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5 Series Touring - F11 (2010 - ...) - Equipment: Intuitive Operation, Innovative Comfort Features.

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5 Series Touring - F11 (2010 - ...)
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Equipment: Intuitive Operation, Innovative Comfort Features.

  • iDrive control system with direct selection and preference buttons as standard.
  • 2-zone automatic climate control as standard, 4-zone automatic climate control as an option.
  • Maximum travel comfort thanks to hard disk navigation and passenger compartment entertainment system.

A high-class and modern cockpit design, ergonomically optimised controls and innovative comfort features enhance the experience of driving the new BMW 5 Series Touring. The extensive range of standard equipment, which not only includes the latest generation of the BMW iDrive control system but also automatic climate control with separate temperature adjustment for both the driver’s and front seat passenger’s side, underscore the vehicle’s premium character. For additional individualisation and a further increase in travel comfort there are a number of variegated and innovative equipment options available.

Greater supremacy thanks to clear arrangement of control functions.
The cockpit design reflects typical BMW driver orientation in perfection owing to a resolutely implemented spatial subdivision of the driver-relevant and comfort-oriented functions required for superior motoring. Displays and controls for driving functions are located on the driver’s side whilst the comfort-related elements are located more to the middle of the instrument panel. This arrangement was also implemented on the multifunction steering wheel, which has been redesigned for the BMW 5 Series. On this steering wheel, the function buttons for cruise control and the control elements for the audio system and telephone are – as in the cockpit arrangement – also positioned separately from each other.
Besides this horizontal arrangement, the vertical structure of the driver workplace also ensures fast and intuitive orientation in the new BMW 5 Series Touring. All primary display functions are to be found in the upper area of the cockpit – and, therefore, at eye level. The control elements are located in the lower area – ergonomically and optimally accessible – and can, thanks to varying haptic coding by size, shape and surface texture, also be operated without the driver having to take his eye off the road.
Located on a keypad in the immediate vicinity of the light switch panel are the switches for activating various driver assistance systems, which help the driver perceive his or her surrounding environment.
As a standard feature, the engine in the new BMW 5 Series Touring can be started by pressing the Start/Stop button as soon as the remote control key is inside the vehicle. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to insert the key, as was previously the case.  Direction indicators and windscreen wipers are operated using conventional control levers located on both sides of the steering column. The buttons for seat adjustment are ergonomically and optimally arranged on the outer side of the seat. Controls for the seat memory function are located in the interior door lining and can be activated prior to entering the car.
On the centre console beneath the audio system, the new BMW 5 Series Touring features a separate control panel for operating the automatic climate control, heating and air ventilation. The automatic climate control function fitted as standard comprises separate temperature settings for both the driver’s side and the front seat passenger’s side, auxiliary ventilation, anti-mist sensor and residual heat utilisation. Automatic climate control with additional functions, which also include automatic air recirculation, solar compensation and separately adjustable air distribution for the driver’s and front seat passenger’s side, is available as an option. Furthermore, the car can be equipped with 4-zone automatic climate control with comfort nozzles, air vents on the B-pillar and a separate control panel for the rear seat passenger compartment.

Instrument cluster with Black Panel technology.
Black Panel technology on the instrument cluster combines classic flair with the latest innovations in technology. The system is made up of a high-resolution colour display, control and warning lights, as well as four circular dials in the traditional style of a sports car presenting information on the most vital driving functions. As an additional feature, the display is able to present information on route guidance and even road lane recommendations provided by one of the optional navigation systems.
When not in use, the instrument cluster forms a homogeneous black surface presenting only the chrome-finished surrounds, the gauge needles, the numbers and scale markings on the dials as well as the red warning field in the rev counter as permanently visible features. The integrated displays for current fuel consumption, the remaining range on the fuel left in the tank, the mileage, the time of day, the outside temperature, feedback from the driver assistance systems, Check/Control messages, the gear and shift point indicator as well as the recuperation indicator are shown on a 5.7-inch-wide info display located at the lower edge of the instrument cluster and visible only when activated. And last but not least, the display provides instant feedback when changing the mode in Dynamic Driving Control and when operating the audio, telephone, or navigation functions.


