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M3 Sedan - E90 (2007 - ...) - Body Colours and Interior Design

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M3 Sedan - E90 (2007 - ...)
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Special BMW M body colours highlighting the car’s exclusivity.
The new BMW M3 Saloon is available in four special metallic paintwork colours reserved for BMW M Cars and highlighting the body, contours and proportions of the car with particular intensity. Through its light shimmer, Melbourne Red combines supreme brilliance with unique depth of colour. Jerez Black, on the other hand, incorporating blue pearl pigments, also offers an interesting nuance, while powerful Interlagos Blue, mixed with red colour pigments, offers a highly attractive, interchanging violet effect. Silverstone, a bright silver with a slight touch of blue, is already well-known from the BMW M5 and the BMW M6. Over and above these special colours, the new BMW M3 Saloon is also available in Alpine White and Black as well as Space Grey metallic, the various body colours highlighting either the technical and sporting character or the superior and elegant appearance of the car.


Interior design: oriented in full to an active driving experience.
With the exterior impressively symbolising the performance and sporting qualities of the new BMW M3 Saloon, the interior enhances this appearance with the objective to offer the driver a truly outstanding experience at the wheel and give all the passengers a wonderful ambience tailored to their personal wishes. The five seats are surrounded by powerful contours and flowing lines highlighting in particular the concave and convex surfaces. The horizontal lines dominating the area around the dashboard as well as the harmonious surfaces of the side linings, on the other hand, give the interior a particularly dynamic note. The cockpit control area tapers out between the front seats into a newly designed centre console which, in its entire geometry, discreetly “swings” towards the driver. Finished in black leather, the console harmoniously continues the instrument surrounds and the control area in terms of both colour and shape, comprising three function switches (Power, DSC, and optional EDC) for activating and deactivating the electronic driving programs on the side facing the driver. Apart from the clear design and optimum ergonomic arrangement of all controls and instruments, the choice of colours inside the new BMW M3 Saloon helps the driver concentrate on driving conditions and the current driving experience: Regardless of the upholstery and trim colour chosen, the footwells and parcel shelf as well as the upper part of the instrument panel are finished in Anthracite. At the same time the dark roof lining and the trim on the A-pillars in the same colour accentuate the clear orientation to the driver so typical of BMW M. Indeed, precisely this uniform, dark colour scheme around the windscreen helps the driver in focusing his full concentration on the road. And the colour scheme also gives the front passenger and rear-seat passengers the experience of sitting in a genuine sports car.

BMW M all the way: rev counter with a variable warning zone.
Right from the start when getting into the car, the door cutout strips proudly bearing the M logo highlight the unique character of the BMW M3 Saloon. The dual circular instruments typical of BMW – the speedometer and fuel gauge as well as the rev counter and oil temperature display – also come in specific M style, clearly visualising the power and performance potential of the eight-cylinder power unit. The figures presented stand out clearly in white from the black background, the indicator needles in the traditional red of BMW M GmbH are particularly clear and easy to follow.
A feature typical of BMW M Cars is the variable warning zone in the rev counter informing the driver while the engine is warming up of the recommended engine speed range depending on the current engine oil temperature: The borderline between the yellow pre-warning zone and the red warning zone moves up in the new BMW M3 Saloon as a function of increasing oil temperature all the way to the maximum limit of 8,400 rpm. The digital displays presenting the time, the outside temperature and mileage counter, as well as the various telltale lights, are positioned between the two circular instruments. The M leather steering wheel is the perfect interface between the driver and his car. The steering wheel rim with its thumb contours resting firmly in the driver’s hands provides an optimum grip for precise movement of the steering wheel. The spokes within the steering wheel, in turn, incorporate the remote control buttons for the audio system and mobile telephone and, as an option, the MDrive button activating the car set-up saved in advance. Yet a further button may be freely programmed through BMW iDrive. As an option both the driver’s and front passenger’s seats are available with backrest width adjustment, while the rear seats may be equipped as an option with through-loading. This gives the 450-litre (15.8 cu ft) luggage compartment even grater capacity, facilitating the accommodation of particularly bulky luggage such as extra-large sports equipment.


Wide range of customisation options for the interior.
The new BMW M3 Saloon is available in three exclusive upholstery and trim variants differing significantly in their material, colour and finish from the “regular” upholstery and trim in the BMW 3 Series: The sporting “foundation” is the Speed combination of cloth and leather. Then, as an option, the BMW M3 is available with newly developed, fully tanned Novillo leather offering a particularly smooth and velvety surface with a high standard of elegance and sportiness. Apart from classic Black, Novillo leather comes in Palladium Silver, Bamboo Beige and Fox Red. As an enhanced option, the range of Novillo leather upholstery and trim may also be extended to the lower section of the instrument panel, the cover on the glove compartment, and the side panels on the centre console.
A choice of four exclusive trim strips extending across the entire width of the dashboard beneath the Control Display and instrument cluster offers further options in customising the new BMW M3 Saloon. In standard trim, the car comes with interior trim bars in Titanium Shadow. The three versions available as an option are Aluminium Shadow and leather tanned in Carbon Grain as well as a high-class wood option in finely grained plane-tree wood finished in Anthracite. All of these trim options give the interior of the new BMW M3 Salon its own very special touch ranging from cool and technical all the way to elegant and sporting.

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