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AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport (M5 Touring)

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AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport (M5 Touring)
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The ACS5 Sport Touring based on the new M5 Touring
Source: AC Schnitzer

1,1 HP per litre? This figure in relation to a high performance sports car such as the new ACS5 Sport Touring based on the BMW M5 certainly doesn't refer to the conventional ratio of capacity to power. Instead: 500 litres luggage space meet 552 red-hot HP (406 kW). Plenty of room in every respect for incomparable driving pleasure on one hand, and a hang-glider, surfboard or mountain bike on the other. Drivers of vehicles like this think in different terms from conventional sports car drivers. But no way do they lag behind when it comes to driving dynamics.


In comparison with the 507 HP base model, AC Schnitzer extracts a good ten percent more power from the free-revving ten-cylinder M-engine. While the luggage space can be expanded by simply folding down the seats, this is far more complicated for engine power. As well as a custom engine control module, AC Schnitzer fits a special exhaust manifold, sports catalysts and a twin rear silencer with increased gas flow to keep the exhaust back pressure as low as possible.


To avoid reining in this highly trained endurance athlete unnecessarily, AC Schnitzer has also removed the V-max limit so the ACS5 Sport Touring is only slowed by driving resistance at around 320 km/h. Or by the driver's right foot, which via the AC Schnitzer alloy pedals gains access not only to a powerful engine but also to the superb braking system. In contrast to the standard vehicle, which is slowed by a two-pot brake, the front wheels are fitted with an 8-pot high performance system.


The ACS5 Sport however is more than a "muscle car" with tremendous acceleration capacity. With the AC Schnitzer suspension components, it develops the dynamism and agility of an Olympic hurdler. The package was set up personally by racing driver and technical director Manfred Wollgarten on the Nürburgring. The kit includes sports performance springs, which lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle further and reduce body roll thanks to the harder set-up, and a special aluminium strut brace for the front axle.


Power is sexy, but since extra power can be felt but not seen, AC Schnitzer has designed a comprehensive aerodynamic package. But this is more than mere decoration. The AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements with their optional chromed aluminium webs and chromed front grille, are not only reminiscent of classic super sports cars but provide any quantity of cooling air for the greedy power plant. All in all, the front of the ACS5 Sport looks far more dynamic.
Form follows function: This principle has been systematically applied by the engineers and designers at the rear too. Form-perfectly integrated into the rear skirt, a carbon diffuser together with a roof lip spoiler provides additional downforce. Integrated flush into the rear design, the AC Schnitzer exhaust tailpipes in "Sports Trim“ design are particularly aesthetically pleasing.


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