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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...) - BMW M all the way

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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...)
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BMW M all the way
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BMW M all the way: rev counter with a variable warning zone.
Right from the start when getting into the car, the driver and passengers will see from the M logo on the door entry strips that this Convertible is a genuine BMW M3 – a car unique in its own right. The dual circular instruments typical of BMW, the speedometer and fuel gauge as well as the rev counter and oil temperature gauge all come in special BMW M design and visualise the supreme power and performance of the eight-cylinder. The numbers stand out clearly in white from a black background, the indicator needles in the traditional red of BMW M are particularly easy to see and follow.
The variable warning field on the rev counter is again typical of a BMW M Car informing the driver during the warm-up phase of the speed at which he can run the engine, depending on current engine oil temperature: The borderline between the pre-warning area in yellow and the warning area in red moves up on the new BMW M3 Convertible as a function of increasing oil temperature until finally reaching its limit of 8,400 rpm.
Digital indicators showing the time, the outside temperature, mileage and telltale control lights are positioned between the two circular dials.
The M leather steering wheel is the perfect interface between man and machine. Its rim with special thumb contours resting in the driver’s hands in sporting style ensures an optimum grip for precise movements of the steering wheel. The spokes in the wheel house the remote control buttons for the audio system and mobile phone and, as an option, the MDrive button activating the various set-ups saved in the car. A further button may be programmed by iDrive, offering the driver a personalised function.


Wide range of personalisation options in the interior.
The front seats specially made for open-air motoring with their integrated belt systems have again been modified to the specific requirements of BMW M, ensuring excellent side support even in particularly fast and dynamic bends.
As an option both the driver and front passenger can enjoy seats with backrests adjustable for width.
The new BMW M3 Convertible comes as standard with high-quality leather on all four seats. This newly developed Novillo fully tanned leather offering a particularly elegant and sporting touch through its smooth and soft surface, is available either in classic Black or in Palladium Silver, Bamboo Beige and Fox Red.
As a further option the range of Novillo leather may be extended to the lower section of the dashboard, the lid on the glove compartment, and the side panels on the centre console.
Sun Reflective Technology featured on the leather surfaces of the new BMW M3 Convertible ensures unlimited driving pleasure with the roof down in bright sunshine and summer weather. Special cooling pigments integrated into the material reduce surface heating as a result of sunshine by up to 20° C, even when the car has been parked in bright sunshine for a long time with the roof down. In practice this means that while the leather upholstery will be relatively warm after being exposed to the sun for a long spell, it will not get hot.
Four exclusive trim strip options extending across the entire width of the dashboard beneath the control display and instrument cluster offer further options in personalising the new BMW M3 Convertible. Interior trim in Titanium Shadow comes as standard on the new model, with optional Aluminium Shadow, Carbon leather, and a high-class wood option using fine-grain plane wood finished in Anthracite. Each of these trim options gives the interior of the Convertible its very special touch ranging from technical all the way to sporting and elegant.

Unique: automatic air conditioning with a special convertible mode.
The new BMW M3 Convertible comes as standard with automatic air conditioning. And in this case the temperature control features an additional so-called convertible mode for use with the roof down. Once the driver has opted for this mode, the flow of air and ventilation depends less on the current temperature inside the car and more on the outside temperature and the actual degree of sunshine.
Not only the air conditioning, but also the supply of fresh air when driving with the roof down may be adjusted to different requirements. This is made possible by the wind deflector offered as standard to reduce air swirl within the interior also at high speeds. The wind deflector fits firmly in position on side supports at the rear, and is then pulled up to provide its full effect.
Since the rotary button for the holding mechanism moves the attachment points on both sides of the wind deflector, one person alone is able to fit the deflector easily and safely into position either on the driver’s or the front passenger’s side. And last but not least, the wind deflector panel covering the rear seats may be tilted up at any time to take up bags, shopping and other utensils whenever required.

Perfect visibility: bi-xenon headlights featured as standard, Adaptive Headlights and High-Beam Assistant coming as an option.
Featuring bi-xenon dual headlights as standard, the BMW M3 Convertible ensures perfect illumination of the road in the dark. The headlights come with corona rings typical of BMW to provide an appropriate daytime driving function. When activating the daytime lights, two light rings come on in each of the two headlight units, giving the car a striking look not only in the interest of better visibility, but also to create a clear sign of identification specific to the brand.
The new BMW M3 Convertible is available as an option with Adaptive Headlights guaranteeing appropriate illumination of the road ahead in accordance with any bends or winding roads the driver may be taking.
The direction of rotation of the headlights depends on the current steering lock, the yaw rate and the road speed of the car.
Another feature included in this option is the Bending Lights activated at a speed of up to 40 km/h or 25 mph as soon as the driver operates the direction indicator or turns the steering wheel firmly in one or the other direction.
These Bending Lights ensure optimum illumination of the road ahead when manoeuvring and in tight serpentines.
The High-Beam Assistant also available as an option ensures additional comfort when driving at night. The system switches back automatically to the low beam once vehicles coming in the opposite direction are in sight or the distance to a vehicle driving ahead drops below a certain limit.


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