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X5 M & X6 M - E70/E71 (2010 - ...) - Design: typical features of BMW M for supreme driving dynamics and exclusivity.

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X5 M & X6 M - E70/E71 (2010 - ...)
X5 M and X6 M
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Design: typical features of BMW M for supreme driving dynamics and exclusivity.

The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M are the first all-wheel-drive cars to offer the features and driving characteristics typical of a BMW M Model – qualities also borne out clearly by the cars’ design. The common DNA also reflected by truly outstanding performance is visibly displayed by the joint design of the front end with strikingly large air intakes on both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M: The engine compartment lid, the front air dam and the headlight graphics carried over from the BMW X6 are identical on both models. A further common feature lies in the twin-tone exterior mirrors again in specific M design. And finally, both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M come with gill elements in the front side panels tailored to each model as well as individually designed 20-inch light-alloy wheels.

Compared with the BMW X5 and the BMW X6, the extent of black plastic surfaces along the lower section of the body is reduced on both models, clearly accentuating the roadgoing orientation of the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M to an even higher standard than before. Both models are clearly characterised in particular by those special body elements which fulfil significant functions in terms of aerodynamics and the supply of cooling air.

Over and above these common features, BMW’s two new all-wheel-drive high-performance sports cars stand out as truly unique characters in their own right. The BMW X5 M at very first sight demonstrates all its power and exclusivity, while in its design the BMW X6 M spells out fascinating dynamics and truly athletic charisma.

The rear end of each model also offers a unique interpretation of those typical M features as clear signs of outstanding sportiness. This also applies to the rear air dam finished on both models in body colour and in the styling finish of the wheel arch air outlets again differing from one model to the other. In each case the bumper panel surrounds the two dual tailpipes already well-known as genuine signs of distinction on a BMW M car.

Joint front-end design, individual proportions.

The low contour of the dual headlights “cut off” optically at the top, the upright position of the kidney grille with its bar elements finished in black, and the powerful sculpture of the front air dam painted completely in body colour accentuate the clear orientation to the road of both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M.

At the same time the large air intakes bear clear testimony to the dynamic drive units within the engine compartment, with the shape and size of the openings tailored precisely to the cooling requirements of the M TwinPower Turbo as well as the high-performance brake system. Precisely this is why the two new models, like BMW’s other M Cars, intentionally do not come with foglamps integrated in the front air dam.

The dark honeycomb grid on the air intakes is moved far back into the body of the car, with the grid surrounds extending powerfully to the outside. The three-dimensional effect provided in this way underlines the dynamic and self-confident look of both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M.

Strong and muscular bars separate the central from the two outer air intakes. Extending towards the V-shaped arrow on the engine compartment lid and continuing all the way to the numberplate support, these beautifully designed bars emphasise the particular stability of both models in dynamic bends and on fast winding roads. Flaps beneath the side air intakes carried over from motorsport, finally, optimise the aerodynamic balance of both models at high speeds.

BMW X5 M: upright proportions demonstrating superior presence and function.


Notwithstanding its similarities and common features shared with the BMW X6 M, the BMW X5 M is clearly identifiable also from the front. This clear identity is ensured by the car’s unique proportions, the more upright windscreen looking larger than on the BMW X6 M and giving the BMW X5 M even greater presence.

Looking more closely, the beholder will also recognise the low BMW Individual roof railing available as an option only on BMW’s Sports Activity Vehicle. From the side he will gain a clear impression of the proportions of the vehicle bearing testimony to the high level of functionality. Through its upright stature, large window areas and very long roofline, the BMW X5 M is full of presence and visual power.

Interaction of the striking contour line on the level of the door openers and the powerful sill-line creates a subtle wedge shape, precise transitions between convex and concave surfaces also characterising the dynamic look of the vehicle.

This interaction is carried over to the special M-style rear-view mirrors identical in design on both models. The elaborately chiselled mirror housings finished largely in body colour are subdivided horizontally by precise lines, with the lower section finished in black bordering on to a sweeping line at the bottom.

The BMW X5 M comes with uniquely designed front side panels bearing the gill intake unit typical of BMW M together with an integrated side indicator and the M logo. Featured as standard, the 20-inch light-alloy wheels also come in the typical design of BMW M, with widely extending V-spokes.

At the rear the BMW X5 is likewise characterised by powerful horizontal lines giving the entire vehicle a truly superior look and emphasising its greater width. The lower section of the body is formed by the discreetly contoured rear air dam boasting numerous features inspired by motorsport and with horizontal lines additionally emphasising the wide track of the vehicle.

BMW X6 M: dynamic look with a clear focus on road use.


With its extremely sporting proportions, the BMW X6 M offers a particularly powerful and dynamic look. The low-slung transition from the long engine compartment lid into the low-raked windscreen, the roofline moving down distinctly to the rear, and the typical wedge shape from the side give the BMW X6 M that unmistakable appearance introduced for the first time on the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupé.

The contour line rising up to the rear and the sill-line running parallel to the road beneath symbolise the forward-pushing motion of the vehicle.

Distinctive areas of light and shade bordering on precise lines generate an exciting contrast clearly emphasising the agility of the vehicle. The gill elements in the front side panels likewise accommodate the direction indicators and the M logo on the BMW X6 M, with the logo chiselled in particular style in this case, coming in even larger dimensions and even more dynamic design than on the BMW X5 M. A further highlight is provided by the 20-inch light-alloy wheels with their high-gloss surfaces and the rim hump finished in Anthracite.

The coupé roofline of the BMW X6 M merges into a distinctive air spoiler at the rear integrated in the tailgate of the vehicle. At the same time the flat rear window and the roof pillars wrapped around to the inside generate a very dynamic look highly impressive at very first sight.

The entire rear view is subdivided by horizontal lines giving the rear end even more width in optical terms and emphasising the powerful stance of the vehicle on the road. The rear section reaches its full width around the wheel arches, with the extremely sporting character of the BMW X6 M borne out in particular by the M rear spoiler finished in body colour.

The joint separating the rear section and the bumper cover gives additional dynamism to the rear view of the vehicle, its contours reflecting the line between the tailgate and the rear lights. And last but not least, the aerodynamically optimised air guides at the lower end of the bumper panel add a classical feature of motorsport also to the BMW X6 M.

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