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M5 - E60 (2005 - ...) - High Performance Brakes

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M5 - E60 (2005 - ...)
7-Speed SMG Gearbox
M Suspension and Differential Lock
High Performance Brakes
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High-performance brakes derived from motor sport.
To complement its immense power output, the M5 is equipped with a generously sized high-performance braking system with perforated, weight-optimised compound brake discs. The aluminium twin-piston sliding callipers (analogous to the BMW 7 Series), which have been optimised for minimum weight and maximum stiffness, help the M5 to achieve stopping distances similar to those of red-blooded sports cars: deceleration from 62 mph to 0 is accomplished in under 36 metres, the braking distance from 124 mph to a standstill is less than 140 metres.

The high-performance business express.
A wolf in sheep-s clothing - this description would fit if the basic 5 Series, and particularly the new M5, looked 'tame' when viewed from outside. In fact, the 5 Series already looks sporty, elegant and athletic. It is no coincidence that this 5 Series represents BMW's dynamic business class. The M5 is set apart from the basic model by a host of striking and hidden details, which further add to its powerful, sporty and dynamic looks. An athlete in business attire would be an apt description of the new M5.

Exterior with understatement.
The differences in design versus the basic 5 Series are discreet but consistent, giving the M5 a surprisingly high level of uniqueness in terms of looks, without questioning the common genes with the BMW model series. The modified front and rear aprons are instant eye catchers. Another difference is the modified side sills and the somewhat more prominent wheel arches. Traditionally, the M differs from the 'normal' BMW in its exclusive exterior mirror design, the four tailpipes, which have also become an unmistakable feature of all M vehicles, and the exclusive wheel design. For the first time, the M5 sports very attractive gills which are incorporated into the front side panel.

An even sportier interior.
The M5 comes with a leather interior in three different colours, which makes
it look even more sophisticated than the lavishly equipped basic model or - for an extra price - with a full leather interior, which looks absolutely stunning. Further important differences versus the 5 Series are the instrument cluster, the optional M-specific head-up display, the steering wheel with MDrive buttons and the redesigned centre console.

Business express for everyday use.
All vehicles made by BMW M GmbH are very convenient for everyday motoring. This particularly applies to the M5: despite its awe-inspiring performance which is reminiscent of that of a racing car, it has remained an elegant and comfortable saloon perfectly suitable for longer journeys, an integral characteristic of BMW 5 Series cars. Thus, one can say that the M5's racing ambitions neither impair driving comfort, active and passive safety, nor do they reduce the space available for passengers and luggage. Even in terms of consumption and environmental compatibility, the M5 is a real paragon - just like all BMW automobiles.

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