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6 Series Cabrio - E64 (2004 - 2007)

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6 Series Cabrio - E64 (2004 - 2007)
Lightweight and Drivetrain
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The new BMW 6 Series Convertible

The latest chapter in BMW's exciting new car launch programme opens in the UK in March 2004.
The arrival of the brand new 6 Series range sees BMW's first 6 Series Convertible team up with its 645Ci Coupé cousin.

BMW's distinguished reputation for producing dynamic and engaging cars remains a fundamental consideration in the launch of any new model.
This philosophy has, over the decades, produced some outstanding performance models: the 328 from the 'thirties, the 507 roadster of the 'fifties, the 3.0CSL in the 'seventies, the original 6 Series and M3 in the 'eighties, the 1998 M Coupé, and the M3 CSL and Z4 in 2003.
The BMW 645Ci Convertible joins that pulse-quickening line-up as BMW's first large luxury performance cabriolet in half a century.

The 6 Series Convertible provides a tempting blend of performance, practicality, style and modern technologies at a price that appears to hail from a past decade.
If ever a £55,355 outlay could be called a bargain then the price tag hits the mark.
An award-winning V8 engine, lightweight materials, class-leading driving dynamics, seamless six-speed transmission and a truly innovative roof concept complement head-turning looks and four seat accommodation.
The new 6 Series Convertible ticks all the boxes and sets a new standard in the convertible market.

Key highlights
Casablanca or Cadwell Park? Grand touring or sports car? You decide, but around 800 owners in the UK per year will experience a brand new 645Ci Convertible and its unique fusion of dynamic abilities, style and practicality.

New market segment
The 645Ci Convertible heralds BMW's long-awaited return into the premium open 2+2 arena, at a time when world demand for luxury performance cars is on a high and the UK market for specialist sports cars has increased threefold over the past decade.

Chassis integrity
Developed as a unique project alongside the 6 Series Coupé, the 645Ci Convertible is light, safe and torsionally rigid.
From an occupant's perspective it is effectively indistinguishable in these respects from the Coupé.

Innovative design
The stylish new fin structure convertible roof is unique in forming a genuinely coupé-like rear silhouette whilst achieving maximum practicality and visibility.

Intelligent lightweight design
The 6 Series Convertible is the first car in volume production that features four different bodywork materials in its drive to reduce weight; steel, aluminium, and two high quality plastics - SMC (sheet moulding compound) and Thermoplastic.
Aluminium also features heavily throughout the chassis along with SMC and 'Superlite'.

Benefiting from truly original design and innovative packaging, the 645Ci Convertible offers capacious 2+2 passenger accommodation for four adults as well as class-leading luggage capacity.

Supreme safety
Roll-over protection, Run-flat tyre technology, a tyre pressure monitoring system and fully integrated active and passive safety systems ensure that there is no safer convertible on the market.

Useful technology
Few cars on sale today can offer a more comprehensive panoply of useable, convenient and highly desirable technologies.
And that's without turning to the 645Ci Convertible's extensive options list.

BMW's award-winning, ultra-refined 4.4-litre V8, with VALVETRONIC and bi- VANOS technology dispenses effortless performance for any and every driving style.
333bhp is transmitted via a choice of three six-speed transmissions.

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