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X3 Facelift - E83 (2006 - ...) - Safety First

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X3 Facelift - E83 (2006 - ...)
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Generous and safe: the bodyshell of the new BMW X3.
With its solid body structure and complete range of retention and safety systems masterminded by a central electronic control unit, the new BMW X3 offers passive safety of the highest standard.
High-strength longitudinal arms and crossbars, together with bolted-on deformation units, ensure appropriate diversion and absorption of impact forces in a collision from the front. The consequences of a side-on collision, in turn, are minimised inter alia by diagonal door reinforcement bars with high-strength steel profiles hooking on to the side frame in the event of deformation for additional absorption of impact energy. As a result, the passenger cell remains largely undamaged even in a severe collision.
Within the interior not only frontal and side airbags, but also curtain head airbags at the side all come as standard, inflating out of the covers in the A-pillars and roof lining and protecting both the front and rear occupants from injury.
The new BMW X3 measures 4,569 millimetres or 179.9´´ in length, 1,853 millimetres or 73.0´´ in width, and 1,674 millimetres or 65.9´´ in height – and precisely these figures make BMW’s five-door SAV absolutely ideal for many purposes and requirements. As the more compact member of BMW’s SAV model range, the new BMW X3 combines supreme agility and handling with generous and flexible space inside, offering everything required for perfect versatility onroad and offroad.
Loading capacity beneath the luggage compartment cover is 480 litres or 16.8 cubic feet. The large tailgate opening far up for extra convenience and the low loading sill make loading and unloading of even bulky objects an easy exercise. And after folding down the asymmetrically split rear seat bench, the luggage compartment offers maximum capacity of no less than 1,560 litres or 54.6 cubic feet.


Features and equipment: from comprehensive to exclusive.
Apart from the wide range of colours, upholstery and trim surfaces, attractive options and special features give the customer a wide range of choice in personalising his or her new BMW X3. Sophisticated navigation and audio systems, for example, ensure an even higher standard of travelling comfort in the new BMW X3 enhanced to an even higher level by the BMW Assist telematics service available as an option.
Bi- xenon headlights also available as an option provide optimum visibility at night and add that special BMW look through the ring-shaped parking lights included in the headlight units.
The headlights may also be combined with BMW’s Adaptive Lights moving in the right direction in bends and on winding roads for optimum illumination of the road ahead. And last but not least, Bending Lights integrated in the foglamps facilitate a change in direction at night as well as the process of manoeuvring the vehicle at low speeds.
PDC Park Distance Control measures the distance to an obstacle in front of or behind the vehicle. When parking, therefore, the driver, benefits from an acoustic signal “telling” him the distance from the vehicle to an object in the way.
Last but again not least, fresh air fans are able to enjoy their driving pleasure in the new BMW X3 in a particularly attractive manner, with the two-piece panorama roof measuring 0.65 square metres in size providing an exceptionally generous view of the sky above.
Given its wide range of qualities, the BMW X3 has become an outstanding achiever in international car markets. And indeed – virtually unlimited options in the use of the vehicle, sporting and dynamic driving characteristics, the stylish presence of the X3’s body design, and superior quality of finish make the new BMW X3 a genuine exception in the all-wheel-drive market.
In everyday traffic the new BMW X3 combines effortless handling with agile driving characteristics. Five large and generous seats and a luggage compartment able to handle even major loads underline the vehicle’s all-round qualities. And when driving in winter, off the beaten track or as a sturdy vehicle towing a heavy trailer, the BMW X3 benefits from the offroad qualities of its body structure, the chassis and suspension, as well as the traction advantages of BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system.
Versatility is therefore the big strength of the BMW X3 not only inside the vehicle, but also in terms of driving features. So that, in a nutshell, the new BMW X3 provides the foundation for superior mobility in all situations, combining the joys of activity and spontaneity all in one.


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