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5 Series Sedan and Touring Facelift - E60/E61 (2007 - 2010 ) - More goodies

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5 Series Sedan and Touring Facelift - E60/E61 (2007 - 2010 )
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Keeping reliably on course: Lane Change Warning.
To enhance driver awareness, the new BMW 5 Series is available with a newly developed and quite unique assistance system helping to keep the car exactly on course, that is in the lane chosen by the driver. Referred to as “Lane Change Warning”, this highly innovative system identifies any deviations from the correct course of the car and gives the driver a discreet but tangible signal where he really feels the steering – on the steering wheel itself.
The Lane Change Warning system consists of a camera fitted near the interior mirror on the windscreen, a control unit serving to compare data, and a signalling device.

Head-Up Display and driver support in poor weather with bad visibility.
The BMW 5 Series is the only car in its segment available as an option with a Head-Up Display. Activating this function, the driver has the benefit of receiving information and data particularly relevant for motoring directly in front of his eyes on the windscreen. So as an example, he is able to check out the current speed of the car or navigation data in his direct line of vision with maximum convenience at all times.
In combination with the optional xenon headlights, the new BMW 5 Series comes with a daytime lights function using the corona rings in the dual round headlights. Another feature also available as an option on the new BMW 5 Series is Adaptive Headlight technology illuminating the road ahead in exactly the right way and in the right direction following the curves taken by the driver. In this case the headlights swivel in accordance with the position of the steering wheel, the yaw rate of the car, and its road speed.
The Bending Lights function, in turn, adjusts the direction of the headlights when taking bends at a speed of less than 40 km/h or 25 mph.
Yet another option available in the new BMW 5 Series as the only car in its segment is the High-Beam Assistant. This sophisticated lights system automatically switches off the high-beam headlights as soon as oncoming traffic is approaching, the distance to a vehicle ahead drops below a certain level, or the road ahead is sufficiently illuminated, for example in a built-up area or on a brightly lit road.
BMW Night Vision also available as an option ensures an even higher standard of all-round safety when driving at night. Unique to the BMW 5 Series in this segment, BMW Night Vision is based on a thermal imaging camera able to detect people, animals and objects on and next to the road up to a distance of 300 metres or almost 1,000 feet, transmitting a clear, high-contrast image to the Control Display also used by the navigation system.


Audio and navigation systems of the highest calibre.
Top-end audio systems and telematics functions serve to enhance motoring comfort and driving pleasure in the new BMW 5 Series to an even higher level of enjoyment. Particularly the newly developed BMW Individual High End Audio System offers exceptional sound quality at all times. The heart of the system is BMW’s trendsetting DIRAC (Dual Input Room Acoustics Calculator) signal processing technology. The digital nine-channel amplifier with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) used in this case develops maximum output of 825 watts. The AUX-In connector, in turn, offers additional options for connecting external audio sources, and a USB interface is also available as an option. This means that in practice the driver or passengers are able to integrate all versions of the Apple iPod fully and conveniently into the audio system of the BMW 5 Series.
A particular highlight in motoring comfort in the BMW 5 Series Saloon and Touring is the new generation of navigation systems available as an option. New menu guidance and optimised graphic presentation in the Control Display enhance both the appeal and function of these systems controlled and masterminded via BMW iDrive.
As yet a further option, the Professional navigation system also available in the BMW 5 Series can be enhanced and upgraded by new, particularly reliable full-word voice entry available exclusively in BMW cars and comprising the names of some 80,000 towns and cities throughout Germany.

Comfortable, generous, practical: the interior.
Comfortable seats and ample roominess inside the car make both the Saloon and Touring version of the BMW 5 Series ideal vehicles for grand touring and long distances. A further feature adding to the joy of driving the car is the electrical glass sliding roof available as an option on the Saloon and – with even larger dimensions – the Panorama glass roof on the BMW 5 Series Touring. Made up of two panels of sundim glass, the latter covers a total area of no less than 0.68 square metres or 7.32 square feet.
Offering luggage compartment capacity of 520 litres (18.2 cubic feet) (and even 540 litres/18.9 cubic feet on models without an emergency spare wheel), the Saloon gives the driver and his passengers superior space for taking along lots of luggage. The BMW 5 Series Touring, in turn, thanks to its luggage compartment offering up to 1,650 litres or 57.8 cubic feet of storage space when folding down the rear-seat backrest, is a particularly attractive vehicle for all kinds of transport requirements.
A further important feature is the electrically retractable trailer hook available as an option on both variants of the BMW 5 Series – and again making both models quite unique as an amenity not available on any other models. Since this new trailer hook no longer has to be fastened manually after moving out, operation and use of the trailer hook is significantly easier than before.


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