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New BMW models for the year 2006 - The latest innovations

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New BMW models for the year 2006
The BMW 130i
The 318i, 318d and 330d
5 Series: 530xd, 540i and 550!
650i Coupe and Convertible
New diesels: 730Ld and 745d
BMW X3 2.0i
The latest innovations
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Innovations, new equipment and the diesel particle filter.

BMW is offering two new optional driver assistance systems for optimised motoring at night: High-Beam Assist available in September on the 5, 6 and 7 Series incorporates a camera sensor integrated in the interior mirror support serving to monitor traffic conditions and automatically activating/deactivating the high-beam headlights. Whenever no other vehicles are on the road, the system automatically switches on the high beam if the road itself is not sufficiently illuminated.
BMW Night Vision planned to be available as of fourth quarter 2005 on the 7 Series incorporates a thermal image camera covering a distance of up to 300 metres or almost 1,000 feet in front of the car. The image thus provided on the central monitor presents objects with increasing brightness and clarity wherever the camera registers a higher temperature and, therefore, a higher level of heat. This makes human beings and animals the brightest spots in the picture.

DSC with additional functions coming as standard.
BMW’s DSC Dynamic Stability Control offers a whole range of safety and comfort functions such as Hill Start Assist, Brake Standby, Dry Braking, Fading Compensation, Soft-Stop, and Trailer Stability Management.
Starting in autumn 2006, these additional functions will likewise come as standard on the 5 and 6 Series, as well as the six-cylinder versions of the 1 and 3 Series.

Enhanced presentation by the professional navigation system.
Starting in September 2005, the 3 Series Coupé, 3 Series Convertible, 7 Series Saloon, the Z4, X3, and X5 equipped with the BMW Professional navigation system will feature improved graphics on the navigation map for even greater clarity and easier reading. The BMW 7 Series comes additionally with 3D presentation providing a bird’s view perspective.
All of these models as well as former 3 and 5 Series models built as of
September 2002 may be upgraded to this new standard by the BMW dealer within a few minutes simply by updating the car’s software to provide this enhanced presentation.

BMW diesel particle filter on all new and many pre-owned BMWs.
Starting in autumn 2005, not only the 5 Series and 7 Series models already available with the diesel particle filter, but also the new 3 Series Saloon and Touring, the X3 and the X5 will come as standard with this maintenance-free filter technology. And the diesel particle filter will also be available as an option on the 1 Series. This makes BMW one of the first manufacturers with filter systems available for its entire current model range.
Retrofit kits will furthermore be available as of autumn 2005 for numerous current and former model series delivered at the time without a filter, including most models in the former 3 Series.

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