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BMW at Dakar 2006 - Facts and figures about X3 CC and X5 CC

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BMW at Dakar 2006 - Facts and figures about X3 CC and X5 CC
Technology and Specifications
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BMW at Dakar 2006 - Facts & Figures about the X3 CC and X5 CC

As BMW is competing its fifth year in the Dakar, it is about time to sum up what the X5 CC has within, and also what the new X3 CC has to offer.
These BMWs get there rally outfit put on by X-Raid, a team that has started rally racing in 2002.
After four years team X-Raid decided that they wanted to put BMWs new X3 to the test, next to the X5.


Please click "read more" below to read the full story about Sven Quandt and his X-Raid team, featuring information about the X3 CC and X5 CC!

Sven Quandt & X-Raid
It all started with Sven Quandt, born in June 1956, and graduated with a “Diploma of Commerce” degree in 1985.
He began his career in motor racing in 1991. Having worked on the building up and the restructuring of several companies during this career he combined his economic experience with his passion for motor sport to great success.
This success not only pertains to the companies he ran but personally as a co-driver and as a driver as well.
He also achieved success with GECO Raid Sport in the nineties, especially in the T1 production class.
In 1998 Sven was winner of the T1 Marathon Cup with a Mitsubishi Pajero. In the same year, the GECO Raid team came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the T1 class in the Paris Dakar.
From November 2002 until the end of 2004 he was appointed as Head of Motorsport of the Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sport GmbH.
In 2002 he started the building up of the X-raid team with participation in various rallies, placing 9th in Dakar 2003 with Luc Alphand and 4th in Dakar 2004 with Luc Alphand, winning the FIA World Cup for Cross Country in 2004 with Khalifa Al-Mutawei as driver and winning the the 2005 Portuguese Championship with Miguel Barbosa.


The technology
The BMW X5 Rally Raid was developed for racing within 12 months. The vehicle has been constructed in almost authentic X5-Format.
The fibreglass body conceals state of the art racing technology as well as numerous innovations.
The four-wheel drive BMW X5s with approximately 270HP variable twin turbo engines have a technically complex construction of latticed tubular space frames as a chassis. The low fuel consumption of the BMW three-litre six-cylinder engine is a distinct advantage in comparison to the gasoline engines of the competitors. This fact follows a comparatively small tank possible and provides a weight advantage of up to 200 kg during the long African stages.


X-Raid X3 CC   X-Raid X5 CC
X3 3.0d Type X5 3.0d
x3 (e83) Series x5 (e53)
approx 1900kg Empty weight approx 1900kg
4650mm Length 4750mm
2000mm Width 1960mm
1850mm Height 1907mm
2850mm Wheelbase 2570mm
1815mm Track width 1775mm
M57 Type M57
M57TU D30 M Number M57TU D30
2993cc Displacement 2993cc
6 Cylinders 6
4 Valves per cylinder 4
Variable Twin Turbo Turbo Variable Twin Turbo
Diesel Fuel type Diesel
200kW / 272HP Power 200kW / 272HP
4000rpm @ RPM 4000rpm
620Nm Torque 620Nm
2100rpm @ RPM 2100rpm
approx 200km/h Top speed approx 185km/h
Sadev 6-gear sequential Gear Sadev 6-gear sequential
AP Racing Sinter metallic Clutch AP Racing Sinter metallic
X-trac Differentials X-trac
Heggemann, space-frame Chassis Heggemann, space-frame
Carbon-Kevlar Body Carbon-Kevlar
Heggemann Subframe, front Heggemann
Heggemann Subframe, rear Heggemann
BF Goodrich Rims BF Goodrich
3 BBS / BF Goodrich Spare Wheels 3 BBS / BF Goodrich
6 Piston AP Racing Brake System 6 Piston AP Racing
Independent suspension Suspension Independent suspension
Front and rear Reiger Racing dampers with reservoir 250 mm travel Dampers Front and rear Reiger Racing dampers with reservoir 250 mm travel
2, FIA norm Seats 2, FIA norm
Heggemann, FIA norm Roll Cage Heggemann, FIA norm
Easytrip, standard Tripmaster Easytrip, standard
Lifeline, Norm 2001 Fire-Extinguishing System Lifeline, Norm 2001
FT3 Safety tank, 340 liters ATL Fuel Tank FT3 Safety tank, 340 liters ATL

Click here to read more about the X3 and X5 in the Dakar 2006
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