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1 Series - E82 Coupe (2007 - ...) - Exterior Design

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1 Series - E82 Coupe (2007 - ...)
Exterior Design
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Exterior design: clear distinctions versus the competition.
The new BMW 1 Series Coupé raises the design language so typical of this model series to a new, even more distinctive level. The sporting proportions of the car give it a unique look in the compact segment, the long front end, the passenger compartment – or “greenhouse”, as it is sometimes called – moved far to the back, and the short rear end clearly distinguishing this two-door performer from its competitors.
This very individual and distinctive look is the clear expression of a unique concept, the exterior design of the car with its dynamic surfaces, chiselled wheel arches, and long, frameless doors offering a convincing optical expression of rear-wheel drive quite unique in this segment.
As the top version in the range, the BMW 135i Coupé stands out clearly in its exterior design inter alia through its modified M Aerodynamics Package as well as the gurney featured as standard only on this top model, thus showing clear signs of distinction versus the two diesel models.
The new body colour Sedona Red metallic is exclusive to the new BMW 1 Series Coupé, the range of body colours being rounded off by eight further metallic paintwork colours and three non-metallic options.

Design features typical of the BMW 1 Series at the front.
In its front end design, the new Coupé stands out clearly as a member of the BMW 1 Series: The design of the radiator grille, the kidney grille so typical of BMW with its powerfully accentuated chrome frame and headlights, is identical on all models. The optionally available bi- xenon round headlights, in turn, including their corona-shaped light rings providing a daytime light function, likewise characterise the Coupé as a typical BMW.


Stable body and light-looking greenhouse.
The sporting silhouette of the new BMW 1 Series Coupé is characterised throughout by striking and dynamic lines. The shoulder line beneath the windows, for example, is the most distinctive and outstanding feature to be admired from the side. The strongly contoured side-sills accentuate the convex and concave surfaces of the side panels, these powerful contours, together with the muscular, flared wheel arches, highlighting the sporting character and performance of the BMW 1 Series Coupé.
A feature typical of a BMW Coupé is the dark, glazed B-pillar creating the impression of one consistent window area extending from front to rear.
Forming a clear contrast to the stable bodyshell of the car, the greenhouse therefore looks light and agile. And the “Hofmeister kick” so typical of all BMWs stands out as a particularly dynamic element.
Yet another feature characteristic of the new Coupé is the typical roof-line extending down to the deliberately short and compact rear end in a striking, dynamic angle. The wide, frameless door, finally, as well as the B-pillar raked to a steep angle, shifts the visual centre of gravity of the car’s silhouette further towards the rear.

Horizontal light edges giving the rear end a powerful and dynamic look.
The new BMW 1 Series Coupé boasts a powerful and dynamic rear end including a fully integrated third brake light. As a particularly sporting feature, the luggage compartment lid comes with a spoiler literally chiselled into the rear end of the car, accentuating the short rear section and building up extra downforce on the rear axle at high speeds.
The breakdown of individual sections within the L-shaped rear lights follows the horizontal orientation of the car’s lines at the rear. The back-up lights and direction indicators, for example, form a white band, with additional, horizontal light conductors integrated in the rear light clusters and offering a homogeneous lighting effect with a help of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
Featuring this design highlight already to be admired on other model series, the BMW 1 Series Coupé stands out clearly as a genuine BMW also in the dark. And the brake lights operating in two stages as a function of brake power are yet another feature typical of BMW, with the additional benefit of extra safety on the road.
Soft radii and horizontal shapes within the car.
The interior of the BMW 1 Series offers clear and at the same time solid, sophisticated flair. Dynamic, horizontal elements create a formal connection between the front and rear, with the interior offering space for up to four occupants giving the car a standard of class and sophistication otherwise to be admired only in higher segments of the market.
The cockpit is characterised by taut but widely stretching lines and surfaces, with the upper section of the dashboard finished in black. High-quality, naturally-looking grain enhances this touch of quality.
The lower section of the dashboard comes in either black, grey or beige, one of BMW’s so-called world colours, emphasising the orientation of the car through its horizontal design and creating a generous feeling of space.
The control console for entertainment and air conditioning is integrated smoothly and harmoniously into the dashboard through its soft radii and flowing surfaces. The Controller featured in the optional iDrive control system is integrated directly into the centre console, again following BMW’s characteristic philosophy. Galvanised pearl gloss surfaces, finally, are to be admired on the door openers, on the glove compartment opener, on the radio’s rotary knobs, on the knobs of the optional automatic air conditioning, on the iDrive Controller, and on the ornamental trim strips featured on the optional leather sports steering wheel.
Also available as an option, Boston leather upholstery adds further class and style to the high-quality impression of the interior. And as a particularly practical feature, a map pocket is integrated in the lower part of the door linings.


Four seats and many options for customisation.
The BMW 1 Series Coupé comes as standard with two individual seats at the rear offering the car’s occupants a high level of driving comfort. The armrests and the cloth or leatherette inserts integrated in the side panels take up the design of the door linings, while a storage box between the two seats offers additional space for all kinds of odds and ends.
The BMW 1 Series Coupé is available with a choice of no less than four upholstery options harmoniously matching the interior with the body paint of the car and emphasising the individual style of the driver: two cloth, one cloth/leather combination, and one leather upholstery option. Naturally, these upholstery options may be combined in the appropriate colours with the three colour worlds and with no less than nine equipment and trim colours.
The trim bars are available with a choice of no less than six versions including aluminium in fine polished look, particularly sophisticated, grained poplar, high-tech titanium, and high-gloss diamond black as well as cashmere silver.

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