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BMW Z4 Concept Car - The Interior

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BMW Z4 Concept Car
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The Interior
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Dynamism for Your Senses: the Interior.
Giving great attention to detail, BMW’s colour and trim designers have created a truly unique interior tailored to the BMW Z4 Coupé in every respect. The most modern materials in first-class quality are blended with one another exclusively for this Concept Car, again adding another touch of uniqueness. As a result, the sophisticated and stylish interior points far into the future of interior design with all its ongoing potentials.

Contrasts instead of compromises ensure ongoing dynamism and tension also inside the Z4 Coupé Concept Car: The choice and combination of materials and colours blend the technical and sporting exterior of the Z4 Coupé with soft and harmonious elements inside the car, thus creating an ambience of genuine peacefulness and tranquillity.


The matt and glossy finish form clear contrasts with one another in and through the many solid aluminium elements within the car, extending the high-tech character of the Z4 Coupé visibly into the interior. At the same time soft, top-quality leather in warm colours creates an atmosphere of cosiness inside this outstanding driving machine. Business-like high technology and the feeling of a warm cocoon – here this is not a contradiction in terms, but rather a world of harmony.

Interesting Interaction of Bright and Dark Surfaces.
Black and coloured surfaces delineate the various function areas from one another. Through contrasts and brightness within the interior, the driver and passenger experience a feeling of openness and size – a feeling of space further reinforced by the colour scheme on the instrument panel as well as the trim surfaces. In its dark finish, the sill line harmonises smoothly with the natural, light interior leather, giving the car’s occupants a superior feeling of safety in their world of sheer driving pleasure.

The Right Material for Emotions.
By tradition, aluminium and leather are strong symbols of value, elegance and sporting performance in the world of motoring. Hardly any other combination of materials is this authentic in conveying the character and spirit of a pure sports car – hardly any other combination can match the flair of cool, metallic aluminium and warm, natural leather creating so much sensuality in a Coupé exuding so much passion. How many new surprises and how much diversity leather still offers today as a perfect product of nature is clearly demonstrated by the choice of materials and colours for the interior of this BMW Concept Car.

Nubuk – that Fine and Velvety “Feeling-Great” Leather.
The roof lining is finished completely in light-brown Nubuk leather. Carefully polished on the surface, this cowhide with its unique grain pampers your eyes and your hands through its velvety surface structure giving particular emphasis to the warmth of the colour chosen for the car and offering a particularly soft feeling.

Glossy and Woven Leather reflecting Tradition and Modern Times.
High-quality, sophisticated glossy leather forms a beautiful contrast to the velvety Nubuk leather on the roof liner. Just how much attention to detail has gone into these materials, is borne out clearly by the decorative seams and the classic, timeless structure of woven leather, five-millimetre-wide strips of leather woven with one another in traditional canvas structure with supreme care and precision. Indeed, in creating and finishing the leather interior, BMW’s designers, through the beautiful seamwork and finish, once again confirm the high standard of art and enthusiasm they have given the BMW Z4 Coupé in every respect.

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