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The BMW Welt - Junior Campus

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5. Discovery Tour in the BMW Welt Junior Campus.

Fantasy and curiosity set the foundation for discovering the world and under­standing technology. The BMW Welt opening on 20 October 2007 offers the Junior Campus as a particularly important feature, a new form of extra-mural learning and encounters for 7- to 13-year olds as well as school grades 2–7.
In this unique encounter area, young visitors are able to discover the world of mobility with all their senses, children and youths learning through experience and active participation with lots of pleasure and fun in the Junior Campus, while their parents enjoy an equally entertaining experience of the world of BMW: at the BMW Welt itself, in the BMW Museum, and in the BMW Plant.
The Junior Campus is made up of three encounter areas based on one another: the Campus Portal is accessible to visitors of all age groups free of charge, enabling children and young people to discover themselves what the term “Mobility” means in our world. The Campus Laboratory and Campus Workshop, in turn, offer in-depth workshops for children and youths, enabling “young engineers” to conduct studies, tests and experiments with the help of numerous exhibits. In particular, the Campus Workshop promotes social competence and a genuine team spirit in the process of creating a new vehicle.
Both the contents of the various Junior Campus activities and the processes themselves are adapted to the age-related development of 7 to 9 and 10 to 13-year-olds, various focus topics such as “Driving Power and Safety” or “Future and Innovation” making the Junior Campus a genuine experience time and again.
Special staff trained in educational science accompany young visitors to the Junior Campus on their journey through the world of mobility. “The Junior Campus approaches children and young people on an equal, face-to-face level, motivating them directly and in a most straightforward style for active participation. Acquisition of knowledge in such an independent, personal manner serves to convey scientifically based learning content more easily and with a lasting effect”, states Fritz Böhle, Professor of Sociology at Augsburg University. Apart from an unforgettable overall experience, children enjoying the Junior Campus are able to acquire knowledge all about the issue of mobility by con­ducting appropriate experiments in a highly interesting process of trial and error. So through the Junior Campus, the BMW Group is continuing its many years of involvement in educational matters.
Eight-year old Anton, given the opportunity in advance to try out the concept of the Junior Campus with his class from school, was thrilled from the start: “I built a car for the first time in my life – and it was great! At last I know how a car works. And what I liked most was that my friends and I were able to decide what the car should look like.”

Campus Portal.

In the first area, the Campus Portal, children and young people are guided towards the subject of “mobility” through walls running in a “ball railway”. This configuration enables the young visitors to carry out races by guiding a ball with lots of skills along hidden paths, through bends, loopings and straight sections to the finish line, sometimes proceeding fast at a dynamic pace, sometimes moving more slowly.
This section also offers the first answers to questions as to, say, what a sandy beach has to do with the windscreen of a car and whether there is a connec­tion between the jungle and a car tyre? The entire area is characterised in visual terms by a horizon strip running round the sides, featuring numerous small exhibits and detailed illustrations to reflect the world of mobility and inviting young visitors to join in.

Campus Laboratory.

Campus Laboratory is an experimental area for the dedicated researcher. Children and young people registering for a workshop in the Campus Laboratory first receive an “Engineers’ Certificate”, giving them the opportunity to try out various wheel suspension concepts and check the differences. They find out how to handle the forces involved, how to control and harness the power of the engine, and how to convert this power into motion.
The young visitors also learn what kinds of energy drive the car today and tomorrow, conducting various experiments to see for themselves how much energy lurks within the various materials and how that energy can be put to practical use. Short film sequences subsequently round off the knowledge acquired by young visitors on the subject of mobility, and finally they are able to prove how much they have learnt on subjects such as energy, the environment, drive power and safety as well as transport in an exciting team quiz.
Finally, all participants who have successfully completed the workshop receive a diploma confirming the result of their work.

Campus Workshop.

In the Campus Workshop young visitors go even further, literally ’building” their own cars: Each team receives a brief with an exact description of the vehicle to be built. The young “engineers” then choose an engine, determine the design of the car, develop the suspension and then, together with their team, build the car on the production line. In the process all participants join in the actual production job, contributing their personal creativity.
Once, at the end of the exercise, all demands and requirements have been fulfilled and the car has passed the final examination in the Test Centre, each young “engineer” receives a diploma. Selected cars are even displayed on the transport line running through the Junior Campus. 

For reservations and registrations for Campus Laboratory Workshops and for the Campus Workshop as such, as well as further information on the Junior Campus, just contact the Call Centre daily between 8:00 and 22:00 CET on 0180 2 11 88 22 (6 Eurocents/call from a land line of Deutsche Telekom). The BMW Welt Junior Campus is to be found in the internet on the BMW Welt homepage at

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