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Z4 - E89 (2008 - ...)

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Z4 - E89 (2008 - ...)
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Design: Modern, Emotional, Authentic
The Retractable Hardtop
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Re-Birth of the Roadster: The new BMW Z4.
Source: BMW Group

The classic roadster is back – more powerful and more stylish than ever before as modern interpretation of this very special kind of car. Its name is the BMW Z4, the only car in its segment combining classic roadster proportions with a seating position moved close to the rear axle, rear-wheel drive and an automatically retractable hardtop.
The new BMW Z4 offers all the driving pleasure of a BMW Roadster with particularly refined and stylish flair. Driving with the roof down, this supreme two-seater offers a refreshingly intense experience of the sunshine and the wind rushing by – and driving with the hardtop closed it provides all the comfort of a sporting coupé in the premium segment. So through this diversity and wide range of qualities, the new BMW Z4 is the re-birth of the roadster.


Apart from the authentic proportions and the flowing design language of the car, the design of the new BMW Z4 comes out in particular through classic details interpreted in new, up-to-date style typical of the new BMW Z4. This outstanding two-seater thus offers a unique combination of exciting elegance, superior agility and supreme motoring comfort. The aluminium shells of the two-piece lightweight hardtop come to rest in the roof compartment, saving maximum space in the process. And even with the roof closed, the new BMW Z4 retains all the proportions so typical of a genuine roadster. So it is with these qualities that it rightly succeeds both the BMW Z4 Roadster and the BMW Z4 Coupé.
To ensure passionate driving pleasure at all times, the new BMW Z4 comes with a range of no less than three straight-six power units displacing either 3.0 or 2.5 litres: 225 kW/306 hp in the BMW Z4 sDrive35i, 190 kW/258 hp in the BMW Z4 sDrive30i, and 150 kW/204 hp in the BMW Z4 sDrive23i ensure truly outstanding performance and dynamic acceleration at all times.
Comprehensive use of BMW EfficientDynamics technologies serves furthermore to provide an unparalleled balance of driving pleasure and fuel economy. And last but certainly not least, the top model is available not just with its “regular” manual six-speed gearbox, but also with sports automatic featuring seven gears and double-clutch transmission.
Boasting Dynamic Drive Control as standard, the BMW Z4 enables the driver to vary the set-up of the drivetrain and suspension at the touch of a button in three modes. BMW iDrive, in turn, is now available for the first time as an option on the BMW Roadster, the new generation of iDrive coming together with the optional Professional navigation system.

Design: the modern look of a classic roadster.
The new BMW Z4 takes up the classic look of the roadster in modern, flowing lines. The car’s proportions are borne out in particular by the long and low-slung engine compartment lid, short overhangs, the long wheelbase and large wheels as well as the low seating position near the rear axle.
On the low-slung front section with its large, upright BMW kidney grille, the wide air intake and the dual round headlights so typical of the BMW brand with bi- xenon headlights featured as standard, all surfaces and lines strive towards a joint imaginary target point on the road ahead of the car, as if the new BMW Z4 were pushing ahead all-out with all its power.
The side view is dominated by the dynamic flow of the car’s shoulder line connecting the front and rear wheel arches and accentuating the stretched, athletic look of the Roadster. The horizontal orientation of the car’s lines and surfaces at the rear, in turn, emphasises the sheer width of the new BMW Z4. Further characteristic design features are the extra-large engine compartment lid extending far over the wheel arches, the black A-pillars, the gill intakes at the side with their integrated LED direction indicators, as well as the slender rear lights with their three-dimensional LED-fed rows of light units.

Stylish, sophisticated and typical of a genuine roadster: the interior.
To create the particularly significant unison of the exterior and interior so important in an open-air car, the shoulder line is reflected by the door panels with their unique configuration and flow from front to rear. The stylish ambience within the interior so typical of a roadster also comprises the ­driver-oriented design of the dashboard and the centre console.
The U-shaped, contoured decorative surface on the driver’s side comprises the controls for the lights and air conditioning to the left and right of the steering wheel. These elements are available in Satin Silver matt, Fine Aluminium long-grain and Brown Ash grain, the respective colour and trim variant also being used on the centre console and door opener.
The decorative trim on the front passenger’s side stretching out in a narrow band beneath the light and climate control units also on the driver’s side is finished either in Satin Silver matt or dark leatherette. The combinations of these two trim finishes available in the car’s range of trim options naturally allow highly attractive contrasts and unique highlights.
The seats with their integrated headrests so typical of a roadster come as standard on the BMW Z4 sDrive35i and BMW Z4 sDrive30i in high-quality leather, with a choice of three different colours. The colour chosen is then also used on the lower section of the instrument panel and on the armrest of the door lining as well as the armrest on the centre console.
The optional Extended Leather Package also offers leather on the upper section of the instrument panel, the doorsills, the sun visors in Black leather as well as the leather-finish door closing handles in upholstery colour on the passenger’s side.
A special Design Package offering particularly elegant and sophisticated highlights is also available from the start upon the launch of the new BMW Z4. The exclusive Pure White design comprises the sports seats with their nappa leather/alcantara trim in Ivory White, nappa leather decorative trim in the same colour on the passenger’s side, door panels in alcantara and decorative trim on the driver’s side as well as Fineline anthracite wood trim on the centre console and the doors.
The Extended Leather Package is also part of the car’s Pure White design scheme.
In combination with Pure White design the customer also has the choice of the paintwork in Havanna Brown. The further range of paintwork colours available on the new BMW Z4 is made up of no less than eight colour tones including Orion Silver metallic exclusive to the new Roadster.

