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1 Series - 3 and 5 doors E81/E87 (2007 - ...) - Interior Design and Power

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1 Series - 3 and 5 doors E81/E87 (2007 - ...)
Interior Design and Power
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Interior design with the same flair and class of an upmarket car.
The new, upgraded BMW 1 Series also comes with significant improvements inside the passenger compartment. Refinements ranging from the instrument panel through the doors all the way to the controls and instruments ensure a dynamic and modern, but at the same time also solid, high-quality appearance.
The cockpit is characterised by sleek, stretching lines and surfaces. The lower section of the dashboard comes in a new look and is finished consistently in the same colour as the interior world, that is with a choice of Black, Grey, or Beige. This new colour scheme accentuates the horizontal orientation of the interior, providing a generous experience of space in the process.
The centre console housing the controls and switches for the car’s entertainment and climate functions is integrated smoothly through soft radii and flowing surfaces into the instrument panel as a whole, well-conceived details such as a new glove compartment enhancing the overall standard of cockpit functionality.
The inner panels and linings on the doors have been optimised in terms of both functions and their aesthetic looks. Now, for example, the door panel between the upper shoulder-line and the armrest follows the surrounding lines in its design and is finished in the same material as the centre sections on the seats. In conjunction with full leather upholstery available as an option, the supreme style and class proudly boasted by the interior is further accentuated by a trim seam, and an integrated map pocket now comes in the lower section of the door lining. Electric window lifts front and rear are naturally standard.

Freedom of choice on the three-door model: single seats or room for three at the rear.
Both the driver’s and front passenger’s seats in the new BMW 1 Series are adjustable for height as a standard feature. Another standard feature in the three-door model is the two-seat configuration at the rear, the two single seats offering the passengers at the back superior side support, while a storage box between the two seats provides additional storage space. As an option at no extra cost, the three-door model is however also available with the classic rear-seat bench carried over from the five-door version, offering adequate space for up to three passengers.
Two fastening bands in the luggage compartment enable the driver and his passengers to take along, say, a briefcase or a notebook fitted firmly in position and not sliding to and fro on the road. Both body versions are available with a luggage net fastened when required between the roof lining and the rear section of the seat backrests with the rear seats tilted down and thus separating the luggage compartment from the passenger area. This strong partition net fitted firmly in position holds back items of luggage which might otherwise be catapulted to the front when braking particularly hard.
The functional changes in the interior design of the car are supplemented by a new, natural surface grain. At the same time the instrument panel finished consistently in Black, together with the harmoniously integrated instrument cluster binnacle, the door linings and centre console, exudes a flair of style and value normally only to be found in an upmarket car.
Featuring galvanised elements, some specifically selected surfaces within the car form an exciting contrast to the grained surfaces to be found elsewhere.
In addition to the door openers, the slides on the air vents, the opening/ closing bar on the ashtray cover, and the rings around the dials and the Start/Stop button, the rotary knobs in the centre console of the new BMW 1 Series are also accentuated in this particular style and look. Further galvanised surfaces are to be found on the brackets highlighting the optional sports steering wheel and on the iDrive Controller featured in conjunction with the optionally available navigation system.


Integration of external MP3 players for entertainment on request.
Via the Controller – and as an option even with voice entry – the iDrive control concept allows convenient and straightforward management of all secondary and comfort functions in the BMW 1 Series.
In the interest of even more intuitive operation, iDrive is now enhanced by eight freely programmable buttons allowing the user to directly activate functions required particularly often – for example specific destinations in the navigation system, radio stations or telephone numbers dialled regularly.
These eight favourite buttons come with innovative sensor control available exclusively with BMW iDrive, meaning that the function on each button is presented immediately on the display above as soon as the user just touches the button without even exerting any pressure. This rules out even the slightest risk of confusing the favourite buttons and their functions.
With the audio systems featured as standard or as an option already being amongst the very best and most sophisticated in the compact segment, the really discerning customer still has the option to personalise his entertainment programme on board the new BMW 1 Series to an even higher standard.
This is made possible by two integrated interfaces – an AUX connector featured as standard and, as an absolute innovation, an optional USB connection, both allowing the user to hook up, say, an Apple iPod or any other external MP3 player, as well as further sources of entertainment. Via the USB interface, the user is able to control the system and choose the music he or she prefers, using either the controls on the audio unit (which also means the iDrive system) or the remote control buttons on the multifunction steering wheel, depending on the media selected.
The new BMW 1 Series is available with four types of seat upholstery – two in cloth, a combination of cloth and leather, and full leather upholstery – as well as three interior colour worlds and nine equipment colour schemes allowing tasteful combinations and a harmonious match with the respective body colour. The new combination of cloth and leather upholstery now available combines high-quality Pearlpoint cloth on the centre seat sections with leather on the side panels.
The trim bars inside the passenger compartment come in a choice of seven versions, among them polished aluminium with a high-gloss edge, particularly sophisticated burr walnut, a technical, cool-looking titanium finish, and other new variants in high-gloss Diamond Black and Cashmere Silver. And last but not least, the range of exterior colours has been further refreshed through the addition of the new metallic colours Patagonia Green and Montego Blue.

Top-of-the-range power unit: straight-six developing 195 kW/265 hp in the BMW 130i.
The BMW 1 Series combines the fascinating thrill of driving a BMW with the practical benefits of a compact car. This applies particularly to the BMW 130i with its 3.0-litre straight-six power unit featuring a composite magnesium/ aluminium crankcase, VALVETRONIC and double- VANOS developing maximum output of 195 kW/265 hp.
Benefiting from this kind of power, the BMW 130i offers exceptionally dynamic performance, accelerating to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds (three-door model) and, respectively, in 6.1 seconds (five-door version), and with a top speed limited electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph.
The supreme efficiency of BMW’s straight-six power unit is reflected by a standard of all-round economy quite exceptional in this performance class, with both versions of the new BMW 130i requiring an average of just 8.3 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 34.0 mpg Imp) in the EU test cycle.
This impressive performance on the road is made possible by the combination of a whole range of high-tech components: Featuring double-VANOS infinite adjustment of the camshafts on the intake and exhaust side as well as VALVETRONIC valve management, the six-cylinder power unit in the BMW 130i is one of the most technically demanding and sophisticated engines in the world.
VALVETRONIC offers infinite management of the valve opening period and intake valve timing depending on the position of the gas pedal. Contrary to conventional throttle butterflies merely controlling the flow of intake air, VALVETRONIC masterminds the engine and its load management directly and without the slightest delay.
Thanks to its composite magnesium/aluminium crankcase, the power unit of the BMW 130i is particularly light. The weight saved in this way helps to enhance the car’s economy and provide an even higher standard of agility on the road. Similarly, lightweight camshafts specially developed for the engine and manufactured in the hydrofoam process also help to optimise engine weight.


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