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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...) - iDrive, Audio system and Performance

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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...)
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iDrive, Audio system and Performance
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iDrive control with eight favourite buttons.
BMW iDrive control complete with the Controller positioned on the centre console serves to mastermind the air conditioning, communication, navigation and entertainment functions. The control display arranged at eye level in the middle of the instrument panel then presents the status of the functions chosen, together with further options in the respective menu or, whenever required, the graphic map displayed by the optional navigation system.
BMW iDrive also serves to configure the settings on the optional MDrive control system.
To simplify operation of iDrive control to an even higher standard, the driver is able to use eight personalised favourite buttons. So just by pressing one button, he is able to retrieve telephone numbers he dials particularly often, a regular destination, or his favourite radio station.
Various navigation systems, the mobile BMW Online internet portal, and the BMW Assist telematics service are all available as options. On cars fitted with a navigation system including a preparation kit for a mobile phone and a Bluetooth interface, the driver may use BMW TeleServices free of charge.
The range of functions offered in this way extend from the Automatic Teleservice Call via the Manual Teleservice Call all the way to BMW Teleservice Diagnosis including Teleservice Help. To make a Teleservice call, the car independently – using the CBS Condition Based Service function as an on-board diagnostic system – determines the type of service required next and when it is needed.
To determine the next visit to a workshop, the new BMW M3 Convertible is able to transmit data on engine oil, brake fluid, brake discs and pads as well as other parts and components subject to wear and tear through a telephone line to the driver’s BMW Service Partner.
In the event of an electronic deficiency or malfunction, BMW Teleservice Diagnosis serves to transmit any defect codes to BMW Breakdown Assistance. And if it is possible to remedy the cause of the defect by re-setting the software on the appropriate control unit, the command required for this purpose may be sent directly to the car from the BMW Breakdown Assistance Centre.

BMW Individual High End Audio System for perfect sound quality.
The new BMW M3 Convertible comes as standard with a high-class audio system. The CD drive included in this audio system is also able to play music files in MP3 format. As an option supplementing the AUX-in plug featured as standard, the driver has the choice of a USB interface serving to integrate various external MP3 players or other data media such as a conventional USB stick into the car’s audio system.
As a further option the new BMW M3 Convertible may also be equipped with the BMW Individual High End Audio System developed by BMW M GmbH and tailored exclusively to this very special model. In this case 16 high-performance loudspeakers with neodym magnetic drive and extremely stiff Hexacone membranes, a digital nine-channel amplifier with maximum output of 825 Watt, and extra-precise frequency switches guarantee unparalleled quality of sound.
Another feature quite unique in the world of motoring is Dirac Live technology for processing sound signals, correcting the loudspeaker pulse and thus ensuring linear playback of all sounds within the car in perfect time synchronisation.
The quality of sound ensured in this way, the unique playback and rendition of even the most exquisite and intricate sounds, will thrill not only the driver, but rather all occupants in the new BMW M3 Convertible, offering them all an exceptional experience in dynamic sound with all its facets.
Speed-related volume control and speed-related equalising also help to ensure an optimum experience in sound in all situations and under all conditions.
The BMW Individual High End Audio System is masterminded by the iDrive Controller, with its main functions being controlled via the audio control units on the centre console.


The BMW M3 Convertible: supreme performance is the objective, sheer driving pleasure is the result.
The BMW M3 Convertible offers many new opportunities to experience supreme performance and enjoy equally supreme freedom. And in all cases it is the driver’s choice to enjoy particular options and emotions at the wheel.
For the BMW M3 Convertible offers power reserves the driver will use in full only very rarely – power reserves of the same unique calibre as in the two other versions of the BMW M3 – but wonderful to have and savour whenever you wish.
A wide range of options in configuring the driving dynamics and driver assistance systems enables the driver also of the open-air BMW M3 to enjoy all his preferences in practice and in every respect. And thanks to its retractable hardtop, the BMW M3 Convertible offers an additional, truly unique option: With the roof closed, this new model provides the unrestricted comfort and style of a genuine coupé. With the roof open, the driver and his passengers enjoy equally unrestricted freedom with an incomparable feeling of the sun and wind around them. So there is no need for compromises, regardless of the roof’s position.
Like its Coupé and Saloon counterparts, the BMW M3 Convertible offers truly unique style and character. It is indeed the unique qualities of the car that give this third model in the M3 range its fascinating, individual aura, while nevertheless retaining the core qualities and features of the BMW M3: Technology derived from motorsport ensures superior performance at all times and, as a result, a unique driving experience on the road. First and foremost, therefore, the Convertible remains a fully-fledged BMW M3 – a high-performance car able to offer the driver a truly supreme and dynamic driving experience day in and day out. Even though the full power and performance of the BMW M3 can only be used on the race track, the car’s impressive supremacy also in city traffic and on country roads ensures sheer driving pleasure in a particularly fascinating rendition. And even that is not all, for there are countless roads and routes the world over which, while being thoroughly enjoyable in the BMW M3 Convertible with the roof closed, offer an even higher level of enjoyment and satisfaction with the roof open in perfect convertible weather. So whoever demands top performance and knows how to enjoy supreme pleasure in life will be thrilled time and again by the new BMW M3 Convertible.

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