Changing completely in 20 seconds: the fully automatic, retractable hardtop.
The new BMW Z4 is the first roadster in the history of the German premium manufacturer protecting the occupants from wind and weather by a fully retractable hardtop. This two-piece roof structure in lightweight aluminium shell technology opens and closes electrohydraulically at the touch of a button within just 20 seconds, the two roof elements coming to rest in snug and compact arrangement in the roof compartment. This retains the ­characteristic, slender rear-end design of the Roadster, while when closed the hardtop again emphasises and, indeed, further accentuates the elegant look of the new BMW Z4.
Offering truly outstanding acoustic and aerodynamic qualities, this innovative roof system sets new standards in the market segment of the new BMW Z4. Large windows and the light, high-quality roof lining give the hardtop a light and even filigree look. Both the driver and passenger enjoy a bright and exclusive ambience, generous space and optimum visibility.
Compared with the former model, the side windows are 40, the see-through area in the rear window 52, and all-round visibility 14 per cent larger than before.
Made of glass, the rear window in the hardtop comes with electrical heating and the four side windows of the new BMW Z4 may be lowered individually.
A further important point is that the flow of fresh air may be dosed by a wind deflector fastened between the roll bars behind the headrests. The higher roofline and the larger door openings increased in size by 26 millimetres or 1.02", finally, allow even easier and more convenient access with the roof closed.
The retractable roof opens and closes most conveniently by means of a switch in the centre console or by remote control on the central locking. Enhanced remote control with Comfort Access is available as an option, allowing the user to close the roof also from a distance.
Comfort Access also allows convenient loading and unloading of the luggage compartment with the roof open. To provide access to the luggage compartment in this case, the open hardtop is moved to an interim position facilitating the removal of large objects.


Unique variability ensured by flexible storage with optional through-loading and a wide range of storage features.
The roof compartment and the luggage compartment are separated from one another by a variable cover in between folding down as required with the roof closed. This increases luggage space from 180 litres or 6.3 cubic feet with the roof open all the way to 310 litres (10.9 cubic feet) with the roof closed. The maximum load has been increased by 30 kg or 66 lb over the former model to 330 kg or 728 lb.
The flexible luggage concept of the new BMW Z4 sets the standard in the premium manufacturer segment, offering enough space in the luggage compartment even with the hardtop open for a medium-sized hard-shell suitcase.
Using the optional through-loading to the passenger compartment, the driver and passenger are also able to accommodate a 46-inch full-size golf bag. And when the roof is closed the luggage compartment easily accommodates up to four crates of large bottles or – when using the through-loading – two 46-inch golf bags without the slightest problem.
Apart from the special roof with its outstanding features, the superior functionality of the new BMW Z4 is ensured above all by the wide range of storage and luggage options: In addition to the glove compartment with a capacity of no less than ten litres as well as the folding compartments in the door linings, BMW’s new Roadster offers a storage tray in the centre console as well as additional storage space behind the gearshift or selector lever, a 1.6-litre compartment beneath the armrest and yet another storage box in the instrument panel.
Yet a further feature is the crosswise storage compartment extending across the full interior width of the new BMW Z4 behind the rear seats as a feature absolutely unique in this segment offering all kinds of storage options.
The optional Storage Package provides an even wider range of storage and loading functions, with fastening nets on the rear panels of the seats and in the passenger’s footwell, lashing belts in the luggage compartment, two cupholders beneath the armrest on the centre console, an additional storage compartment in the dashboard on the driver’s side, as well as a storage box in the bulkhead leading to the luggage compartment.
Optional through-loading together with a transport bag ensures even greater variability, allowing the user to load slender items such as golf bags or two pairs of skis measuring up to 170 centimetres or 66.9" in length.