BMW iDrive with direct selection and preference buttons.
The new BMW 5 Series Touring comes as standard with the BMW iDrive control system operating all entertainment, information, navigation and telecommunication functions either featured as standard or fitted as an option. In perfect ergonomic position, the Controller allows convenient and intuitive selection and activation of functions through standardised tipping, turning and pressing motions. A picture of the Controller presented on the Control Display and the clear menu structure ensure easy orientation in choosing the next step in operating the system.
Measuring 7 inches on the standard and 10.2 inches on the optional Professional navigation system, the Control Display is integrated in the dashboard at the ideal level and distance from the driver, ensuring superior and safe use and operation, with the driver hardly having to take his eyes off the road.
Direct selection buttons on the Controller enable the driver to choose very quickly and conveniently between CD, radio, telephone and navigation functions. The range of such direct selection buttons is rounded off by the MENU, BACK and OPTION keys, while eight preference buttons on the centre console allow the driver to save and directly select radio stations, telephone numbers and destinations in the navigation system as well as further menu items available via iDrive.
Yet another unique feature of BMW iDrive is multi-mode operation by voice entry and controller. The driver is able to easily and conveniently switch from one of these entry modes to the other while conducting one and the same task if he wishes, leaving the voice detection function in full operation also while making an entry via the controller, thus using both functions at the same time. Voice entry also allows direct access to music titles as well as verbal entry of complete addresses. The driver is able to read out the place, the name of the street and the number of his destination in one single command, with the system subsequently arranging the individual items in the required order to reach the destination desired.

Navigation system Professional with hard disc memory.
BMW iDrive also offers its full benefits when the car is fitted with one of the optional navigation systems. On both the Business and Professional navigation system, maps in high resolution are combined with arrows guiding the driver to his destination. Full-screen map presentation on the Professional navigation system furthermore offers an incomparably detailed overview of the region through which the driver is currently travelling. Both maps and individual symbols may be displayed as three-dimensional graphics, and the system is also able to present an elevation map showing the various levels of altitude. Selected sights along the route are highlighted as true-to-life photo graphics with a pre-view map helping the driver choose his destination.
As an alternative to full-screen presentation, the driver may activate an assistance window in the control display, presenting either further images/graphics, information from the on-board computer or data relating to the entertainment programme. A special map function serving to highlight traffic conditions offers a clear visual impression of the latest traffic jam and congestion reports, while the High Guiding function with integrated driving lane recommendations transmits detailed views such as rights of way at a complicated road junction from the screen directly to the instrument cluster or, where fitted as an option, straight to the Head-up display.
Yet a further function offered by BMW ConnectedDrive is BMW Routes. Before setting off, the driver and his passengers are able to put together their personal routes with the help of a route planner on the Internet, then conveniently transmitting such routes via BMW Online directly into the car or using a USB stick for direct entry into the navigation system, which will then guide the driver to his destination along the chosen route and offer additional information on interesting sights while following the route selected.
The navigation system Professional comes with an 80 GB hard disc saving all navigation data. Fitted permanently to the car, this data system serves among other things to maintain the driver’s personal music archives, enabling him or any other user to transmit music files from perhaps a CD, an external MP3 player or a USB stick, using the storage capacity available for this purpose on the hard disc of more than 12 GB. The optional mobile phone preparation kit complete with a Bluetooth interface enables the user to operate the car’s telephone functions via iDrive. And with the music player being connected to the mobile phone as an additional feature, the MP3 function of Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone can also be integrated in the car’s control system.

Rear Seat Entertainment systems for maximum touring comfort.
The new BMW 5 Series Touring is available as an option with two versions of the rear seat entertainment system. These systems comprise a DVD player, remote control, the option to connect external MP3 players, game consoles and headsets as well as two high-resolution displays integrated in the front-seat headrests and adjustable for angle. This allows direct access to all audio and video sources within the car, such as DVD changer or TV function.
The displays featured at the rear measure 8 inches across in the standard version and 9.2 inches on the rear seat entertainment system Professional, also allowing individual access to the navigation system as well as full use of the Internet at the rear with the help of BMW ConnectedDrive. A further option is to use the displays in the rear seat entertainment system Professional independently of one another.

Unique the world over: the Integrated Owner’s Manual.
The new BMW 5 Series Touring comes as standard with an Integrated Owner’s Manual absolutely unique the world over. Via the iDrive system, the Integrated Owner’s Manual gives the driver information whenever required on all the features and functions of his car, presenting operating instructions clearly and understandably by means of visual animation together with sound messages and slide shows.  Short and clear texts as well as interactive graphics ensure that the information provided is easily understood.

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