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Hartge - H1 (incl 5.0 V8)

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Hartge - H1 (incl 5.0 V8)
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Hartge H1

Hartge takes care of the littlest shoot of the BMW family and provides an exclusive upgrade for the “Golf Class Competitor“, the new BMW 1 Series, making it even sportier, more beautiful and above all, more faster.

The both Common-Rail-Diesel-engines 118d and 120d will be brought up to 145 hp / 196 hp caused of the HARTGE power-boxes. Now be at the drivers disposal 330 lb-ft of torque by 2000 rpm for the 118d and even 390 lb-ft of torque by 2000 rpm for the 120d. With that the two quikly compacts cover the speed from 0-100 km/h in just 8,5 sec respectively in just 7,4 sec (120d) and continues to an top speed of 220 km/h (138 mph). In planning for the later in year coming 130i gas variation is a compressorkit , which will boost the 1 Series from HARTGE beyond the mark of 300 hp. The engine modifications are available for cars with 6-speed manual as well as for cars with automatic transmission.

The adjustable HARTGE sport suspension, lowering the car 30 mm and featuring specific rate springs and shock absobers, care for an demanding and athletic handling. The best grip to the street is enabled by the high-performance tires from Pirelli or Continental mounted on 17“,18“ or 19“ HARTGE Classic wheels in the specific dimensions. In summer 2005 the 1 Series can be equipped also with the newly 19“ HARTGE - Classic2 wheels in front 225/35-19“ and rear 255/30-19“.

The front-exterior is upgraded by the newly designed front spoiler and award the HARTGE 1 Series an atheltic-agressive character with a striking soft modified appearance. At the new rear spoiler, a new and exclusive center mounted stainless steel rear sport silencer shines with dual round tail pipes (optional with oval pipes) and this two components gives the tail a individual innovative look.

For the interior cabin as well as the cockpit HARTGE also offers high-grade equipement elements. The specific ergonomic formed HARTGE – sports steering wheel in full leather, optional with carbon- or aluminium inlays, mediate the best contact to the vehicle at the privileged pilot. Add to this are aluminium pedals, handbrake handle and gear knob as well as an automatic gear lever available. As well in carbon-fiber HARTGE offers the interior panels and the exklusive HARTGE designed floor mats in velours completes the HARTGE- equipement-line.

The HARTGE 1 series program offer individual drive and styling components for the entire 1 Series product range, with this they establish an exclusive difference to the series cars and allowing one to experience what HARTGE calls...

Hartge H1 V8 with 450HP
Hartge also presented the H1 with a 450HP V8 on the Motorshow in Essen (Germany).
The engine, from the BMW M5, was tuned up to 450HP by Hartge.
The engine will have a torque of maximum 510Nm, and a topspeed of 300-310km/h!


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