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BMW X-raid X3CC, X5CC and TRIO at Dakar 2009

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BMW X-raid X3CC, X5CC and TRIO at Dakar 2009
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The Dakar 2009, for the first time in South-America, and ofcourse the BMW X-raid team is competing with the worlds' top drivers and teams.
The BMW X3CC was developed in conjunction with X-raid's partners Magna Steyr in Austria. The engine is supplied and developed by BMW Motoren GmbH in Austria.
Like the years before, there are specially set-up X-raid BMW X3's (X3CC) driving around the thoughest terrain in the world.
X-raid started with 6 cars, driven by Nasser Saleh Al Attiyah (#302), Guerlain Chicherit (#306), Orlando Terranova (#315), Leonid Novitskiy (#316), Peter van Merksteijn (#318) and Rene Kuipers (#330).
Next to the X-raid team there are other BMW's competing as well: two X5CC's and one BMW TRIO prototype (based on a BMW 1 Series Coupé).


BMW X-raid X3CC
The BMW X3CC is rallyteam X-raid's car to compete with, here are the specifications
X-Raid X3 CC
Type X3 3.0d
Series x3 (e83)
Body SUV
Empty weight approx 1900kg
Length 4650mm
Width 2000mm
Height 1850mm
Wheelbase 2850mm
Track width 1815mm
Type M57
M Number M57TU D30
Displacement 2926cc
Stroke 84.0mm
Bore 88.0mm
Fuel System Bosch Common Rail, 1600 bar
Cylinders 6
Valves per cylinder 4
Turbo Variable Twin Turbo
Fuel type Diesel
Power approx. 270HP
@ RPM 4000rpm
Torque 640Nm
@ RPM 2100rpm
Top speed approx 200km/h
Gear 5 speed sequential, 1 reverse gear (Sadev)
Clutch AP Racing Sinter metallic
Differentials X-trac
Chassis Heggemann, space-frame
Body Carbon-Kevlar, Faster
Subframe, front Heggemann
Subframe, rear Heggemann
Tyres BBS
Rims BF Goodrich
Spare Wheels 3 BBS / BF Goodrich
Brake System 6 Piston AP Racing
Suspension Independent suspension
Dampers Front and rear Reiger Racing dampers with reservoir 250 mm travel
Seats 2 (recaro), FIA norm
Roll Cage Heggemann, FIA norm
Tripmaster Easytrip, standard
Fire-Extinguishing System Lifeline, Norm 2001
Fuel Tank FT3 Safety tank, 390 liters ATL


To follow the BMW X-raid team in the Dakar 2009, click here.
To get information about the various drivers of the X3CC's, click on their name below:
Nasser Saleh Al Attiyah & Tina Thorner (#302)
Guerlain Chicherit & Matthieu Baumel (#306)
Orlando Terranova & Alain Guehennec (#315)
Leonid Novitskiy & Oleg Tyupenkin (#316)
Peter van Merksteijn & Eddy Chevaillier (#318)
Rene Kuipers & Filipe Palmeiro (#330)

BMW X-raid X5CC & BMW Trio
To follow the BMW X5CC's, click on the drivername below:
Ricardo Leal dos Santos & Pedro Pires de Lima (#347)
Javier Herrador & Victor Vico (#395)

And the BMW Trio (more information here):
Eric Bernard & Jean-Noël Cornuaille (#387)
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