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BMW to introduce the 335i and 335d

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Past the 330: the new 335i and 335d e90
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2006 will be an exciting year for the new BMW 3 series (e90), as the introduction for at least two new fast models is expected.
For the people that do not want to drive the fast and new upcoming M3 with it's V8, there is going to be a 335i, and for the diesel speedfreaks there is a 335d coming.
As the new V8 M3 is only going to be available in 2007, BMW is going to bring these two beasts on the market this year, also including versions with xDrive.


As for the future, also the 3er touring (e91), the 3er coupé (e92) and the 3er cabrio (e93) will be available in the 335i and 335d models.
Click here to read more about the e92 335i.

The 335i will be a pre-M3, for the people that cannot wait (or cannot afford) the V8 monster.
The 335i will be based on the 330i, it will be powered by the same 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine, but with a dual turbo, which will boost the power from 258HP to 330HP (only 13HP less then the e46 M3).
The turbos will be fitted so that one works at lower engine speeds to boost low-end torque, while the other picks up higher up the rev range.
Autocar speculates that it will be mated to a DSG-alike double-clutch gearbox, for seamless shifting.
The engine is currently being tested on their 5-series model with a modified bumper to allow better airflow for the intercooler. also says there might be a 135i coming, but those are only speculations.


For the diesel lovers BMW has something too, the 335d, featuring the same engine as the 535d.
This dual turbo 3.0 litre 6 cylinder diesel engine will power the 335d up to 272HP and it'll give it a torque of 560Nm!
The 535d runs up to 100km/h in 6.5 seconds, with the smaller weight of the 335d, it'll probably get there in about 6 seconds.
A Norwegian website has some spy-pictures, click here to view them.
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