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1 Series - E82 Coupe (2007 - ...) - Aerodynamics Package, EfficientDynamics and Turbos

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1 Series - E82 Coupe (2007 - ...)
Exterior Design
Aerodynamics Package, EfficientDynamics and Turbos
Diesel, Turbos and Brake Energy Regeneration
Saving Energy
Driving Pleasure and Safety
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BMW 135i Coupé with its special Aerodynamics Package.
To give the car unique looks, the BMW 135i Coupé as the top version in the new model range comes as standard with a modified, aerodynamically optimised M Aerodynamics Package. With its extra-large central air intake, the front air dam highlights the sporting character of the car. The two air intakes at the side in unique design are split horizontally by a centre bar and border on slightly contoured flaps additionally accentuating the wide front end of the BMW 135i Coupé. A further sign of distinction is the chrome-plated bars in the kidney grille to be found only on the BMW 135i.
The side-sills on the BMW 135i Coupé are accentuated and contoured even more than on the other models, an additional light edge highlighting the wedge shape of the car. The rear air dam of the BMW 135i Coupé, in turn, incorporates an anthracite-coloured insert at the bottom and is wrapped further around the wheels than on the other model variants, emphasising the wide track of the car. An additional small spoiler lip referred to in motorsport as a “gurney” serves to optimise the car’s aerodynamics. And last but not least, the tailpipes are finished in dark chrome at the rear.


EfficientDynamics with two turbocharged diesels and one gasoline model.
The engines featured in the new BMW 1 Series Coupé combine dynamism, efficiency and motoring culture in a manner never seen before in this segment. This applies to both representatives of the new generation of four-cylinder turbodiesels and to the six-cylinder gasoline models, all three power units offering superior output on significantly reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
Compared with other models in this segment, each of the three variants ranks right at the top in terms of performance and fuel economy.
Indeed, through its impressively good balance of power and economy, the new BMW 1 Series Coupé underlines the success of BMW EfficientDynamics in a particularly fascinating and convincing manner.
In addition to improvements within the engine – reduction of friction, redesigned combustion chambers, optimised fuel/air mixture formation through common rail fuel injection or High Precision Injection, precise management of the combustion process and air guidance – various features on the car itself serve to enhance fuel consumption by a significant margin.

Twin Turbo technology for pure energy in the BMW 135i Coupé.
The top model in the range is the BMW 135i Coupé powered by the world’s first straight-six featuring Twin Turbo technology, High Precision Injection, and an all-aluminium crankcase. The most powerful engine within BMW’s broad range of straight-six power units is thus now also available in the new 1 Series Coupé.
Maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp from 2,979 cc ensures exceptional driving dynamics at all times, accelerating the BMW 135i Coupé to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. Top speed, in turn, is limited electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph. Maximum torque of 400 Newton-metres/295 lb-ft is maintained consistently throughout a very broad range of engine speed from 1,300–5,000 rpm, proving that the 3.0-litre offers particular muscle and pulling force at all times.
Average fuel consumption according to the EU standard is just 9.2 litres premium/100 kilometres, equal to 30.7 mpg imp, making the BMW 135i Coupé the most fuel-efficient car in its class as a particularly fascinating example of EfficientDynamics.


All the power of a much larger normal-aspiration engine.
Two turbochargers each forcing compressed air into three cylinders ensure a standard of spontaneity never seen before in a turbocharged power unit.
The big advantage of these relatively small turbochargers is their low inertia, avoiding the “turbo gap” – the moment which usually passes by until the turbocharger builds up its boost – typical of a conventional turbocharged engine. On the road, therefore, the turbocharged power unit of the BMW 135i Coupé offers all the power and performance of a much larger normal-aspiration engine.
Maintaining the normal-aspiration concept, only a significant increase in engine capacity would have been able to provide the same kind of dynamic output and performance – inevitably involving an increase in weight and negative effects on the car’s balance and fuel consumption. By contrast, Twin Turbo technology in conjunction with High Precision Injection is a particularly efficient way to fulfil even greater demands through the engine’s supreme power and torque.
High Precision Injection saving up to 10 per cent fuel.
High Precision Injection is the key function in the engine’s particularly high standard of fuel economy: Benefiting from the second generation of direct gasoline injection, the Twin Turbo power unit develops its greater power without an increase in fuel consumption and without making any concessions in terms of the engine’s dynamic qualities.
The injectors positioned within the cylinder head directly next to the spark plugs ensure unparalleled, ultra-precise dosage of the fuel injected. Compared with an equally powerful turbocharged engine featuring conventional manifold injection, the power unit of the BMW 135i Coupé thus reduces fuel consumption by approximately 10 per cent.

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