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X1 SAV - Concept (2008)

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X1 SAV - Concept (2008)
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The BMW Concept X1 Sports Activity Vehicle
Source: BMW Group

Once again the successful history of BMW X models is opening up the door for further inspiration in the development of innovative vehicle concepts: The BMW Concept X1 offers all the thrill of agile and versatile mobility also beyond the beaten track in a new segment of vehicles.
Proudly presenting this new Concept Car, BMW is offering an outlook at the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle in the premium compact segment.
Through its design alone, this new concept model clearly expresses all the strengths and qualities of such a vehicle, the BMW Concept X1 exuding a strong touch of agility and versatility both in its driving qualities and practical use. And at the same time the Concept Car clearly reveals the stylish elegance of this five-door as well as its modern function.


Creating this unique Concept Car, BMW is catering for the demands of a modern target group in search of an up-to-date automobile meeting both the challenges of everyday traffic and the personal needs of many purchasers for an active lifestyle and a versatile driving experience.
The BMW Concept X1 expresses that very special sheer driving pleasure so typical in this unique form of a BMW X model combined with a high standard of all-round functionality. So now these qualities are for the first time being carried over to a vehicle in the premium compact segment.

Ongoing innovation in the Sports Activity segment established by BMW.
As the founder of the Sports Activity Vehicle segment, BMW has already proven its outstanding competence in developing innovative vehicle concepts.
Indeed, the German premium car maker first established its position as the leader in innovation in this segment – a position BMW still holds today – in 1999 through the presentation of the first-generation BMW X5.
In a market segment previously dominated by conventional offroaders, the BMW X5, through its outstanding dynamic driving qualities alone, set new standards right from the beginning.
Now in its second generation, the BMW X5, through its superior driving qualities and wide range of practical use as well as its luxurious interior ambience, still sets the standard for vehicles in its category to this very day.
The First Sports Activity Vehicle in the Premium Compact Segment:The BMW Concept X1.
The exceptional potential offered by this new segment of vehicles also enabled BMW at a very early point to carry over the attractive features of this Sports Activity Vehicle to other market segments. In the guise of the BMW X3, for example, outstanding agility on all kinds of terrain also proved to be a huge success in the segment below the BMW X5. Indeed, the BMW X3 was the first and for many years the only vehicle in this segment to come from a premium manufacturer, with worldwide sales of the BMW X3 now amounting to more than 500,000 units.
The ongoing expansion of the BMW X model range is likewise the result of the unique, innovative power offered by the world’s most successful manufacturer of premium cars. The BMW X6 launched this year, for example, is the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé to successfully enter the market.
This unique model combining the dynamic lines of a Coupé with the superior power and cultivated robustness of a BMW X model, continues the emphasis on dynamic driving qualities originally initiated with the BMW X5, maintaining BMW’s philosophy most clearly and convincingly. Indeed, BMW has once again, through the BMW X6, set the foundation for a brand-new type of vehicle reaching additional target groups now once again thrilled by the BMW X model concept accounting in the meantime for sales of more than 1.2 million units the world over.


BMW X models: unique concept, superior technology, outstanding quality.
The global success and great appeal of BMW’s X models results not only from the precise and target group-oriented development of this vehicle concept, but also from the implementation of typical BMW features in this category. Hence, the particular thrill and unique style of every BMW X model forms a perfect match with uncompromising premium quality.
The unique driving characteristics of a BMW X model result not just from the concept, but also from BMW’s worldwide leadership in the area of drive systems. And last but certainly not least in this context, the huge innovative power of the BMW Group comes out clearly also in the equipment and features of BMW’s X models featuring superior suspension technology and driver assistance systems as well as a supreme standard of safety and comfort.
Yet another essential factor is that every BMW X model combines this exclusive range of qualities with a level of efficiency quite unparalleled in the respective segment: In their balance of performance and fuel consumption, BMW’s X models achieve a standard generally far superior to comparable models built by the competition.
Again last but definitely not least, the modern and up-to-date character of BMW’s X models comes out clearly through their stable value, non-partisan market studies regularly confirming the lasting value of the BMW X5 and the BMW X3 as pre-owned cars.
All this sets the foundation for BMW’s entry into another market segment where the BMW Concept X1 already reveals the perspectives involved.
The Compact Car clearly shows which features are to be expected of a BMW X model in the segment of premium compact vehicles. Through its de -sign alone, the new model clearly belongs to the range of BMW X vehicles – while at the same time it offers all these features in truly individual style repre-senting the design language so typical of BMW.
The Concept Car clearly confirms BMW’s claim to offer maximum driving pleasure and efficiency, versatility and functionality, as well as safety, comfort and quality also in the premium compact segment. And with all these factors already being largely considered and taken into account in the BMW Concept X1, it is fair to say that an appropriate production model will see the light of day within just one year.

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