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BMW officially announces new N54 Turbo Engine [Updated] - BMW Turbo history

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BMW officially announces new N54 Turbo Engine [Updated]
Turbo gap, Power and Efficiency
BMW Turbo history
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BMW – the first turbocharged world champion in the history of Formula 1.
Throughout 100 years of turbocharger history, BMW has set impor­tant milestones time and again: As early as in the late 1960s BMW became the first manufacturer to use turbocharged engines in touring car racing.
And in 1983 a BMW Brabham driven by Brazilian racing driver Nelson Piquet became the first turbocharged F1 to win the Formula 1 World Championship, BMW’s engine specialists succeed­ing even back then to extract far more than 1,000 horsepower from an engine displacing just 1.5 litres. Ultimately, however, it was precisely this almost unlimited option to boost engine output by means of tur­bo­charger technology which led to the decision in the highest realms of motorsport not to boost engine power any further.
In series production, on the other hand, all turbocharger concepts used so far have always had the unpleasant side-effect of increased fuel consumption – and indeed, this conflict of interests appeared insurmountable for a long time. Only the latest developments in engine technology have opened up the door to the new approach BMW is now following consistently, combining turbocharger tech­nology with high-precision fuel injection as the ideal concept for efficient dynamics in particularly fascinating style.
Now the new high-performance power unit marking the pinnacle of BMW’s straight-six engines impressively proves the fascinating po­tential of this concept and its most important components. With its superior responsiveness and equally outstanding pulling force, the new engine soon reaching the standard for series production opens up brand-new dimensions in driving dynamics.
Indeed, BMW’s engine development specialists even have further options and concepts in view for this engine and its technology: Over and above the drivetrain conceived and built for supreme dynamics, this technology provides the starting point for a lean-burn direct in­jection concept and thus serves to successfully optimise fuel con­sumption also in other performance classes. In this way BMW is once again proving its competence in engine construction, developing modern, up-to-date drive concepts and at the same time enhancing that sheer driving pleasure of BMW to an even higher standard.


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