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1 Series - CS1 (2002 concept) - Technical features

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1 Series - CS1 (2002 concept)
Technical features
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iDrive – the Control Concept of the Future.
The CS1 Concept Car continues BMW’s new interior and control philosophy using iDrive for perfect driver orientation. This advanced system allows the driver to concentrate on the essential, the actual act of motoring, while operating just a few buttons comfortably and safely to control the various functions of a modern car such as the CS1. The central control unit, the Controller, is therefore fitted precisely where the driver would place his hand instinctively – on the centre console, behind the gearshift lever – without any kind of obstruction.
Information on-demand. Always there when you need it.
Pressing the Controller briefly, you move up the previously concealed monitor out of the cockpit until it reaches the flexible cockpit “roof”, aligned perfectly in the driver’s line of vision. The Controller allows the driver to mastermind the comfort, communication, navigation, information and entertainment functions with absolute ease by a flick of his wrist. And in the process the driver does not even have to look for the right buttons, his hand resting comfortably on the Controller activating all these functions at his command.
Functions required frequently and at short notice are operated by a handful of conventional buttons. Pressing the air conditioning button, for example, is sufficient to move the air conditioning control unit out of the cockpit from beneath – so that now the driver can immediately set the interior temperature or the power of the fan. iDrive thus offers appropriate, on-demand access to the functions and information required at any time.

Technical Features Matching the Design Concept.
Within its body, the CS1 Concept Car again proves that design, technology and function interact hand-in-hand. The engine compartment, for instance, is partly covered by flexible, heatproof tissue and partly by fire-resistant carbon-glass fibre plastic. The flexible cover houses “cold” units and systems such as the air filters, the cooling and brake system indicated graphically on the reflecting surface. The “hot” components around the engine, for example the exhaust system, are housed beneath the carbon-glass fibre cover.
The heart beating within the car is BMW’s agile 1.8-litre four-cylinder 85 kW/115 bhp power unit, giving the CS1 spontaneous and refined performance. VALVETRONIC, BMW engine technology that dispenses with conventional throttle butterflies, allows the engine to breathe freely. Power and performance is no longer controlled by closing the air supply, but rather by intelligent management of the valves perfectly geared to every situation on the road. Which means in practice that the engine of the CS1 not only offers consistently high torque from low engine speeds, but also a very high standard of fuel economy.
Shifting gears faster than a human being.
The power of the engine is transmitted to the wheels through the SMG Sequential Manual Gearbox already thrilling countless drivers of the BMW 3 Series the world over. Using paddles in the steering wheel like on a racing car, the driver can shift to the next gear within fractions of a second without having to operate a clutch, since this is done by a high-performance hydraulic system working faster than a human being ever could. At the same time the system retains all the advantages of a manual gearbox, in particular the direct flow of power from the engine to the wheels. And in slow city traffic the driver can leave the gearshift function entirely to SMG, always choosing the right gear in every situation.
The drive concept: once again BMW through and through.
Despite its short and compact body, the CS1 concept car remains a genuine BMW also in terms of its drive system: Standard drive, that is the engine fitted lengthwise at the front and the drive wheels at the rear, gives the CS1 the dynamic driving characteristics so typical of a BMW and ensures optimum weight distribution. Drive power is conveyed to the road by 18-inch light-alloy wheels running on 215/45 tyres at the front and 235/40 tyres at the rear. Apart from the big and muscular wheels, the extra-large brakes to be seen within also bear out a feeling of solid quality. Brake discs measuring 335 mm (13.2´´) in diameter at the front and 330 mm (13.0´´) at the rear, together with racing brake callipers fitted with six pistons at the front and four at the rear, slow down the CS1 to a standstill quickly and efficiently at all times.

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