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The BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia 2006 - History made tangible

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The BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia 2006
Tradition, Competence, Visions
Successes for eternity
The BMW 328
History made tangible
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BMW Group Mobile Tradition: History made tangible.
In the BMW Concept Coupé study Mille Miglia 2006, the heritage of a successful motor sports history is unified with the technical expertise of the present and the fascinating perspectives offered by the future. The unique specimen fabricated on the occasion of the Mille Miglia 2006 is a spectacular proof of how closely historic values, current competence and visionary power are related with each other in the BMW Group. Turning one’s mind back to the product and brand history is a permanent process. The values and principles that have distinguished the history of the BMW Group continue to provide important impulses for the company’s power of innovation even today. The corporate division BMW Group Mobile Tradition was especially created to ensure the best possible handling of the valuable heritage. All activities concerning the history of the BMW Group worldwide have been coordinated there since 1994. The mission of the Mobile Tradition is to keep the company history and its products alive, to groom them and to make them accessible to the public.

The BMW Group Mobile Tradition is considered the soul and memory of the company. That includes inactive brands along with the active ones and attention is not only turned to the BMW brand. The absorbed brands Dixi and Glas also find consideration. Along with MINI, the Riley and Triumph brands also take their places. On top of that, grooming the Rolls-Royce brand was added in 2003.


History made tangible: Historic collection and the BMW Museum.
The heart of Mobile Tradition is the historic collection. Its storehouse comprises over 400 automobiles and 170 motorcycles as well as a number of aircraft, motorcycle and automobile engines. Its exhibits provide a cross-section through the product history from the founding of the company in 1916 up to today. Over and above the static presentation, Mobile Tradition, fitting to its name, also ensures presence during domestic and international events like the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and the Mille Miglia. Vehicles from the historic collection are sent every year to hundreds of events – as rolling ambassadors of a fascinating history.

The gap between the past, present and future is impressively bridged, just as in the BMW Museum. The museum, located next to the corporate headquarter, is one of the best-visited facilities of its kind. The history of mobility is made tangible there not only using permanent pieces but also with alternating special exhibitions. After extensive renovation, reconstruction and expansion, the BMW Museum will be reopened in the summer of 2007.

The corporate memory: The historical archive.
The systematic and scientific preparation and organisation of documents is pursued in the BMW Group’s historic archives. Documents, leaflets, photographs, operating instructions, publications and trophies are kept available in this collection. For historians, journalists, authors and owners of historic automobiles, this is an inexhaustible source of knowledge not only about products from the BMW Group but also about the history of the company and the personalities who defined it. A IV system developed especially for the historic archive facilitates computerised access to the information sought.

Service for friends: Providing parts.
For owners of historic vehicles, the BMW Group Mobile Tradition is a dependable contact for maintenance, grooming and repair of their automotive treasures. Service and parts sales support oldtimer friends throughout the world in professionally maintaining their vehicles. Experienced experts provide individual advice to customers and dealers. A parts catalogue, also available electronically, eases selecting the required items. Thanks to highly developed logistics, fast provision of all products is ensured. The BMW Group Mobile Tradition also controls the remanufacture of parts that would otherwise no longer be available.


The fascination exuding from current and historic vehicles from the BMW Group is also reflected in the community spirit that brings fans together with the brand. Worldwide, more than 180 BMW clubs note over 250,000 members. The BMW club organisation is the largest in the world in the entire sector. Their members see themselves as ambassadors of the brand and preservers of the BMW tradition. BMW Group Mobile Tradition supports these clubs in preparing and disseminating information. They are provided with all the important facts and data through the Council of BMW Clubs and the international umbrella organisations. The BMW Clubs act as important partners for market information for providing parts for historic vehicles.

The BMW Group Mobile Tradition is also represented in the Internet. It imparts a glance into its multifarious activities at the address: The historic archive can be found in the worldwide network at the address:

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