A success concept with a great tradition: straight-six power units in the BMW Roadster.
Elegantly flowing roadster lines, the BMW kidney grille as the air intake at the front, and a straight-six power unit within the engine compartment – again truly outstanding features on the new BMW Z4.
As early as in 1934 this combination made the BMW 315/1 an unprecedented success both on the road and in motorsport – and has been retained to this very day.
The new BMW Z4 is therefore being launched exclusively with straight-six power units, a choice of three different engines covering a wide range of power and performance. These unique engines develop their refinement and fast-revving response typical of a BMW six-cylinder in truly unique style, offering an unparalleled balance of performance and fuel economy in the premium roadster segment thanks to the BMW EfficientDynamics ­development strategy.
In an appropriate combination on each model, the individual versions of the new BMW Z4 come inter alia with Brake Energy Regeneration, a gearshift point indicator, on-demand management and control of the car’s ancillary units, a map-controlled oil pump, intelligent lightweight technology, optimised aerodynamics and tyres with reduced roll resistance.

BMW Z4 sDrive35i: maximum performance with maximum efficiency thanks to Twin Turbo and High Precision Injection.
The most sporting and dynamic version of the new BMW Z4 comes with the world’s first straight-six power unit to feature Twin Turbo technology, High Precision Injection with direct injection of fuel, and an all-aluminium crankcase.
The use of two turbochargers each supplying three cylinders with compressed air ensures a standard of spontaneity never seen before on a turbocharged engine. The power unit builds up peak torque of 400 Newton-metres or 295 lb-ft without the slightest delay, then maintaining this high level of torque throughout a broad speed range from 1,300–5,000 rpm.
Maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp comes at 5,800 rpm, and the BMW Z4 sDrive35i accelerates to 100 km/h within just 5.2 seconds (seven-speed sports automatic with double clutch in 5.1 seconds).
This supreme performance then continues all the way to 250 km/h or 155 mph, where the speed of the car is limited by electronic control.
High Precision Injection is a key function in the philosophy to save fuel to the greatest possible extent. Injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber, High Precision Injection offers a cooling effect allowing a higher compression ratio and optimising the efficiency of the combustion process.
The second generation of direct gasoline injection developed by BMW ensures significant benefits in fuel efficiency without in any way restricting the dynamic qualities of the power unit. Hence, the BMW Z4 sDrive35i achieves average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 9.4 lites/100 kilometres (equal to 30.0 mpg imp), enhanced to an even better 9.0 litres (31.4 mpg imp) with the car’s seven-speed double-clutch sport automatic transmission.

Six-cylinder normal aspiration power units: powerful and light thanks to magnesium.
Offering spontaneous power and performance, excellent motoring refinement and outstanding efficiency, the two six-cylinder naturally-aspirated power units in the BMW Z4 sDrive30i and the BMW Z4 sDrive23i again offer the very best in their segments. Weighing just 161 kg/355 lb and, respec­tively, 158.5 kg/349.5 lb, both power units, thanks to their composite magnesium/aluminium crankcase, cylinder head covers made of a special synthetic material and lightweight camshafts with aluminium VANOS control units, are exceptionally light.
While BMW VALVETRONIC engine management controls valve stroke on the intake valves, double-VANOS varies the angle of the intake and outlet valves in an infinite process. This reduces cycle change phases to a minimum and allows particularly efficient use of fuel, providing a “beefy” torque curve and giving the engine optimum response.
The power unit in the BMW Z4 sDrive30i develops maximum output of 190 kW/258 hp from 3.0 litres capacity at an engine speed of 6,600 rpm. Maximum torque of 310 Newton-metres or 228 lb-ft, in turn, comes at just 2,750 rpm.
With this kind of power, the BMW Z4 sDrive30i accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds (with sports automatic in 6.1 seconds). Top speed, in turn, is limited electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph.
Offering average fuel consumption of 8.5 litres (equal to 33.2 mpg imp) in the EU test cycle (8.3 litres/34.0 mpg imp with sports automatic) and a CO2 rating of 199 g/km (with sports automatic: 195 g/km), the new BMW Z4 sDrive30i provides an impressively good balance of acceleration and fuel economy.
Displacing 2.5 litres with the same technology as on the 3.0-litre power unit, the engine featured in the BMW Z4 sDrive23i again stands out through unique qualities. Particularly this model offers an unusually good balance of sportiness and efficiency, the six-cylinder developing its maximum output of 150 kW/204 hp at 6,200 rpm and peak torque of 250 Newton-metres/184 lb-ft at a low 2,950 rpm.
Accelerating from a standstill to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds (with sports automatic in 7.3 seconds), the BMW Z4 sDrive23i sets a new record in its performance class. Top speed of 242 km/h (150 mph) (with sports automatic: 239 km/h or 148 mph), average fuel consumption of 8.5 litres (33.2 mpg imp) (with sports automatic: 8.2 litres/34.4 mpg imp) per 100 kilometres in the EU test cycle, and a CO2 emission rating of 199 g/km (with sports automatic: 192 g/km) makes the new BMW Z4 sDrive23i a highly efficient entry-level model leading into the unique world of the BMW Roadster.

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