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M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic - Sequential gearshift with paddles

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M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic
Always a step ahead
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M-specific Drivelogic
Sequential gearshift with paddles
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Sequential gearshift like in a racing car.
The seven-stage M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic is operated by an M-specific sports gearshift lever transmitting the driver’s shift commands electronically to the transmission management. This serves to facilitate the gearshift process, reducing control forces in accordance with the dynamic character of the gearbox and the car itself. The shift commands determined by the driver through manual control are generated in a sequential process, that is on one single level.
To shift up to the next gear, all the driver has to do is briefly tip the gearshift lever backwards, to shift down all he does is briefly tip the lever forwards.
In both cases the lever automatically moves back to its starting point after operation.
This configuration is the same as on the sequential gearboxes used in motor-sport and is the logical control mode for the sports-minded driver. At the same time this highlights the close connection between the M double-clutch transmission and motorsport technology.

Gearshift paddles on the steering wheel to shift gears quickly and smoothly.
In addition to the newly developed gearshift lever, the BMW M3 equipped with an M double-clutch transmission also comes with gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. Made of solid aluminium, these paddles enable the driver to shift gears manually ultra-fast and with maximum safety. In particular, this is because he does not have to take his hands off the steering wheel when shifting gears, which means extra safety in controlling the car.
Fitted firmly to the steering wheel, the gearshift paddles are always in a convenient position for shifting gears virtually level with the driver’s hands. They therefore enhance not only the driving experience, but also the high standard of safety the driver enjoys at the wheel.
Like the sports gearshift lever, the gearshift paddles operate according to the usual pattern in motorsport: The paddle on the right is for shifting up, the paddle on the left for shifting down. And at the same time the high-quality finish of the aluminium paddles also establishes a direct link to motorsport with the flair of a genuine racing car.
The kick-down function is a special feature in controlling the car, operated either by the gearshift paddles or by the gearshift lever in the S-mode.
As soon as the driver presses the gas pedal right down to the floor (kick-down) and then pulls the left-hand paddle once or tips the gearshift lever forward, the transmission shifts back for optimum torque and pulling force.
Pulling the paddle or tipping the gearshift lever only once therefore makes the transmission shift down either one or several gears, whatever is appropriate. The electronic control unit in command of the M double-clutch transmission automatically changes the gear currently in mesh to give the car optimum acceleration under its current driving conditions and at the speed at which it is travelling.

Comfort and safety functions rounding off the sporting character of the car.
The M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic supports the driver of the BMW M3 not only when he prefers a particularly sporting mode, but also through a wide range of safety functions. In critical driving situations, for example, the M double-clutch transmission instantaneously opens the clutch currently active to prevent the rear end of the car from swerving round due to engine drag forces suddenly acting on the drive wheels.
For optimum conditions when driving at particularly low speeds – for example when manoeuvring below 5 km/h – the M double-clutch transmission featuresa Low Speed Assistant. This function already well known from the automatic transmission serves to significantly increase driving and control comfort, for example when parking, and is activated by briefly tipping the gas pedal. After the engine has been switched off, the electronic control unit also automatically activates a parking lock acting through the transmission.

Assistance when setting off on an uphill gradient.
Gradient detection by the M double-clutch transmission varies the gearshift points as a function of the route the driver is taking and its specific profile.
This means that the gears shift differently on uphill and downhill gradients than when driving on a flat, level surface. Driving uphill, for example, this function avoids the constant change of gears so typical of a conventional automatic transmission, the so-called pendulum gearshift with the gears constantly shifting up and down. When driving downhill, on the other hand, the M double-clutch transmission keeps the lower gears in mesh longer than would otherwise be the case in order to capitalise on the brake power of the engine. And last but not least, the choice of gears is automatically adjusted to an uphill gradient in the automated mode.

Motorsport character for everyday traffic: the BMW M3 with M Double Clutch Gearbox.
Introducing the new M Double Clutch Gearbox, BMW M GmbH is presenting a power transmission which offers the latest state of the art in this technology. The M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic excellently enhances the particularly dynamic character of this high-performance sports car bearing the M logo. In its M-specific configuration, the new transmission harmonises perfectly with the engine and suspension technology of the BMW M3 based from the start on the particular features and requirements of motorsport.
And at the same time the M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic makes a helpful contribution to driving comfort and supports the driver in ensuring maximum efficiency at the wheel.
The M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic offers all the features required to enjoy extra driving dynamics and motoring comfort as well as a new standard of all-round economy in a car of this calibre. Compared with a conventional automatic transmission, for example, there is no loss of energy otherwise caused by the torque converter.
A further advantage of this high-performance transmission management is that it is able to provide the ideal transmission ratio at all times for maximum efficiency, taking the particular style of motoring preferred by the driver into account. In this way the M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic also helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
Proudly presenting the new technology, BMW M GmbH is once again highlighting the Company’s competence in modern technology and its leading role in the development of high-performance cars able to provide their racing qualities also in everyday motoring and offer up-to-date comfort and efficiency at the same time.

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