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BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo - Interior Design

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BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo
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Optimum visibility and comfortable access thanks to the elevated seating position.
On the front seats both the driver and front passenger benefit from a slightly elevated seating position. This semi-commanding seating position, as it is called, offers an optimum overview all around the car, like in the BMW X models. And the particular configuration developed for the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo serves furthermore to provide very convenient and ergonomic access to the car.
In the design of the cockpit, the structure of horizontally arranged, cascadelike surfaces finished in different materials and colours strongly accentuates the width of BMW’s new concept car. The displays and controls are clearly separated from one another, grouped together according to their functions.
Through its design, the instrument panel enhances the very good visibility already provided by the elevated seating position, giving the driver a clear view from above of the control elements for the lights and the start/stop button on the middle level strongly inclined to the front. As the final important feature in this context, the horizontal orientation of the entire cockpit additionally accentuates the generous character of the interior


Elegant interior design accentuating the unique feeling of space.
The trim bar stretching out as an exciting arch throughout the entire width of the instrument panel continues into the door linings, the impression of a fully enclosed space around the occupants created in this way being further enhanced by the harmonious design and finish of the trim surfaces on the front and rear doors with their perfect blend of shapes and colours.
The interaction of ascending and descending lines and contours throughout the entire length of the interior creates a homogeneous impression optically connecting the front and rear seats. All lines and the surfaces finished with the most sophisticated materials taper out to the rear behind the rear seats, giving the interior its particularly comfortable and spacious character.
The dynamic fl ow of lines not even interrupted by the B-pillar additionally emphasises the length of the interior crucial to the feeling of space and generosity. And last but not least, this feeling of length is supported by the centre console in the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo extending all the way to the rear.
The elaborate design of individual elements on the door panels adds further exciting effects, from the very beginning bringing out the overall design context without any interruption between the front and rear areas.
A more precise look reveals the subtle play of surfaces in the door linings, with individual elements changing not only in shape, but also in their function.
The middle section on the door lining around the front seats, for example, is strongly contoured and also forms a kind of legrest. Then, moving back to the rear, these contour lines become even stronger, the surface turning to the inside within itself. Finally, this surface now concave in shape leads on to the armrests on the rear seats.

Special concept of materials and colours within the interior.
The colour and materials concept for the interior further enhances the impression of personal luxury and the interplay of surfaces and lines. All surfaces within the interior are finished in high-quality natural leather, the surfaces on the seats and the door armrests forming the comfort zone in Glacier White leather. This creates the impression of a bright brand extending round the lower section of the instrument panel, the cool and elegant colour giving particular emphasis to the generous und luxurious feeling of space.
The bright surfaces in the comfort zone are surrounded by a dark, warm reddish brown, this special colour referred to as Copper Brown providing a smooth link to the exterior paintwork.
The superior impression of modern luxury is further enhanced through the use of authentic materials such as polished metal elements milled out of one piece and ceramic units.
The superior quality of the interior finish is borne out particularly by the solid wooden trim with metal inlays extending generously across the instrument panel.


Instrument cluster with colour display in black panel technology.
The instrument cluster of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is made up of a high-resolution colour display in black panel technology presenting the four round instruments in traditional sports car style as well as status and function displays, navigation data, information from the Check/Control, feedback from various control units and service interval information in the traditional style of a sports car.
Introduced for the first time in the new BMW 7 Series, black panel technology ensures particularly precise and, at the same time, sophisticated presentation of the instruments and displays. In its rest mode the entire panel forms a homogeneous black surface, the numbers on the circular instruments then being generated electronically when activated, together with all the symbols on the Display.
The iDrive Control Display arranged in typical BMW style on the same level as the instrument cluster is integrated in the dashboard in a central position as a free-standing element. The Control Display forms one common design unit with the black panel in the central section of the dashboard housing the controls for the audio system and air conditioning. For optical purposes this unit is separated by the horizontal trim bar with its central ventilation grid and a storage box. A further point is that in the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo the special look of black panel technology continues into a homogeneous surface in the centre console.

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