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BMW Z4 Concept Car - High-Class Materials

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BMW Z4 Concept Car
Answer to a Growing Market Segment
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The Interior
High-Class Materials
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High-Class Materials based on Sporting Facts.
A further visual highlight within the BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Car is the aluminium pedals comprising black leather inserts as yet a further sign of artistic quality. This special burr leather is a particularly thick, robust and high-quality rendition of cowhide.

The floor is carpeted in a special functionally technical textile in a glossy matt look perfectly harmonising in its structure with the woven leather found elsewhere within the interior. Function elements made of burr leather are also integrated in this special textile – and since the strong, sturdy and highly resistant leather integrates the function required directly into the floor cover, there is no need for an additional protective mat on top.

Various combinations of high-quality materials are also to be found in the luggage compartment with the travel baggage directly integrated therein.

Aluminium as an Experience in both Looks and Touch.
Apart from leather, the interior is also characterised by polished and brushed aluminium. Offering a beautiful contrast of matt and glossy surfaces, aluminium has both a technical touch and acts as a kind of sculpture, clearly embodying the solidity of the entire car. Three-dimensional rings around the circular instruments, the spokes on the steering wheel, the door openers and compartment openers, the rotary knob for the air conditioning, the pedals and the loading sill leading into the luggage compartment are all milled out of one single block of aluminium. Then, giving utmost attention to detail, BMW’s designers have gone even further, making each and every element
an experience in looks and touch.


The three-dimensional rings around the circular instruments are just one example: High-gloss polished on the front surface, they are brushed around the outside. Visual and touch-related contrasts of warm and cold are also to be found in the door handles combining “cold” milled aluminium trim with a “warm” Nubuk leather body. The very sporting steering wheel with its cool aluminium spokes combined with the rim made of high-grip glossy leather, the aluminium pedals with burr leather inserts, as well as the
trim surfaces on the dashboard combining brushed aluminium with leather inserts again take up this theme consistently throughout the car.

The Cockpit –Tailored to the Driver.
Not only the harmony of interior materials and colours will make the sports car enthusiast wax lyrical. Rather, the Z4 Coupé makes a clear pledge to sporting driving dynamics also in its design and the ergonomic features inside the car: The entire area around the driver’s cockpit is tailored to the individual at the wheel, offering authentic values in every respect. Everything the driver and front passenger touch feels strong, genuine and unmistakable.

It is an old BMW tradition for our designers to consistently convert superior function into an authentic look. Ultimately, this enables the customer to experience the substance of the car with all of his – or her – senses, in the process establishing a powerful emotional relationship to the product.

A Coupé goes to Your Heart.

Every car a purchaser chooses is always a mixture of rational and emotional motives varying from one individual to another. A coupé, quite clearly, is more of an emotional product, the kind of car the customer chooses with his heart. But usually our common sense once again considers and analyses even this emotional feeling: Does this coupé really reflect my feeling of life, my personal style? Does it represent the values so important to me?
The more authentic a coupé appears to be when considered from this angle, the greater are its chances of being picked by the customer as an expression of his feeling in life.

The typical coupé driver knows that a coupé “only” covers a certain area of his life, a certain aspect of his mobility requirements. But precisely this area is particularly important to such a customer: This is where his dream car must offer everything he wishes to have without any compromises.

The customer is therefore willing to make a great commitment and show personal dedication in expressing and enjoying values such as freedom and independence. For it is precisely here that he lets so much energy come out. Energy which to many means driving in sporting style.


A Concept Car with Good Chances for the Market.
A Coupé like the BMW Concept Car presented at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show perfectly reflects all of these demands and expectations made by the discerning enthusiast. Tailored consistently to the sporting and ambitious driver, as well as to the spirit of active motoring, the Z4 Coupé gives the driver and passenger a direct feeling for the road and sheer driving pleasure of the highest calibre. At the same time highly developed drivetrain, suspension and safety technologies bear out the particular demands of the coupé customer also in technical terms. And as a sporting two-seater, the BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Car offers adequate space and all the comfort and convenience even the enthusiastic sports car driver does not wish to miss today.

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