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M6 Cabrio - E64 (2006 - ...)

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M6 Cabrio - E64 (2006 - ...)
Muscular, sporting, elegant
Paintwork and interior
Superior All Round
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V10: Effortless Muscle
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BMW M6 Cabrio
Source: BMW Group

Supersports or luxury convertible? The connoisseur opting for the BMW M6 Convertible is not even required to make such a decision. Quite simply because this ultra-high-performance convertible combines athletic power with breathtaking looks, mastering the art of showing its muscle in supreme, relaxed style. A BMW M Car always offers its qualities in full, catering for every requirement. In the BMW M6 Convertible this means, first, joy of sports driving pleasure all the way to the very limit of driving physics and, second, open-air motoring in true style without the slightest restriction. So avoiding any compromise, the BMW M6 Convertible holds a truly exceptional position in the supreme class of high-performance four-seater convertibles.


Classic roof in innovative style.
The classic soft roof on the BMW 6 Series Convertible is interpreted here in particularly innovative style: The BMW M6 Convertible also boasts the innovative look and unique qualities of the fin roof with all its optical and technical benefits. The softtop has the same dynamic roof contours as the coupé, the wide C-pillar boasting the Hofmeister “kick” so typical of BMW just as proudly as in the rear side windows of the coupé.

Vertical rear window between the fins.
A special solution for the rear window perfectly supplements the unique fin roof structure: Instead of a conventional rear window which would have been very large due to the low slant of the roof and would therefore have taken up a great deal of space in the rear compartment, the BMW M6 Convertible features a much smaller, vertical rear window moving up and down electrically regardless of the position of the roof. This ensures a pleasant, draught-free supply of fresh air to the interior also when the softtop is closed, providing an effect similar to that of a sliding roof, but with an even lower level of noise. When driving with the roof down and with passengers sitting at the rear, in turn, the rear window moved up to its elevated position protects the rear-seat passengers sitting low in their seats from possibly unpleasant draughts. Indeed, the vertical window offers functional benefits even in winter, remaining virtually always free of ice and snow. And last but not least, it is electrically heated for optimum visibility at all times. Although the soft roof covers a large and spacious passenger compartment, it folds up into compact dimensions, even the roof bars and folding mechanism taking up very little space. A further advantage is that the roof does not have the usual tensioning bars otherwise to be found on a softtop, with fins at the side providing this tensioning function. The result is a relatively large luggage compartment offering no less than 300 litres or 10.5 cubic feet capacity even with the roof down. And with the roof closed and the roof compartment folded up, luggage capacity is an even more generous 350 litres or 12.3 cubic feet.

High tech for high comfort.
To give the soft roof the same noise and heat insulation as even the best retractable hardtop or fixed roof, the watertight, rubberised top layer is padded and reinforced by an inner layer of polyurethane (PUR). This innovative insulation between the outer roof and the interior lining ensures far better and more effective insulation than conventional fleece padding. The electrically operated roof opening and closing mechanism is activated both by remote control and by a button in the instrument panel. When opened, the complete softtop disappears into the roof compartment, the entire process of opening and closing the roof including operation of the rear and side windows as well as the roof compartment lid and locking/unlocking the roof on the windscreen frame taking less than 25 seconds. A further advantage is that the roof mechanism can be operated also while driving, enabling the driver to open or close the roof at a speed of up 30 km/h or 20 mph. To enhance the pleasure of open-air motoring when driving alone or with a passenger at the front to an even higher standard, a wind deflector optimised in the wind tunnel is available as an option. Fitted above the rear seats, the wind deflector is a fine mesh net structure held within a frame of powdercoated aluminium profile bars connected to one another by glassfibre- reinforced cornerpieces and plastic hinges. Folded up twice, the wind deflector fits conveniently into a bag in the luggage compartment.


The exterior – sophisticated understatement all round.
The BMW 6 Series Convertible is one of the most attractive cars in the world. And now the BMW M6 Convertible raises this appeal to an even higher standard, visibly displaying its extra muscle and performance. But at the same time the modifications made to the car, reflecting the typical standard of BMW M, are discreet and not exaggerated, just a small number of conspicuous highlights enhancing the overall presence and elegance of the M6 Convertible. Hence, this new high-performance open-air sports car ideally renders all the features so typical of BMW M – supreme performance, elegant design, and outstanding driving pleasure. In every respect the car offers aesthetic looks borne out by sheer dynamism and exclusivity revealing its supreme driving characteristics at very first sight. Measuring 1,855 millimetres or 73.0´´ in width and only 1,377 millimetres or 54.2´´ in height, the very low and wide body of the BMW M6 Convertible is made even more dynamic and adventurous in design by the strong curvature at the bottom of the dual headlights. Ring-shaped parking lights around the high and low beams show that the M6 Convertible is a genuine member of the BMW family, the headlights themselves being somewhat reminiscent of pupils. The direction indicator units extending across the headlights as slender horizontal lines merge as a kind of “eyeliner” into the muscular, curved wheel arches. Again reflecting the true style of BMW M, the front air dam extending far down to the road is very powerful in design and comes with large air intakes providing an ample supply of air to the high-speed power unit. Flaps – that is small spoiler lips on the front air dam – serve to reduce lift forces on the front axle, thus enhancing driving stability also at high speeds.

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