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M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic - Perfect combination

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M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic
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Perfect combination
M-specific Drivelogic
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Perfect combination: eight cylinders and 8,400 rpm, two clutches and seven gears.
Both in its basic configuration and in the specific application on the BMW M3, BMW’s new M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic is the ideal partner for the – likewise brand-new – eight-cylinder power unit of the new BMW M3. Quite simply, this is because the particular power and performance characteristics of BMW’s M Cars were taken into account from the start by the engineers in developing the new transmission.
In this process the engineers at BMW M GmbH were able – over and above their detailed knowledge of BMW M engines and their particular features – to contribute many years of experience in the development and set-up of the Sequential M Gearbox in the process of developing the new transmission.
This skill therefore went directly into the design and construction of the M double-clutch transmission and was compared right from the start with the knowledge gained in developing the new V8 high-speed engine for the BMW M3. As a result, the M double-clutch transmission is the first trans-mission of its kind able to handle engine speeds of up to 9,000rpm. And at the same time it is perfectly prepared for high engine torque and extra power.
Given this qualities, the M double-clutch transmission is particularly suitable for the BMW M3, where the unique muscle of the 309kW/420hp V8 power unit is based on the high engine speed concept so typical of BMW M: The eight-cylinder reaches its maximum output at 8,300rpm and revs all the way to 8,400rpm. Maximum torque, in turn, is 400 Newton-metres or 295 lb-ft.
So precisely this kind of power and muscle was taken into account from the start in developing the M Double Clutch Gearbox.
Like the Sequential MGearbox already featured today, the new M double-clutch transmission comes with seven gears allowing perfect adjustment of the transmission ratios to the engine’s power and performance. As a result, the new gearbox shifts gears when accelerating with only a minimum gap or increment between the gears involved, ensuring an optimum flow of engine power and speed in every gearshift and allowing the driver to really enjoy the enormous power reserves of the engine.
This serves to capitalise on the engine’s torque and the traction and muscle offered by the high-speed concept throughout the entire speed range.
After every gearshift, therefore, the speed of the car on the road continues to increase unabated with ongoing power and muscle.

Shifting gears without interruption of power: dynamic and comfortable.
When it comes to driving dynamics, the seven-speed double-clutch transmission offers an advantage over seven-speed SMG already boasting an extremely fast gearshift by way of the change in gears now taking place without the slightest interruption of power and torque. In practice, this means even faster and more dynamic acceleration clearly measurable in seconds and metres.
The M double-clutch transmission is the only system of its kind able to offer the advantages of shifting gears without any interruption of power in combination with seven gears in a truly outstanding, high-performance car. The progress provided by this configuration comes to bear not only in the car’s driving dynamics, but also in its driving comfort and efficiency. The fast and smooth shift of gears, for example, ensures an unusually harmonious process of acceleration.
Precisely this is why the indicator needle in the rev counter is virtually the only sign of a change in gears when shifting in the automated mode. The load change reactions so typical of a conventional gearbox are avoided completely, ensuring a standard of driving comfort even under dynamic conditions never experienced before.

More gears, greater efficiency.
Compared with a conventional automatic transmission, the M double-clutch transmission allows greater fuel economy and cleaner emissions on exactly the same engine with the same power. This is primarily attributable to the even more direct connection between the engine and the M double-clutch trans-mission as well as the general layout with seven gears. Quite simply, the advantage is that the larger number of gears allows even finer increments between the individual gear ratios.
With its overall gear spread of 4.8, the M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic offers the appropriate transmission ratio in virtually every situation in everyday traffic. This again enables the driver to save fuel through an appropriate style of motoring, without making any concessions in terms of driving dynamics. For the M double-clutch transmission is able to provide the appropriate gear for fast and powerful acceleration at any time and with incredibly fast operation, even in response to sudden command.

Automatic or sequential – it’s the driver’s choice.
The M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic allows both automated and manual selection of gears. In both cases gears are shifted at a rate and with a level of precision never seen before on a conventional manual gearbox or automatic transmission. At the same time the driver is able to enjoy the optimised gearshift comfort of the M double-clutch transmission while switching over whenever he wishes to a more active and dynamic style of motoring.
To change from the automated to the manual gearshift mode, the driver is not even required to move the gearshift lever in the appropriate direction.
Rather, all he has to do while driving is to operate one of the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel to shift gears immediately and change over to the S-mode. Then, via the appropriate paddle or with the help of the gearshift lever, the driver subsequently selects the gear of his choice.
The electronic control unit relieves the driver of the usual chore of shifting down in a predetermined process independently of the gearshift mode selected – for example when rolling towards traffic lights switching to red.
And in all operating modes and driving programs, a gear indicator in the instrument panel informs the driver of the gear currently selected by the automatic mode or by the driver himself.

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