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BMW 118d: World Green Car of the Year

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BMW 118d: World Green Car of the Year
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BMW 118d: World Green Car of the Year
Source: BMW Group

On the eve of the New York International Auto Show 2008 the BMW 118d has been voted “World Green Car of the Year”. Presenting this outstanding award, the jury has convincingly acknowledged the significant impact and effect of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy giving the BMW 118d its outstandingly low consumption and emission ratings.


Securing this victory, BMW has continued the series of international awards for its ongoing strategy of enhanced efficiency throughout the current range of BMW Group models. BMW EfficientDynamics has already received a great number of awards in Europe, and this year BMW appeared in the list of winners for the World Car of the Year award not for the first time, with the current BMW 3 Series already winning the overall category in the most significant global automobile award in 2006.
The jury made up this year of 47 motor journalists from 24 countries awards the title “World Green Car of the Year” to vehicles and technologies able to make a particular contribution to the reduction of emissions and thus symbolising the outstanding environmental awareness of the winning car maker. The BMW 118d convinced the experts above all through its unparalleled balance of driving pleasure, on the one hand, and economy, on the other. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine develops 105 kW/143 hp and accelerates the BMW 118d to 100 km/h in a mere 9.0 seconds. By contrast, average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is just 4.5 litres/100 kilometres equal to 52.1 mpg US) and the CO2 rating is a mere 119 grams per kilometre.
The BMW 118d owes its exemplary consumption and emission standards to the latest achievements of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy. This strategy combines the most advanced engine technology with the most sophisticated efficiency-promoting technologies such as Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start Stop Function, a gearshift point indicator, on-demand management of ancillary units, tyres with reduced roll resistance, and optimised aerodynamics.
All BMW EfficientDynamics features available for the BMW 118d come as standard on this exemplary model, reflecting a principle which applies not just to the “World Green Car of the Year”, but rather to almost all new BMW models, thus contributing to the particularly broad impact of BMW EfficientDynamics in reducing emissions.


Recognised and acknowledged internationally: BMW EfficientDynamics.
BMW has been honoured on several occasions by non-partisan experts in recent times for the consistent implementation of this cutting-edge strategy. In Germany BMW EfficientDynamics has received the “Green Steering Wheel” from a leading Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the “Paul Pietsch Award” from auto, motor und sport, one of Europe’s leading motor magazines, and the “Innovation Prize” in the Auto 1 of Europe Contest organised by the magazine Auto Bild.
In Austria the “Innovation Prize” proclaimed by Autorevue Award and the “Environmental Award” of the Austrian Federation of Car Drivers, Motorcycle and Bicycle Riders (ARBÖ) has gone to BMW. In Great Britain the British automobile magazine CAR has presented a “Green Award” to BMW EfficientDynamics, and the experts of the British magazine What Car?, in their search for “Green Heroes” in the automobile market, have declared no less than six BMW Group models the “Best Choice” in their respective segments of modern technologies reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.
Receiving the “World Green Car of the Year” Award, the BMW 118d is continuing a long story of success. This specific model already received the “2008 ECO TREND Automobile Environmental Certificate“ and ranks right at the top also in other current lists of the cleanest and most fuel-efficient cars. Coming right at the top of the “Automobil ForecastIndex” established by the market experts of Eurotax Schwacke, the BMW 118d likewise proves that it is first choice also in terms of cost aspects, and not “just” on account of its low fuel consumption: According to the latest analysis by Eurotax Schwacke, the BMW 118d is the best car in the German automobile market in retaining its value. And together with all further models in the BMW 1 Series, it is also among the most reliable cars, as is clearly borne out by the latest breakdown statistics compiled by ADAC, the leading German motoring club: In this list of cars hardly ever suffering a technical breakdown, the BMW 1 Series is No 3, within close sight of the overall winner in this year’s reliability ranking, the BMW X3.Achieving such unique results in the “World Car of the Year” Award 2008, BMW once again proves the unique skill and competence of the company in developing cars absolutely appropriate for our day and age but nevertheless still fascinating in every respect. This is the result of a development strategy pursuing both sheer driving pleasure and consistently growing efficiency as equally important targets in today’s world. Operating on this foundation, BMW creates cars which are achieving growing success in the international car markets by offering a thrilling experience on the road and, at the same time, truly outstanding fuel economy and emission management.


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