intervening himself, SMG shifting gears automatically shortly before the speed limit in each gear.

As precise and nimble as a racing car.
Wider front track and modified suspension geometry give the M3 CSL a standard of dynamic driving performance otherwise only a thoroughbred racing car is able to offer. These modifications include specially made springs and dampers as well as the car’s newly aligned steering for supreme, cutting-edge handling. The brakes have also been modified for even more stopping power and faster deceleration, allowing the M3 CLS to reach a standstill from 100 km/h in less than 34 metres. And for special
purposes on the race track, the car is also available with sports brake linings.
The tyres of the M3 CSL are also very special: The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres developed specifically for this car measure 235/35 ZR 19 at the front and 265/30 ZR 19 at the rear and run on 8½ J x 19 (front) and 9½ J x 19 (rear) aluminium wheels also developed especially for this car. With their asymmetric tread, these special tyres offer truly outstanding grip on the road, again in the interest of dynamic performance.

Sporting and functional: the cockpit of the M3 CSL.
Inside, the M3 CSL again follows the concept of supreme function and minimum weight wherever it makes sense. Reflecting the purist standard of motorsport, the car does without electric seat heating or a navigation system, and both the radio and air conditioning are only available as an option. A special feature on the clear-cut dashboard is the CFP covers on top, the centre console, door and side linings also being made of the same material.
The glass-fibre-plastic bucket seats finished in a combination of Amaretta and fabric not only give the driver and front passenger optimum side support, but also tilt forwards conveniently to provide easy access to the two individually contoured seats at the rear. For reasons of weight, seat adjustment for length and height is manual.

A special feature in driving dynamics: the M Track Mode.
The rim of the M steering wheel featured as standard is finished in Alcantara providing a very good and secure grip. Right behind the steering wheel are the paddles for the SMG Drivelogic gearbox and the switch for the unique M Track Mode is on the right spoke of the steering wheel. This special function of Dynamic Stability Control ( DSC) conceived especially for motor¬sport allows the driver of the M3 CSL to achieve the highest conceivable standard of longitudinal and lateral acceleration on the race track, going to the very limits of physical performance thanks to the new optical signal emitted in the instrument panel whenever the system is activated. In this case DSC will intervene only when the car is driven to its absolute limit.
Developing the new M3 CSL, BMW has redefined the limits to dynamic motoring. And to provide a visible sign of this supreme standard, this uncompromising car comes in only two exterior colours, Silver Grey Metallic and Black Sapphire Metallic.


Specifications for BMW m3 csl e46

TypeBuiltPerformanceFuel consEnginePower/Torque
3 Series (E46)
2003Topspd: 250km/h
0-100km/h: 4.9s
80-120km/h*: 5s
City: 17.8 l/100km
Hway: 8.4 l/100km
Avg: 11.9 l/100km
Code: S54 B32
3246cc - 6cyl / 24v
265kW / 360HP at 7900rpm
370Nm at 4900rpm
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