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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...) - The interior

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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...)
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The interior: enjoying freedom and dynamism for four.
The freedom of driving in the open air and the dynamic performance of a BMW M3 – in the new BMW M3 Convertible this is a outstanding experience for up to four occupants. The front seats feature integrated belt systems, while the centre console extending all the way to the back splits the rear seat bench into two separate seats with generous headroom. In comparison with the former model, shoulder room at the rear is up 9 centimetres or 3.5´´, elbow room has been increased by an even more significant 11 centimetres or 4.3´´.
Access to the rear seats is facilitated by the Easy Access function on the front seats, and the seat release lever is arranged in its ideal ergonomic position at the top on the outside of the backrest.
The new BMW M3 Convertible proves its superior touring qualities also through unusually variable storage capacities and options. Even with the roof open, the luggage compartment still offers capacity of 210 litres or 7.35 cubic feet, enough for a large hard-shell suitcase or up to two golf bags.
The rear compartment in the Convertible may also be used as additional storage space. In this case, after folding down the single-piece rear seat backrest, the driver and front passenger are able to load even bulky objects on the flat surface without the risk of soiling, let alone damaging, the seat upholstery. A feature quite unique in a convertible of this calibre is the optional opening between the luggage compartment and the passenger area measuring about 40 centimetres or almost 16´´ in width. Clearly, this is ideal for through-loading long objects such as skis, snowboards or golf bags from the luggage compartment into the rear passenger area.
Qualities of this kind make the new BMW M3 Convertible the ideal car for the driver and passenger travelling alone and enjoying superior versatility in every respect. But even when all four seats are occupied, this through-loading facility connecting the luggage and the passenger compartments may be used conveniently thanks to the large opening between the rear seats.
The opening and closing mechanism for the retractable hardtop is activated by a switch in the centre console. A further possibility is to open the hardtop by remote control from the central locking.
Enhanced remote control with comfort access is available as an option, enabling the driver to start the car without even using a key and offering the possibility to close the hardtop from a distance.
To avoid any inadvertent activation of the hardtop, this signal to close the roof is transmitted to the car only up to a distance of four metres or just over13 feet at the very most.
Comfort access also allows particularly convenient loading and unloading of the luggage compartment with the roof open. In order to improve access to the luggage compartment in such a case, the hardtop, when open, is moved by remote control to an interim position enabling the driver to conveniently take out large objects such as golf bags.
The process of loading the car is also facilitated by the variable panel separating the roof from the luggage compartment. With the hardtop closed, this cover may be swivelled up electrically, enlarging luggage space to a volume of up to 350 litres or 12.25 cubic feet.
The cover panel is activated by a switch in the centre console of the car. Once it has been lowered, the new BMW M3 Convertible can start to convert into an open-air model. The luggage compartment lid, in turn, comes with a Soft-Close function smoothly and gently pulling the lid into position in an automatic process after loading and unloading.


Interior design: focusing on an active driving experience.
Through the athletic design of its body, the new BMW M3 Convertible clearly proves its sporting qualities with the hardtop both open and closed.
The interior supplements this particular flair and appearance, seeking to offer the driver the optimum driving experience and to give all occupants a beautiful ambience tailored to their needs and preferences. Powerful contours and flowing lines emphasising in particular the concave and convex surfaces surround the four seats. The horizontal lines dominating the dashboard area and the harmonious surfaces on the side panels add a particularly dynamic touch to the interior.
The control area formed by the cockpit flows between the front seats into the centre console oriented in its geometry to the driver through its discreet sweeping shape. The console itself is finished in black leather, harmoniously continuing the instrument surrounds and control area in both colour and design. Three function switches (Power, DSC Off, and optional EDC) are positioned on the side facing the driver to activate or deactivate the electronic dynamic driving programs.
Over and above the clear design and optimum ergonomics of all controls and instruments, the choice of colours within the interior also serves to help the driver concentrate on driving conditions and the particular experience he enjoys in his new BMW M3 Convertible. Regardless of the equipment colour chosen by the driver, the footwells and the upper section of the instrument panel are finished in Anthracite. In addition, the dark roof lining on the hardtop and the lining on the A-pillars in the same colour emphasise the clear orientation to the driver so typical of BMW M.
The consistently dark colour scheme around the windscreen again helps the driver concentrate in full on the road and traffic conditions. Moving on to the front passenger and the passengers sitting at the rear, the colour scheme also enhances the experience of driving and enjoying a genuine sports car.
The door panels and rear side panels, for example, appear lower than they actually are through the use of black leather. A double seam emphasising the exclusive character of the materials chosen and their finish separates the upper section of the door and side panels from the interior sections and surfaces finished in the respective equipment colour.

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