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5 Series Sedan and Touring Facelift - E60/E61 (2007 - 2010 ) - Goodies, features and safety

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5 Series Sedan and Touring Facelift - E60/E61 (2007 - 2010 )
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Power unit: the engine
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Goodies, features and safety
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Active Steering for unique driving comfort.
Featured as standard in the BMW 5 Series, Servotronic serves to vary the degree of steering assistance as a function of road speed. At the same time the BMW 5 Series is the only car in its segment optionally also available with Active Steering varying the steering angle in accordance with the speed at which the car is currently travelling: With the same movement of the steering wheel, the front wheels will move further to the left and right at low speeds than at high speeds. This allows the driver to manoeuvre the car with less effort and force on the steering when parking, while at high speeds it is easier to remain precisely on track.
The power and effectiveness of the high-performance swing-calliper brakes with inner-vented brake discs is now controlled electrohydraulically on the BMW 5 Series, brake pressure being modified individually as required on all four wheels. So should the electronic control unit masterminding the electrohydraulic brake system notice that the driver is applying the brakes all-out, the system will build up brake pressure very quickly indeed, making the entire process of applying the brakes more comfortable and enhancing driving safety thanks to the shorter stopping distances.  Yet a further point is that the BMW 5 Series is equipped with an ongoing, continuous brake wear indicator providing information at all times on the condition of the brake pads.

DSC Dynamic Stability Control with new functions.
DSC Dynamic Stability Control now featuring new, innovative functions helps to make the brake system even more effective. The first and foremost DSC function is to apply the brakes on individual wheels or intervene in engine management in order to counteract any over- or under-steer in bends. Additional features incorporated within DSC are ABS brake control, ASC Automatic Stability Control, a Brake Assistant and CBC Cornering Brake Control. Then there is also Fading Compensation and a new Start-Off Assistant likewise incorporated in the DSC system on the new BMW 5 Series. Regular Dry Braking helps to ensure optimum stopping power in wet weather, and pre-loading of the brake pads enhances the brake standby function when the driver requires a particularly short stopping distance.


Even more precise: BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system for the BMW 5 Series.
BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system available as an alternative to standard rear-wheel drive offers a particular experience in superior traction. Permanent and variable distribution of power provided by xDrive gives the BMW 530xd, the BMW 530xi and the BMW 525xi supreme driving characteristics not only on difficult terrain. Distributing the power of the engine via an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch variably to all four wheels, xDrive significantly enhances the dynamic driving qualities of the Saloon and Touring. And to ensure even more precise control of the drivetrain, the DSC and xDrive computer units are now networked with one another in a new, innovative concept.

Cruise control with brake function.
As an option the BMW 5 Series is available with cruise control complete with a special brake function. The system is activated in order to maintain the speed set by the driver in advance – at least 30 km/h or 20 mph – regard­less of the route the driver is taking or its specific profile. So depending on current requirements, the system either increases engine power or slows down the car. Contrary to conventional cruise control, this intelligent new system is able to control the road speed of the car not just via the drag force generated by the engine and by shifting down on models with automatic transmission, but also by activating the brakes, thus keeping the car at a consistent speed when, say, driving downhill for a longer distance or towing a trailer.
And using the Curve Speed Limiter, the system is also able to re­duce road speed in bends whenever required for reasons of driving dynam­ics.

Active Cruise Control complete with Stop & Go.
Even more sophisticated and refined, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go offers the driver even greater support and ease of motoring. This innovative system available for the first time as an option on automatic transmission versions of the new BMW 5 Series comes complete with automatic distance control enabling the driver to cruise along smoothly and conveniently on the motorway or country roads, with the system applying the brakes where ne­cessary until the car reaches a standstill and keeping a consistent distance from the vehicle ahead even in stop-and-go traffic at very low speeds.
To provide this superior convenience, the system uses radar sensors of the latest generation with an enlarged area of vision, offering the driver a choice of four distance settings. Once the distance the driver has chosen to the vehicle ahead is no longer maintained, the system will intervene in engine management, building up brake pressure to control the car accordingly.
Then, once the road ahead is free again, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go will re-accelerate the car to the desired speed.
This sophisticated control system is also able to reduce speed auto­matically to a standstill as a function of traffic conditions. In this case Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go slows down the car to a stand­still and holds it in position.
The maximum brake force applied by Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go is 4 metres/sec2. So should the driver be required to intervene be­cause the vehicle ahead is being decelerated very hard under ex­treme conditions, the driver is urged to intervene by visual and acous­tic signals.
In stop-and-go traffic the system helps the driver by automatically maintaining the appropriate distance from the vehicle ahead, reliev­ing the driver of the usual chore of constantly having to apply the brakes in slow and unsmooth traffic. However, the driver still retains his responsibility, since after, say, a short stop of more than three seconds he is required to briefly press down the accelerator pedal or press the Resume button in order to re-accelerate the car. And even when Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go is activated, the driver is able to control the speed of his car at any time simply by giving gas or applying the brakes. Pressing down the brake pedal while driving, finally, the driver is able to deactivate the system altogether.


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