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The BMW Welt - World-Class Catering

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7. World-Class Catering.

In the BMW Welt.

Experiencing the BMW Welt – the World of BMW – with all your senses is of course particularly important when it comes to wining and dining. Precisely this is why no less than three restaurants and a coffee bar offer culinary en­joyment and entertainment of the highest standard. Whether for customers picking up their car, visitors, neighbours, participants in an event or quite simply for the discerning gourmet, the range of culinary delights offered by the BMW Welt is versatile and, indeed, quite unique.
The exclusive partner of the BMW Welt in this area is the renowned catering specialist DO & CO from Vienna. Ensuring the highest level of quality in food, drinks and service, DO & CO has been cooperating successfully with BMW at international events since 1999. And now, offering a great choice of culinary delights in the BMW Welt, DO& CO and BMW are joining forces to establish yet another highlight for the gourmet in Munich, not only through their highly personalised and international cuisine, but also with all kinds of specialities for every taste.

The Club Restaurant: dining on the highest level.

“Distinguished and hovering in space”, enjoying a wonderful view of the buil­ding’s architecture and the Double Cone, the Club Restaurant on the third floor is a truly unique experience. A lift takes guests straight up to the Res­taurant, where they are welcomed in the entrance area at an inviting bar and lounge. From there they will be ushered by the service staff to one of the 50 seats spread out generously throughout the entire Restaurant.
The heart of the Club Restaurant is the Cooking Stage positioned right in the middle, where the kitchen quite literally becomes a genuine stage with the chef offering a direct insight into his art of cooking and the preparation of the most wonderful culinary delights.
The Club Restaurant offers the appropriate setting for the most exceptional events and meets the greatest demands. In an ultra-pleasant and exclusive ambience, the guest will enjoy a creative, experimental and demanding cuisine further enhanced by a generous choice of the best wines.


The International Restaurant: perfect for every taste.

“Best tastes of the world” – this is the unique offer made by the International Restaurant on the second floor of the BMW Welt. Ranging from interna-tional dishes all the way to regional specialities, the largest restaurant in the BMW Welt leaves nothing to be desired. The generously arranged terrace offering an exhilarating view of the Munich Olympic Park accommodates up to 150 guests, the interior area boasts 170 seats.
The highlight of the restaurant is the Show Kitchen where the guests’ meals are again prepared in full vision for a tempting experience even before they are served.
The International Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am until midnight.

The Coffee Bar: coffee house culture modern-style.
Enjoying sweet specialities with a cup of coffee: welcome to the Coffee Bar in the BMW Welt, where a wide range of select coffee beans, plus cakes and biscuits prepared freshly every day, offers the guest every reason to linger.
Apart from its broad choice of coffee and tea, the Coffee Bar offers soft drinks, cakes and biscuits of the highest quality, such as the famous Viennese Sacher cake or petit fours.
These tempting delights are supplemented by the BMW Welt Shop just around the corner, offering a wide range of reading material.
With 25 seats inside, plus the option to enjoy a cup of coffee on the outdoor terrace, the Coffee Bar is bound to become a popular meeting place very soon.

The Bistro: fresh snacks and special types of bread every day.

As soon as the alluring smell of freshly baked bread wanders from the Northern Entrance through the BMW Welt, guests will realise that the baking oven in the Bistro is working at full swing. This in-house baking parlour bakes all types of bread, rolls and other bakery products offered in the BMW Welt, and again allows a tantalising view from outside through the glass window.
Fast service, quality and fresh products are just as significant in the Bistro as sandwiches, müsli, fresh juice, salads, genuine Munich weisswurst or pretzels. Depending on the time of day, guests will find exactly the meal they are looking for here, either enjoying their meals in the Bistro or taking along whatever they choose.
The Bistro is open daily from 7:30–19:00 and accommodates approximately 80 guests at bistro tables or on chairs.

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