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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...) - MDrive and Torsionally stiff body

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M3 Cabrio - E93 (2008 - ...)
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MDrive and Torsionally stiff body
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MDrive button on the steering wheel: enjoying the perfect set-up at all times.
On the new BMW M3 Convertible the iDrive control system may be enhanced as an option by an additional MDrive function. Using MDrive, the driver is able to access the engine and Servotronic control maps, the various modes of DSC, and, as a further option, the various EDC set-ups available. This gives the driver the possibility to pre-select his personal set-up for all dynamic driving systems open to configuration, thus enjoying “his” perfect set-up in accordance with his personal preferences.
The car configuration defined individually in this way is then saved and may be retrieved immediately simply by pressing the MDrive button on the multifunction steering wheel, regardless of the system setting previously chosen by way of the function buttons. This enables the driver to enjoy the versatile character of his car in every respect and with all its facets, changing to his personal set-up at the simple touch of a button.
MDrive also serves as an exclusive feature to activate the Sports Plus engine control map, the M Dynamic Mode within the DSC range, and the Sports Servotronic control map.


Torsionally stiff body as the foundation for superior occupant safety.
The extra-strong structure of the body with optimised torsional stiffness and restraint systems tailored to a convertible provides the foundation from the start for a high standard of passive safety and all-round occupant protection in the new BMW M3 Convertible. Especially the restraint systems are particularly flexible, being activated electronically according to current requirements and driving conditions.
The use of high-strength steel for the extra-large load-bearing structures, together with the exactly defined arrangement of deformation zones in the event of a collision, guarantees appropriate diversion and, respectively, absorption of the forces acting on the car. The space available for deformation is used in full in order to avoid damage to the passenger cell or keep any such deformation in the passenger area as small as possible even in a severe collision.
The airbags, belt latch tensioners and belt force limiters are activated by the central safety electronics as a function of the type and severity of a collision. Using sensors in the middle of the car, in the B-pillars and in the doors, the electronic safety “brain” determines which safety components will offer the occupants maximum protection, activating only those restraint systems actually required.
The driver and front passenger are protected by frontal and side airbags activated in two stages in accordance with the severity of a collision.
The head/thorax airbags at the side are integrated in the seat backrests and inflate in a side-on collision over a large area extending from the bottom of the backrest all the way to the top edge of the headrest. This gives the occupants optimum protection on their upper body and head, regardless of their personal seating position.
The side airbags protect both the body and the head of the occupant in the event of a collision from the side, while the risk of leg injury in a head-on collision is reduced on the driver’s side by predetermined deformation of the footrest.
The BMW M3 Convertible also comes with a rollover sensor system permanently monitoring vertical and horizontal movement of the car. At the same time a central computer evaluates data on current driving conditions, so that when the roof is open rollbars positioned behind the headrests are activated and move up immediately whenever the system registers the risk of a rollover. The belt latch tensioners for the front seats and the head/thorax airbags are activated at the same time, and as a further precaution for the event of a rollover the A-pillars and the windscreen frame are even stronger and more stable than usual.


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