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BMW X5 Hybrid: Vision EfficientDynamics - Battery with high storage capacity

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BMW X5 Hybrid: Vision EfficientDynamics
Unique low fuel consumption
Battery with high storage capacity
Power basis: BMW diesel engines
Solar roof and Aero-rims
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High storage capacity increases efficiency and comfort.
The lithium-ion battery used in the concept study BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is able to supply a particularly large number of electrical consumers with power via the 120 volt electrical system. This high-voltage network is also the requirement for the connection of especially high-power electrical power systems. In contrast to a conventional vehicle power system, for example, this includes the possibility of directly powering air conditioning compressors. In existing BMW serial production models, the functions which can be electrically powered already range from ventilation and air conditioning to lighting, entertainment, navigation and communication systems, servomotors for steering, the coolant pump and the driving dynamics system such as Electronic Damper Control, optionally available as part of the optional Adaptive Drive system in the BMW X5. The stable and reliable supply of energy to all the electrically powered vehicle functions in the concept vehicle BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is guaranteed regardless of the driving situation.
This also means that the Auto/Start Stop Function in conjunction with ActiveHybrid Technology can be used more frequently than in current serial production vehicles and without any loss of comfort. When stopping at a junction, at a set of traffic lights or in a tailback, the combustion engine is automatically switched off so as to avoid inefficient idling phases. As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal and activates the accelerator pedal to set off again, the engine is automatically restarted. The functions which are no longer linked to the generator in the concept study BMW Vision EfficientDynamics can continue to be operated during the interim stop phases. The energy required for this is permanently supplied by the high-capacity lithium-ion battery. In particular, the continued operation of the ventilation and air conditioning systems contributes to the optimisation of comfort as the desired interior temperature can be maintained at a constant level. All other comfort functions can also be used permanently while the engine is switched off.

Innovative 8-speed automatic transmission: higher shift dynamics, greater efficiency.
The hybrid components, the generator and – for the first time – the high-power electronic system, are integrated in and mounted directly on the transmission casing which is extended in length by around 4 centimetres for this reason.
The transmission itself has also been completely newly developed. The new 8-speed automatic transmission, developed jointly by BMW and ZF Getriebe GmbH and presented in the concept car BMW Vision EfficientDynamics for the first time, is soon to be used in serial production for conventional BMW vehicles. It is characterised by outstanding shift dynamics and a level of efficiency which remains unsurpassed for automatic transmission systems.
In the concept car BMW Vision EfficientDynamics the new, extremely fast and efficient 8-speed automatic transmission also ensures that there is a further increase in driving dynamics and economy in the transmission of propulsion power. The conception which provides for eight drive positions allows a broad spread of gears so as to enhance efficiency. It means that the optimum drive position can be selected even more precisely for each situation than with the familiar 6-speed automatic transmission systems – from the point of view of dynamic performance or efficiency. Gear shifting is even faster and more precise. The new transmission is fitted with a sophisticated electronic control system and its unsurpassed response and shift speed is highly impressive, setting sporty standards. An electronic gear finding system allows one or more drive positions to be skipped so as to select the ideal drive position directly. With gently flowing shift transitions and only slight engine speed jumps, the new 8-speed automatic transmission system also offers maximum ride comfort as well as increasing dynamic performance.
The new 8-speed automatic transmission also makes an additional contribution to the efficiency of the concept car. A clear and practically measurable fuel consumption reduction is achieved not only by the broad spread of gears and reduced inner loses but also the direct connection of the transmission to the engine. Its converter clutch is closed immediately after the vehicle sets off. This means that torque-converter slip – which impairs power output – is reduced to a minimum. What is more, the direct engine connection supports the vehicle’s capacity for dynamic acceleration.



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