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The New Hamann 6 Coupe 645Ci HM 5.2

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The New Hamann 6 Coupe 645Ci HM 5.2
Chassis and Appearance
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The New Hamann 6 Coupe 645Ci HM 5.2

The reputable German BMW tuners, Hamann Motorsport, have taken the BMW’s idea and developed it consistently to produce the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2 6 Coupe. The outcome: a sporty model, great design, and pure driving comfort.
Hamann has constructed a fully-fledged aerodynamics package for the new BMW 6 Coupe, which clearly enhances the dynamic silhouette of the serial model. The distinctive front spoiler not only gives it an unmistakable look, it literally sucks the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2 down onto the road. Wide side sillboards highlight the sporting look of the 6 Coupe and hint at the performance of the Hamann model. The powerful rear view, in particular, with the newly designed rear apron trim including diffuser and a perfectly integrated, specially developed exhaust system, set new standards. The rear and roof spoilers are not merely visual highlights, they also serve to ensure sufficient output on the rear axle of the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2.


Concealed under the Hamann aerodynamic components is a pedigree sports car. The 412 bhp of the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2 provides high output at 6,100 revs per minute and a maximum speed torque of 406 lb-ft at 3,900 revs per minute. At an impressive 180 mph, top speed is significantly higher than the 155 mph of the standard version. This great performance is achieved by means of specially constructed motor parts such as sport pistons, cylinder gasket, crankshaft and sport air filters and by changing the map of the serial Motronics. A conspicuous detail in the engine compartment is the oil-fill cap with the Hamann logo.

In addition to this, the specially developed four-pipe sport exhaust system with 2 x 2 sport silencers and 3 inch diameter exhaust pipe ends contribute to the performance of the Hamann 6. It also provides an optical highlight and gives the Laupheim model a deep, throaty sound.

In keeping with the extremely sporting concept of the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2, the brakes and chassis have been adapted to its performance. On the front axle the Hamann sports braking system with 365 mm slotted and self-ventilated brake discs decelerates with top precision. In terms of appearance, the eight-piston fixed caliper in red make for a genuine motor sport feeling and they really do a powerful job. And the sports brake pads, steel braided brake lines, and adapters ensure the necessary braking power.


With regard to the chassis, Hamann supplies two versions for the 645Ci HM 5.2. With the aid of the Hamann lowering kit, the car body can be moved 1.56 inches closer to the asphalt at the front and 0.78 inches at the rear. The four progressive springs make the vehicle significantly more accurate and sporty to handle. The second version consists of a height adjustable coil over sport suspension. The specific coordination of the sport shock absorbers and progressive springs make driving pure pleasure. With these the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2 changes direction and takes narrow bends as if it were on rails. Customized lowering to a maximum of 2.34 inches on the front axle and 1.17 inches on the rear axle can be carried out to meet individual wishes.


The outer appearance of the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2 is rounded off by a variety of exclusive, one-section and modular Hamann-light alloy wheels ranging in size from 18 to 20 inches. The most impressive solution is undoubtedly the 20-inch version with the DESIGN PG3 light alloy wheels. The modular wheel in the classic five-spoke design completes the powerful, sporting appearance. The silver-coloured, Outside Well polished wheels with the 10 J x 20 dimension at the front and 10.5 J x 20 at the rear carry 245/35 ZR 20 VA and 275/30 ZR 20 HA tires.

Despite the innovative design and powerful performance, the Hamann 645Ci HM 5.2 nevertheless offers sporting luxury on the inside. Aluminium pedals and the footrest also made of aluminium add a touch of luxury to the sporting character. Foot mats designed by Hamann are a must.

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